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  1. Vaya

    GTA V

    small + curated/edited >>> big for big's sake.
  2. he just has full blown dunning-Kruger. He had a review of his map and it was so tactically lacking it became bland to play within half a game. His default position is angry and never tried to get his maps tested etc.
  3. this is a very nice single player game and all who made it should be knighted by the queen of england
  4. you probably should resize the textures then at least. 'source filmmaker' isn't a game and its assets have no consideration for size. PS give credit.
  5. the map is huge because you're ripped assets wholesale from other games:
  6. Vaya


    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206809088 -Updated and improved prop fade distance on many outside props -updated textures on sign asset to make it more accurate -improved clipping across map (thanks seth) -hid gap in skybox
  7. he's looking like a cartoon burglar there
  8. GBA was the isometric one. And yes it was.
  9. I wonder if my my muscle memory still holds. I used to easily pull 2-3million point combos on some maps
  10. shame its epic games store only on PC
  11. I got stuck here for a while. IIRC the method for following cables back didn't work the same here which confused me for an age.
  12. Vaya

    Corona Virus

    you will find something new and cooler once this is all over.
  13. Vaya

    Corona Virus

    fuck man sorry to hear that, back to the uk once you can?
  14. Vaya

    What I'm Working On

    I mean the vid is called 'WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS GAME'...
  15. Vaya

    What I'm Working On

    no one should listen to shroud
  16. breach, mustang and basalt from csgo are my current favourites. probably source 1's last hurrah
  17. why does every thread in here end up with layers of mental bullshit?
  18. yes valve give feedback once you are on their radar. I know horse strangler has spoken to valve about junction too. He's not working on it anymore (or cs for that matter I'm pretty sure)
  19. me too, I must of lobbed the entire winery at it
  20. the valve system for paying community creatives has ironically made a lot of people scared to get 'too creative' levels are beautiful but the gameplay is often on the bland side of safe in my opinion. YES LIZARD I REMEMBER THE FAN
  21. pro players don't know fuck all, they learn what they are given. Do you think a map like inferno or train would survive modern standards
  22. I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting of your standard spergs, I was replying to someone else to begin with.
  23. jzfb only submitted scores 2 days ago+ these scores were given realtime on his steam. stop presuming
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