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  1. please start backing up your VMFs
  2. the footage in question is why they took everything back to the drawing board for a year.
  3. something about a broken clock? a lot of his stuff is literally just using valve's pushed code to references for things that haven't been announced. It doesn't really seem to factor in to his thought process how much valve prototype and drop ideas though. Also he's dramatic as fuck which helps no one.
  4. it actually came from 'you clearly didn't evolve right, get back in the sea and try again' Valve directly called him out for knowing fuck all and people are still listening to him, it's wild.
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/723390/Hunt_Down_The_Freeman/
  6. Vaya

    mr. FMPONE

    great website overall, would be nice to get more insights into some of the projects but I understand the need to keep it concise. this however: has vibes of:
  7. I believed it to be a UE wrapper around the original engine but that doesn't seem to be the case. Ignore me
  8. i thought the new compilation was still using renderware though?
  9. Vaya

    [CS:GO] Limestone

    stop trying to torpedo this guys project just because you are clueless.
  10. Vaya

    wow thanks mapcore

    this whole thread was a scam to get myself up the pecking order.
  11. eagle one have a bunch of tutorial videos now source2 is still very new so I'm sure more will be learnt as time goes on but it's exciting to finally be getting into something 'new'!
  12. Vaya

    wow thanks mapcore

    do I start getting more privileges as I go up ranks
  13. very cute assets. do you have a designed workflow for these?
  14. update - currently playing about with other methods of running playtests to find something more straightforward and streamlined. Have been trying guilded for a month or so with varied results. Better methods but players just don't want to move to it... Any opinions on the best way forward here is cool. open to making discord bots etc but I'd concerned about anyone being allowed to 'sign up' to a test with no onus to actually do so.
  15. tf2.s2 looks great. Really hope valve has stuff like this in the works themselves though..
  16. hello, where is the discord link wrong? it was invalidated about a month ago due to spambots Thanks
  17. Vaya

    Mapcore Discord

    new discord link after the old one was linked into a botting thing- https://discord.gg/EMAraqz6j6 @FMPONE can you update your main post when you get a min?
  18. RE has always been more 'jump scare' and one hit death enemies than dread to me.
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