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  1. I played around in it, and it was really fun! Not to mention, that the graphics were beautiful!
  2. So while I was at my grandmother's house last week, she showed me her cassette tape collection. After that, I ordered my own blank tapes and a recorder and started making my own tapes. And I must say, it's extremely fun! Designing my own labels is cool too! Narrating my thoughts between songs is something I've always wanted to do anyways! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go record some more!
  3. I love the color combo of blue and yellow! It gives me ocean vibes, and I don't know why. But it just works.
  4. That50'sGuy


    Jesus Harold Christ on a bike up a pike! This looks incredible! Reminds me of where my father used to work in mining. I personally like the current sky the way it is, but maybe it'd look rather nice in the early morning. Could be worth a try! Also, thanks for the bread! Yummy yummy!
  5. That50'sGuy


    This map is starting to remind me of the trainyard section of Half-Life: Alyx. Only without the antlions. Haha! The visuals already look outstanding, I can hardly wait to see how this turns out!
  6. That50'sGuy


    I guess it's true what they say. You learn something new every day! Thanks for the photos!
  7. Gee, I didn't think of that! Seeing the HL2 maps remastered on the old engine with the new props/textures sounds like it would be nice to see! Well this just boosted my motivation by 105%! Knowing that my simple job of porting HD Half-Life stuff to the old engine could result in something big sure fills me with determination! (No, the Undertale reference was not intentional, heh ) It is indeed an interesting thing to take note of. I actually thought the same thing looking back at Dust 2 after playing HLA. Fun-Fact: That very brick trim model was what actually motivated me to start this project in the first place. It's really high-quality and comes with a 4k texture. And all of the bricks really pop on the model. It was seeing that model while exploring chapter 6 that got me thinking about what could be made with all these assets.
  8. That50'sGuy


    So hypothetically, if I were to drink it, I totally wouldn't get poisoned and die? That's good to know. It's totally not like I used it to make red snow cones or something... Oh dear, why does my stomach feel funny? Must have been something in the red wat- Jokes aside, I love the blend texture that turns the snow red around the pools of liquid. It's very well done!
  9. That50'sGuy


    I love the aesthetic you chose! Night-Time factories have always intrigued me. Lights casting across intricate industrial architecture with the start night sky as the backdrop is really atmospheric. I feel silly for asking incase the answer is obvious, but what is that pretty red liquid in the canals? Is it some kind of chemical?
  10. Releasing a pack was indeed my intention! I was amazed at all the content in the game and thought to myself "CS:GO mappers would have a field day with all this!". As for your second question, that's actually something I never thought of. I've heard in the past that Valve doesn't have issues with people using Valve assets in other Valve-Made games. But I'll probably see if there's a way to ask them.
  11. I'm still workin' on porting HLA content to Source 1. It's not much, but it's coming along! It's not really challenging, it's just time consuming to do since it's quite a long process for even just 1 model. Though textures can be rather quick. Car models have proven to be most challenging since they have different textures for both the inside and outside. And they aren't separate like the car models in CS:GOs Dust 2. So I have to manually select every polygon that makes up the interior, and temporarily make the interior it's own model to add the texture. Then I can combine the two together again. It can take hours to do this, but I'd say it's worth it. Foliage hasn't proven challenging. The only thing I have to do is try to re-create how the S2 wind effects look with the S1 $treesway technology. Having a high scrumble setting usually recreates the look well. Dynamic props are the only thing I'm not sure I'll be up for. I have no idea how to port over the animations for the model. But if by some miracle I figure it out, I'll be one happy fella! I'll update y'all soon! I hope your new year has been great so far!
  12. I must admit, I probably spent a good 10 minutes in the hotel lobby staring at those bottles. I probably looked like a doofus! The way the light reacts to the liquid is what impressed me the most. Putting the bottles up to the windows reflects the light in a very convincing manner. Speaking of bottles, it was fun throwing bottles at Jeff and watch him flail around trying to figure out what hit him. That was great.
  13. I really love all these ideas you're adding, it really looks like a map that'll play super differently! And might I say, I can tell already it's gonna look awesome when it's detailed. It gives me a slight Arkham Asylum vibe (After all, both are 1800's factories on islands) Though I am a little worried about how pistol rounds will play. It looks like it'll be fun with rifles, but imagining the current layout with pistols only is a little hard to picture. Now I could be wrong since I haven't played it, but maybe the addition of more close-quarters areas would be a neat addition for players with less money saved up. Best of luck!
  14. So I just learned something very interesting today... There's an unused shader in CS:GO called ParallaxTest which allows for parallax mapping on textures with an alpha channel embedded in the base texture. It's actually super cool! But since it's not done and probably never will be, it's always FullBright. It's a shame really, I'd love to use this. But I guess I'll have to pray that Valve fixes it someday. Imagine the possibilities with something like this.
  15. @will2k Those trees look incredibly realistic! Even trees I've seen in AAA games don't look as good as those ones! Awesome job!
  16. Seriously, how does everyone buy so many games during sales that they forget to play them? Let alone forget you bought them. I know the sales are cheap, but damn!
  17. It took a while to figure out how to do it, but I actually managed to port a few of the models from Half Life: Alyx to CS:GO! (including it's skin variants) My new lockdown project as of a week ago is to attempt to port as many of these beautiful high quality models/textures to Source 1 for other mappers to use. It's surprisingly fun to do, though each model presents a different challenge of what needs to be fixed to get it to work. Plus trying to recreate the Source 2 shaders in Source 1 is quite difficult. But I'll keep on working at it! I like a challenge, and this is fun!
  18. So I finally got a VR headset to play this. And I must say, it was well worth the wait! There's immersion, and then there's "Ducking for dear life when the Combine shows up" immersion. This is incredible!
  19. I really love those color coded floors!
  20. I had the chance to play the map the other day, and I had a blast! The timings work well, and me and my brother had lot's of fun trying out new strategies on it! I certainly think it's more than deserving of it's place in the game, well done!
  21. That50'sGuy

    Corona Virus

    If this gets any worse, I might consider purchasing a hazmat suit so I can feel comfortable around other people again
  22. It's been 42 years, and we're STILL waiting for the place to reopen! (Which it will because it's being renovated, but ya know what I mean) The real question is how on earth has the TV been on for nearly half a century and not burned out long ago! As for some news on the layout, the basement is almost ready! I can't wait to test out the addition of it!
  23. I noticed while running around (And admiring the flags) that the stair clips are missing the first step. I'm not sure if you're already aware of that, but I made this little gallery so you can find some of the stairs that are missing the first stair. I only wanted to mention it because it creates a noticeable jolt in your vision somewhat. https://imgur.com/a/M1M6YYY Still though, I love the map! I could watch those flags sway all day long.
  24. So I'm currently working on the offices some more. The big idea with this area is that it's an underground link between a few carefully chosen parts of the layout. Speaking of which, I'm experimenting with more layout ideas on the ground floor as well, since I'm really excited to play around a bit more with that. In the meantime, here's something I added to the basement: Water! Obviously it needed it since well... It's an abandoned basement! Haha! But I also love the real time reflections that it adds too! I just gotta worry a bit about the optimization since it does show parts of otherwise hidden world no longer being drawn. But that's not important right now. I'll see y'all with another update soon! (And yes, that wall at the end of the corridor will be replaced with more pathways really soon. I have so many ideas for this part of the map!)
  25. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to avoid combining Transparency and Alpha from now on. Here's how it turned out!
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