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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to avoid combining Transparency and Alpha from now on. Here's how it turned out!
  2. You're a lifesaver! Thank you so much! I actually do have it set to alphatested, but transparency is also set because that somehow stopped the issue of the chain-link texture disappearing when the player get's too far, but I think I can do without it. EDIT: I got it to work now! Thanks again pal!
  3. Heh, I suppose I should have written down the theme better. The idea for that map theme was for most of the map to be in tall tunnels, but the A-Site was to be set on an elevated platform on the side of a huge underground room (With a bottomless pit of course). So what I meant in my text file was that it'd be easy to come up with a layout when the whole place can be carved any way you desire. It was really just from a dream I had once about exploring a mine, and that bit with the big room excited me so much that I wrote that theme into my map ideas list.
  4. Go with places you've dreamed about in your sleep. I've dreamed of plenty of locations that don't exist in real life but would be excellent themes for a layout. Or maybe you could try and base it off of somewhere you've seen that looked particularly cool in your opinion. I mean, factories and abandoned places are cool to me, but whatever floats your boat will likely work! Perhaps you could do what I do and have a text file full of themes. And just write down literally any ideas that pop in your head no matter how crazy they seem or how big or small they are. If a map set in a massive medieval castle and a map set in a tiny library were both accepted into CS:GO, then anything could work! If you still can't think of anything, I've attached my personal list of theme ideas. (I swear I ain't trying to flex, just trying to help a pal out) Happy mapping! Map Ideas.txt
  5. Does anyone else love to play around with projected textures? I used to have hours of fun just playing with them back when I used to make P2 maps. So I decided to have some fun with them. Only thing is, I have no clue why this one isn't casting a shadow of the chain-link decoration when the wallpaper box has one... The world may never know. Either way, they're lot's of fun!
  6. I knew this map was gonna be good the moment I saw the screenshots. But when I saw those realistically animated banners actually swaying... (P.S. Why hasn't anybody made any Mustang Sally jokes yet?)
  7. This made my day. I love how much effort you put into that legendary meme just to roast a blue plastic barrel on the internet
  8. I love the way it looks! Mainly because I'm such a sucker for abandoned places, heh. The way the temple themed water park so easily blends with the decay is fabulous! I even love the little details like how the tarp at CT spawn is more faded on the side that faces the outdoors. Not to mention that I love how eerie the map is too! Not only does the decay look scary, but the theme has a brilliant element of Fridge Horror too (Which means, something that's scary when you think about it after). Since when you really think about it, the place is probably super toxic (Chemicals + mold). Plus, the speaker at T-Spawn still working is pretty creepy to me. And the idea of being there is quite terrifying. I guess I should be glad that the water pumps aren't running. That'd be a nightmare-inducing sound for sure! (Side note: Something that's sorta Silly-Scary is the thought of who on earth is paying for the electrical bills? I doubt that the single generator at T-Spawn could power the whole place... And furthermore, who or what has been replacing the burnt out torches and lightbulbs... I know not ALL of the lightbulbs would be burned out, but there's a suspicious amount that are still on, and it scares me You did a great job with making the atmosphere!) Only thing I'd like to mention is that this puddle seems to be magical, because it's floating. Heh. But either way, it's an awesome map! I love the scariness of it and I can't wait to play it more soon! Great job! (P.S. I really want a can of that Pop Dog soda from that machine at CT-Spawn. Even if it was expired and tasted like the rotten water that's still in the park)
  9. I know it's been said a million times but... I suddenly have the urge to play Far Cry 4 now. In all seriousness, it looks fantastic!
  10. Well, I just use the student version of 3DS Max like you mentioned. It's free for 3 years after all! Then you can just make a new email and use it again! Which is great since I've only got 0.31 cents to my name. I don't see how I stay alive
  11. I've been using that tool since the very beginning. I can't imagine what modeling would be like without it hahah!
  12. Ah yes, I had forgotten about that! Thanks for the reminder!
  13. If I recall correctly, the fading-out part does incur a small CPU cost, but the benefits of having the models no longer rendered far outweighs this small issue. If you're still worried about it though, you can set the start fade and end fade settings to the same thing so they instantly disappear instead. However, this is quite jarring if the fade-out is visible (The advantage of having it fade is that if you have to have it fade in the player's view, then it's less noticeable). So be careful with this idea.
  14. Heheh. I've never actually seen that video before, but that's still a funny connection! Thanks for making my day!
  15. Now I'm 100% aware that this won't be finished in time for the deadline, but that doesn't mean it's all over! I'm still working on the layout to ensure that it's not as boring as it used to be. This screenshot is a little test of the lights. 1 is working and has the glass cover still on it, and the other is burned out. This reminds me of when I used to do P2 mapping. I never finished any of my P2 maps since I moved to CS:GO before that could happen, but this reminds me of making abandoned levels where I could have a lot of fun with the lighting. Currently I'm working on making models for the map along with the layout, I'll hopefully have some new stuff for y'all soon!
  16. This is the most blessed comment on the internet... Good job.
  17. Heh, now THAT'S something I'd like to see one day! Sounds like something out of an epic comic or something!
  18. It's a cool looking map! But the nuclear power plant idea isn't exactly exotic since it's already been done inside of CS:GO. I still think it could be a fun map though!
  19. Well, it's near the end of the development time and I spent way too much time trying to learn 3DS Max instead of actually mapping... TIME TO CRUNCH!!!
  20. If that's a lot, I uh... I think I have a problem...
  21. Those are some pretty trees fir sure! And from the looks of it, those trees are pretty poplar on here! Adding those trees to any map would really spruce it up! You wood not believe how many more tree puns I have...
  22. So a couple of days ago, I worked my first day. It's quite nice actually. But I'm really gonna have to get used to standing all that time. But aside from that, it's quite simple. I'm sure I'll get used to it! And besides, the pay is actually above average for the position! So that's a plus Once again, thank you all for wishing me luck! It looks like I'll finally be able to take my brother bowling like he always asks me to!
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