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  1. Interesting name, i would ditch the last "r" , it's a little bit hard to pronounce
  2. I don't know if it's a Bond, entrance but is for sure undeground. It's a cave, and at the end has a dock. I've got the ideea from "Snow white" Disney cartoon (my kids had been watching it lately). There is a scene where the old hag goes in some cellar that also has acces to water, and a small dock. Of course this type of seashore caves are encountered in many movies and games, but my inspiration came form this cartoon.
  3. One evening and one morning of Hammer, here it is the whitebox. I don't wanna show it all yet The map has two hostages and two hostage rescue areas. Ct's attack from the beach, T spawn in the villa. The layout it's simple, but a little unsual, offers all types of combat.
  4. I'm sick and tired of defuse maps ( i'm working on two right now, but they are not eligible for this contest anyway), so i decided to start a new hostage rescue map named Vilarosa. It's theme is a modern villa on the seashore at sunset. I made a simple layout in Hammer today. Screenshots will follow these days. So i'd joined the dance.
  5. Serialmapper


    @offtopic your map name means in romanian "for a long time"
  6. It depends on where you are living. It depends on your perception. For me exotic means a place where is forever summer, something with jungle or desert. However CS:GO "likes" visibility , low noise textures and rectangular shapes (crates, a shitload of crates and boxes), especially in the playable area. Given those factors the map theme possibilities are limited by the gameplay type of CSGO itself. ps jungle: de_aztec,(de_ruins); desert: de_dust maps, and those are already old and used themes. So what else remains?
  7. I understand that it's dusk, but where are the street lights?!(and i don't mean the props). In counter-strike you need visibility.
  8. See, you just gave yourself the answer! If you don't know ho to make custom assets, stick to those already present in the game. Most of us had started like that. If you want to make your own assets try first with custom textures/materials. Those are the easyest to make, up to certain quality level.
  9. Try cut and paste special
  10. After this reference image , i made in 3dsMax & substance painter my own merlons.
  11. @will2k you are right, so i made a blend material using some white plaster and those beige/brown stones. Also i changed the sand texture from the 4way blend material. I want the map to suggest heat.
  12. das last update disturbed all the sprites, including the sun sprite
  13. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_uno

    the layout doesn't look bad
  14. Nope. They were from cs:s and textures.com
  15. this is mindfuck
  16. I'm having fun with a remake of an older map of mine (de_rose). The prop_statics in the pictures are made by me using 3dsmax and substance painter.
  17. I have a problem taking proper pictures for my multilayered radar overview. Everything works fine until i want to descent on the Z axis. I have this message in the console: ] noclip noclip ON ] setpos 627.154724 1376.065552 -590;setang 76.789993 91.024879 0.000000 setpos into world, use noclip to unstick yourself! i mean wtf !? noclip is already ON ( using r_skybox 0 or 1 makes no difference only in the color background) the resulting screenshot is unusuable
  18. Updated to version beta2 after testing a few times with real people. I'm still refining the layout so most of the textures are dev.
  19. The .sbsar file has to be opened and used with substance player.
  20. I updated the map on the workshop with the assets from the pictures above. here is a basic overview
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