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  1. RA7

    Prime [Wingman]

    Reminds me of DE_PREDATOR :-)
  2. looks nice, will pimp it asap
  3. From is his site: COUNTERSTRIKE FOREVER Every year I aim to do at least one project for personal development and this year getting to know my way around Unreal was on the menu. I started out with a nice snowy landscape but it somehow? turned into a reminiscent movie about the good old Counterstrike level-design days. Gogogo! PROJECT DETAILS 100% made by 3D-Mike https://player.vimeo.com/video/496983929
  4. RA7


    Love it, will pimp it asap
  5. Fixed the images on my frontpage
  6. Very nice, will pimp it asap
  7. Very nice work will pimp it asap !
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