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  1. Yeah, it has good art direction. The setting caught my eye early on and I followed it on twitter for the past year or so. I played the demo they put out 2-3 months ago. And it wasn't the best first impression. Performance was quite bad and the level of polish in the 2 maps they had wasn't great either. I got the feeling that it's one of those projects that are too ambitious for your experience or number of people on the team. But I still hope they can turn it around. There is potential for sure. I'll probably buy it regardless though
  2. Woo! I've been looking forward to that one.
  3. I think they just wanted a vibrant setting with some narrative potential for conflict - like the little bit of alternative history they did on the Bay of Pigs invasion. As someone who's never been to Miami and only experienced it from pop culture, it seems like they captured the atmosphere of an alternate Miami pretty well. Yeah, it's not Vice City, but it seems interesting in the fallout context.
  4. Okay, let's do dis I'm getting the same feeling I got from Dishonored 2 at the start. I think there's just too much information and too many menus being thrown at you. Which are pulling you out of the immersion a bit. And I know you can disable most of those, but I'm afraid of missing some important info Otherwise, so far so good! I'm stopping way too often to check out how stylish it all looks. I really need to stop taking so many screenshots. I was expecting a dumpster fire after seeing some reviews, but it runs pretty well even with raytracing on my smashing new 3060 (ok to be fair there's some dips in open areas)
  5. No more Energizer batteries and Verizon billboards "A PR rep for Alan Wake Remastered confirmed to Screen Rant that the new game won't have any of the brand placement of the old game. So no Verizon, Energizer, Ford, or Lincoln. Those deals have long since expired." https://www.pcgamer.com/alan-wake-remastered-will-scrub-all-that-product-placement/
  6. I like the episodic structure. I think it ties well into the narrative. It sets the mood even before you start the game, kinda like Max Payne's menu.
  7. Also, apparently Morpheus died in The Matrix Online
  8. If we're gonna complain, I'm personally not too sold on the art direction and effects.. but we'll see how it turns out.
  9. *pop* Speculation time The Matrix has been reset, but the machines didn't start from zero. They just did a factory reset and prescribed stay dumb pills to the cast of the first.. Of course, their previous memories weren't entirely erased. They're still there, hidden in their minds, that's why Neo is having these surreal dreams. It's probably gonna be a take on reincarnation. Though, for that to be true, I guess one of the fan theories from the end of the trilogies would have to be also true. The theory is that even their post apocalyptic world isn't the real world, just another simulation. Well, if I remember correctly. It's been a while since I've watched anything matrix related.
  10. As a long standing Matrix fan, I want it to be decent at least. But at the same time, kinda expecting the worst
  11. I can't wait to find all the manuscript pages, read all the touristic info, collect all the coffee thermoses, knock over the cans, watch all the night springs specials and locate every single hidden supply cache! No, really... the setting is so good I don't mind taking my time around. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, tune in to all radio broadcasts. Great music
  12. I was surprised to find a place like Majula so early in the game. In the previous game, Firelink had a pretty small safe area. Definitely enjoying the environments so far, especially the forests!
  13. Yeah, man, what an adventure it is turning out to be!
  14. I like the look of some of those locations. Hopefully we can see an actual gameplay video soon
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