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  1. I finally got the confirmation mail for my index yesterday. Since I'm also looking for a new apartment atm, I would be really interested in any recommodations regarding play splace. How big is your VR space? Does anyone have less than 2 x 3 m (6.5 x 10 feet)? on topic: i've heard good things about boneworks and job simulator.
  2. too late i'll be back in about 8 weeks, i guess
  3. esspho

    Corona Virus

    If you have some spare processing power in your beefy gaming rigs you can help running simulations on COVID-19 proteins in this Stanford University project: https://foldingathome.org/2020/03/15/coronavirus-what-were-doing-and-how-you-can-help-in-simple-terms/
  4. Congratulations to the top 4! I totally thought, Mustang would rank higher though.
  5. esspho

    Hammer export to DXF

    The DXF export works like it did in the past. Is your geometry far from the origin maybe? In my experience it works best if you copy just the brushes you need into an empty file and export from there. That's not helpful at all.
  6. I've tried it and it works like this: - copy de_laferte.bsp from csgo/maps/workshop/738146050 to csgo/maps - create your de_laferte.kv in csgo/maps - load the map via console (the new one, not the workshop version)
  7. Do you get an error message?
  8. You can play Cleanup in the current Mapcore Wingman Hub https://steamcommunity.com/groups/mapcorehub In the meantime a skybox update and some minor tweaks are in the works.
  9. Thank you very much for your feedback, everybody. The current version of the map has been put togehter in a total rush. I'll keep the layout (which i like very much) and try to rework most of the areas.
  10. the workshop map propably has it own kv file allready in place. You are generating a kv with the same filename as the other. In that case the game just picks the first one (the one packed into the bsp). A possible workaround could be to change the filename of the bsp and your kv file accordingly.
  11. Well, I'm not overly proud to enter the map in this rather rough state but I'm doing it anyway. It was fun working on Anchor so far and I'll be happy to bring it more to life in future updates. Workshop Link (may need a little time for steam approval): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807037033 Congrats to all that made it to the finish line. I'm excited to try out all of your awesome maps.
  12. Warowl is making a map and gives a shoutout to mapcore.
  13. Use the sdk`s model Browser. There is also a model Browser Inside Hammer. (nevermind - i misread the op)
  14. I hope they also bring back the mercinaries bonus game.
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