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  1. Here is the current radar, heighly wip of course.
  2. For the contest I'm trying to implement an older idea of mine: Terroristst are trying to bring down a radiotower by destroying one of it's two anchors. Beforehand they allready blew up the third one. The setting and layout is completely new though. It's all taking place on a set of adjoining rooftops in a dense urban context. Let's see how exotic I can make this.
  3. Here is some quick feedback after a bot match. what I like: - the bridge at B site what could be improved: - more than 1 one-way-drop is propably too much. it's a little annoying to run into the deadend near ct spawn. a boost would be great here - there is a 64 unit high cover on B site. make it either lower or higher avoid unfair headpeaks. 48/56 or 80/96 units works well. - that vent needs some light - overall the map feels a bit corridor heavy. maybe it would help to partially lower the surroundings. nice work so far. keep it up
  4. esspho

    Plz Help

    i never had this one before but there seams to be a solution described here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/211/discussions/0/1470841715942586135/ be sure to save a copy of your vmf before opening it with a text editor.
  5. Hey, welcome. Every Command behind a Compiler program needs to have a "-" directly infront of it. You forgot a "-" right where your cursor is in the last Screenshot.
  6. Take some time to look for real world references that you like. Try to find some contrasting subthemes that fit your overall theme. For example an urban setting could have a storefront, a backalley and a parking lot. Then take your map overview and scribble in those areas. If you like how everything comes together start working off of your references. What theme do you have in mind for your map?
  7. This happened to me a few weeks ago. Very annoying indeed. Eventually it went away but i have no idea how and why. If you haven't allready you could try verifying the game's and tool's files.
  8. looks cool. what's it gonna be?
  9. This website is great for generating heightmaps from real world terrain: https://tangrams.github.io/heightmapper/
  10. making some materials for a cs map
  11. I'm not sure if the spelling is intended but it would have to be "unser" without the last "e". It's still weird though.
  12. You could use a "logic_auto" with the output "OnMultiNewRound".
  13. esspho

    [CS:GO] aim_crossroad

    Welcome @SmityHead, without an overview it's hard to judge a counterstrike map at all. So it's good practice to make a basic radar early on.
  14. Hi! To do this, you would have to make an animated material (a vtf with multiple frames / the changing numbers on the clock). In the corresponding vmt (aka material script) you would set a "material proxie" named "AnimatedTexture". The animation itself would be triggered by an "env_texturetoggle" entity. You could then trigger that entity every 60 seconds. I hope that helps. edit: After reading your OP again I think you allready have made the different skins. So radix's method would be preferable, I guess
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