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  1. The last samurai?
  2. It is. Your turn.
  3. sorry for the delay.
  4. Ex machina?
  5. Very nice @Vorontsov. I would only suggest to alter that font to better match the art deco-like look from your reference. Right now it looks like you added some random lines to the characters.
  6. I tryed this myself once and can tell you that it's just hindering your creativity. Not recommended.
  7. I made some bricks, too.
  8. Voted Black Mesa. If it's gonna be csgo, I second that it should be non-de for a change.
  9. Really nice changes. I like it a lot. I've noticed that somehow I can't associate tga or png-files to VMT_Editor.exe in Windows. Worked fine in version 1.2.4 though. But dragging the files onto the program / shortcut directly still works so no problem . Thanks for the effort.
  10. Thanks.
  11. I'm trying to get going with @Yanzl's Source Shader but it seems to me that the diffuse isn't showing properly. For instance when I use @Motanum's example substance it looks like this: while I'm sure it should look like this Apparently it works fine for everybody else so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Hint requested.
  12. subscribed and thanks a lot for your small bible of realistic multiplayer design - I discovered it years ago and come back to it ever since.
  13. fixed my washing machine today. feeling great.
  14. I bought genital jousting last month and must say that it's a really fun little game. Classic mode is best where you try to score as many penetrations as possible. Online didn't work very well but I think it's fixed by now. Recommended.
  15. @Vorontsov looking good! I'm sure it's NEWSSTAND