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  1. esspho

    Level Design Help Files

    This happened to me a few weeks ago. Very annoying indeed. Eventually it went away but i have no idea how and why. If you haven't allready you could try verifying the game's and tool's files.
  2. esspho

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    looks cool. what's it gonna be?
  3. esspho

    Level Design Help Files

    This website is great for generating heightmaps from real world terrain: https://tangrams.github.io/heightmapper/
  4. esspho

    totally random texture thread

    making some materials for a cs map
  5. esspho

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I'm not sure if the spelling is intended but it would have to be "unser" without the last "e". It's still weird though.
  6. esspho

    Getting a prop to change its skin at 60 second intervals

    You could use a "logic_auto" with the output "OnMultiNewRound".
  7. esspho

    [CS:GO] aim_crossroad

    Welcome @SmityHead, without an overview it's hard to judge a counterstrike map at all. So it's good practice to make a basic radar early on.
  8. esspho

    Getting a prop to change its skin at 60 second intervals

    Hi! To do this, you would have to make an animated material (a vtf with multiple frames / the changing numbers on the clock). In the corresponding vmt (aka material script) you would set a "material proxie" named "AnimatedTexture". The animation itself would be triggered by an "env_texturetoggle" entity. You could then trigger that entity every 60 seconds. I hope that helps. edit: After reading your OP again I think you allready have made the different skins. So radix's method would be preferable, I guess
  9. esspho

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Amazing demo! People are allready speedrunning. Current worldrecord is under 3 minutes!
  10. esspho

    Seeking portfolio feedback - Pancakesandsyrup

    The site looks neat and clean but I would loose the hovering noise. Also why link to empty changelogs?
  11. esspho

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    The roadmap on the lower floor states the location to be near the Town of Castle Rock, which is a reacuring theme in King's Storys. Maybe I just misinterpreted something. Anyway it's a nice touch . Unfortunately, I haven't yet.
  12. esspho

    [Wingman] Turnpike

    Awesome map across the board. As a Stehen King fan I appreciate the Castle Rock easter egg.
  13. esspho

    [cs:go] de_cleanup - wingman

    update time Progress is going slow but steady. The map is still far from completion but I feel everything is in place now. I think I made most of the the props that I need and I also started to create custom materials. I'll focus on texturing and lighting next. Please note that nothing is final in that regard. Layoutwise there has been one alteration in the ramp area. I opened a sidepath leading through a vent into the bombsite. This way the outside area gets a little more important. Here are some side by side comparison shoots since the last version (any possibility for embedding those directly?): https://imgsli.com/MjQ0OQ https://imgsli.com/MjQ1MA https://imgsli.com/MjQ1MQ https://imgsli.com/MjQ1Mg https://imgsli.com/MjQ1NA https://imgsli.com/MjQ1NQ https://imgsli.com/MjQ1Ng You can check out the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1473030310
  14. esspho

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    csgo is now free to play