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  1. Goals for 2018?

    Merry christmas! My goal for 2018: being here more often again. Have a nice holiday season everyone!
  2. What movie is this?

    The last samurai?
  3. What movie is this?

    It is. Your turn.
  4. What movie is this?

    sorry for the delay.
  5. What movie is this?

    Ex machina?
  6. [CS:GO] de_Transit

    Very nice @Vorontsov. I would only suggest to alter that font to better match the art deco-like look from your reference. Right now it looks like you added some random lines to the characters.
  7. [CS:GO] Layout creator for Photoshop!

    I tryed this myself once and can tell you that it's just hindering your creativity. Not recommended.
  8. totally random texture thread

    I made some bricks, too.
  9. You Decide Mapcore's Future

    Voted Black Mesa. If it's gonna be csgo, I second that it should be non-de for a change.
  10. VMT Editor - fast and simple editor for vmt files

    Really nice changes. I like it a lot. I've noticed that somehow I can't associate tga or png-files to VMT_Editor.exe in Windows. Worked fine in version 1.2.4 though. But dragging the files onto the program / shortcut directly still works so no problem . Thanks for the effort.
  11. totally random texture thread

  12. totally random texture thread

    I'm trying to get going with @Yanzl's Source Shader but it seems to me that the diffuse isn't showing properly. For instance when I use @Motanum's example substance it looks like this: while I'm sure it should look like this Apparently it works fine for everybody else so I'm obviously doing something wrong. Hint requested.
  13. subscribed and thanks a lot for your small bible of realistic multiplayer design - I discovered it years ago and come back to it ever since.
  14. What's going on with your life?

    fixed my washing machine today. feeling great.
  15. Video game with dildo ?

    I bought genital jousting last month and must say that it's a really fun little game. Classic mode is best where you try to score as many penetrations as possible. Online didn't work very well but I think it's fixed by now. Recommended.