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Found 31 results

  1. [CS:GO] Terraza (wingman WIP)

    So I blocked out a wingman map while waiting for feedback on El Guettar. It's set in Southern Spain and is inspired by Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1308751373
  2. [CS:GO] CS_Miami_GO

    Hey everyone! New here, first time poster. I've been mapping with Hammer for a good few years now my first project being a small fight yard style map on Counter-Strike: Source, I then moved over to working on a campaign for Left 4 Dead but that project never got finished. I Figured I'd show off my furthest along CS:GO Project. I can't really take any credit for the design though being that it's just an updated version of a pre-existing map. But eh, I decided to use this project as a spring board to get me familiar with mapping on CS:GO. Many of you will recognize this map from Condition Zero or perhaps the rare Xbox version of Counter-Strike from years ago. More map images here! ===> https://imgur.com/a/N2TQp The overall layout has been finished all that remains to do on the map is more detailed polishing (adding more Props,decals ect.) adding sound scapes, finishing up some place holder building details located outside and giving the map an optimization pass. I have however stopped working on this project due to lack of interest from the community. I would love to move onto a new project but this one being unfinished doesn't sit well with me. I'd also love to have someone with experience to turn to with mapping questions as I tend to have quite afew area's I'd like to improve on. Anyway I hope you all enjoy looking over my work! A playable version of this map can be found on the steam workshop! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398100694
  3. [CS:GO] de_wildwood

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199504283 Wildwood is a work-in-progress 5v5 competitive defusal map set in the forests of the Midwestern United States. I originally sketched out a rough layout on paper after getting inspiration from a dream. There were some unique ideas I had in mind, and I did my best to translate them into a playable CSGO map. I've put in many interesting gameplay features that have been used sparingly, but with useful intention, in other maps. I've just recently pushed this map into the greybox stage. It has gone through many, many changes in its layout as I've tinkered with elements like timings, chokepoints, and positional advantages. There are plenty of visual additions I want to make: - Edit the skybox to keep the orange sunset look, but add in a blue sky instead of the dull gray tones. - Seperate three parts of the map into their own distinct "looks", all fitting into the general forest theme. T-Spawn will be a train station, A-site will be a manufacturing/factory area, and B-site was planned to be a log fort (might be subject to change). - Create a custom redwood model for the A-site landmark. - Lake with floating logs, connected to railroad. (Based on real life lumber mills) If you have suggestions or critique for the map layout, feel free to comment about it I'm looking forward to completing this map and designing it to be as fun to play as possible.
  4. [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    Hi Everyone, This is my first Hammer map*, also my first CSGO map aaaand therefore my first Source map in general, so I'm a little late to the party but heyyy it's nice to be here at last. So far I've spent about 7 or 8 days on it over 4 weeks. Roughly ~ 80 - 100 hours I'd say? I spent a lot of time playing bomb defusal and learning all the mechanics before jumping in of course. And watching some online matches to see what hacks players can exploit in the engine, and trying to design with all that in mind. It's actually a lot fun! *I've dabbled, but never made a full map So, what is de_pointblank? The story is a terrorist/rebel group are infiltrating a weapons development facility hidden in the mountains with the goal of destroying either the weapons cache (A) or the giant satellite dish (B) It's called pointblank as I was aiming to frequently funnel players into fairly close crossfire scenarios in enclosed spaces. There are three main paths. Either through the HQ, or the mid-lane via the waterway, or through the server room which links A and B on the upper level. Here's a general diagram and overview of the initial layout: EDIT... I added a hallway between 'Turbine' and B and Turbine is just a courtyard now, really Amended layout in-editor, first greybox pass... Some early wip shots... Bombsite B Courtyard HQ Bombsite A And so far this week I've been learning a *lot* about lighting and prop placements and the difference between static props and dynamic props, so on and so on. I'll finish by just attaching some of the latest images. Aiming to have the map done asap! Want it in my portfolio PS: I think I'm not enjoying the fog. It's hard to get it right and might be better off totally without! I'm open to feedback, C&C! I'm learning a *lot* as I go along, so forgive me of any rookie errors haha. (But also please point them out. I need to know how to improve!)
  5. [Source 2] De_dust 2

    Hi friends, after a long break I want to share with you my dream project de_dust 2 on the Source 2 ( in my style with hand-painted textures). For about 2 years I wanted to do this, I had 3 failed attempts. But now, finally, I already have a lot of experience, for quite a long time there is a development (few months) and this time I'm sure that I will get everything out soon! I swear to God, that I will finish completing the level from start to finish, this is more a matter of honor. As a tradition, I will download every day and WIP screenshot, and you will be able to watch on progress with me! Roadmap: 2016 - 2017 - Here is my old failed Source 2 - De_dust 2 maps: 2017 - 2018 2018 - Present
  6. Firenze {WIP}

    This is my second map, a real one after making a brief concept map. Everything is still rough and is 100% not the final version. Please tell me what you think of it, and any recommendations on what I can do to improve it! A SITE B SITE
  7. [CS:GO] Dawn

    The map may look familiar to some of you, as I posted and tested it here a few months ago. Since then I've basically remade the entire map, improving both art and gameplay. Inspired by dishonored the map is set in a dystopian, steampunk-ish city split by a large wall, separating the poor and working from the rich and powerful. Fed up with the state of affairs the terrorists try to blow up the power supply and residences of the wealthy. The project is mostly for me to improve at mapping and learn to create assets, but I still want to make it the best I can, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. More pictures here or over on the workshop page.
  8. [CSGO] de_Psyko

    Hey ! I've been working on a map for a few months, and would appreciate some feedback on it. Workshop link with more screenshots: See it in the workshop ! I always reboot my PC and i forgot to save my .vmf and all texture pack i use , i would like to know if it's possible to decompile it ? i already use VMEX but non-official textures are not meaningful in .vmf Your help is welcome !
  9. Greetings I've been away for quite some time (October 2017) and my last post then was about me tinkering with Dying Light Developer Tools. This "tinkering" went from 0 to 100 real quick as I'm now developing a full fledged single player campaign titled " A New Hope". I spent around 5 days watching short tutorials videos (around 20, 3-5 min each) from Developer Techland to cover the tools/sdk basics and get me up and running. I then delved into making small test maps for a trial and error approach since I was a fresh newbie with the tools. The tools are a blast to use and I can't commend Techland enough for the work they did with the game and the tools. Since this is a relatively big campaign, I had to plan and write down the story, map objectives, events, and NPCs on paper as well as lay down the layout and how and where I want the encounters and sequence/fights to happen. The most difficult, yet the most fun and rewarding part was the scripting/programming and quest creation process. The map as it is now is about 25-30% complete but perfectly playable and bug-free with 1 full sequential quest in place (I could upload it to the workshop now but I'm not gonna do it The final map will hopefully be 3-4 times larger than the current area (which is rather large) and will feature approximately 20-25 minutes of gameplay (numbers not final) in addition to 1 hour+ of world exploration, scavenging, and random events/encounters (the current finished part of the map has around 7-8 minutes of quest gameplay and 30+ minutes of exploration depending on playing style and skills). The map features unlockable safehouses with player stash and sleeping/time-forwarding ability as well as day/night cycle adaptation. It also features traders/shops, random events, fights with special infected and humans, ziplines, environmental traps, and plenty of scavenging, looting, and exploration. Story-wise, it will see the main protagonist, Kyle Crane, leaving the City for the countryside to search for a specific elusive medicinal herb and bring it back to Dr. Camden who believes it could be the cure to the Harran Virus. I don't have a set date yet for the release but I'm working tirelessly on the campaign while in parallel, still learning new things in the tools (still have a lot to cover and learn but the focus now is on cutscenes, animation, interactive dialog among others) The tools are awesome to work with; I've put in a little north of 150 hrs so far and only started to scratch below the surface. On a side note, Source engine is slowly becoming a distant memory. Now onto the screenshots
  10. So this is my first attempt at making a map for CS:GO, looking for feedback any feedback especially on layout adjustments, I think I've got a pretty good grasp on the theme I'm going for at this point. Workshop Link More screenshots here.
  11. [CS:GO] Improposition

    So here is just a quick showcase for the map I have been working on, still trying to adjust and work on the layout. The sites are still going through renovations and need plenty of work though they seem playable (with bots yes I know) Overview: CT Spawn: Mid: A Site: B Site: T Spawn: Texture / Material Testing:
  12. [CS:GO] De_CarFactory

    Decided to resurrect the bombsite B layout of De_Glacev7 for a new map, set in a modern car factory: It's still in Greybox and I've already planned the layout so I'm working on blocking it out. Theme: Modern car factory with sections inside and outside the factory. I'm going to come up with a brand and create unique car models and split them into parts that will be put together by the machines. It's pretty ambitious but I've collected a lot of reference material and I have a clear vision for what I want the map to look like. The current layout is a mixture of Overpass and Canals.
  13. de_taos

    This is a map I have been working on for the past few months, de_taos. This map is based on my hometown and I truly have put lots of passion into this map. I request honest feedback on everything, from looks to actual gameplay. The map is still a work in progress, so all criticism will be considered! Here is the workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1210591814&searchtext=de_taos
  14. (CS:GO) de_place (WIP)

    Hello! This is my latest WIP map: de_place (name is more or less a *place*holder haha) I'm not entirely sure about the layout and I'm completely unsure about the theme. Right now the map is set in an italian town similar to inferno, italy and canals. But this might change, I don't know yet. Here are screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/RL4uV Here's the workshop link: Feel free to check it out and let me know what you like and dislike about it (and why) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842126114 And here's the layout:
  15. CS:GO wm_critical (Wiing Man)

    Hi, I am new to Mapcore and I wanna post here one of my real first Map creations. It is still in Alpha but i am trying to keep it as fast as I can to get it finished. Feedback would be really nice Map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1227555635
  16. cs_old_town

  17. [CS:GO] cs_militia_classic

    Hey all, I'm just about done with a project I've been working on for some time. I took a long involuntary break from mapping, but in order to get back into the swing of it I decided to recreate one of my favorite CS maps as I remember it from 1.6 - Militia! I know it's not the most popular map in the world, and it already technically exists in a new form, but I really like the old aesthetic better. I really like the southwest canyon look and I think it suits the theme of the map a lot better than the newer midwest farmhouse style. I haven't worked in the Source engine in years and so coming back took a lot of getting used to, and unfortunately, some techniques and features that I remember being very easy are a bit more difficult this time around in CSGO. This is still a WIP, but I'm trying to wrap up so I can move on to other stuff. I'm pretty eager to jump into UE4, since PBR is pretty powerful, not to mention other stuff UE4 can do. I am running into some problems I was hoping that people could help me out with, since I didn't run into these issues back in the CSS days, or they straight up didn't exist as possible issues. 1. What's the best way to pack stuff into the bsp? None of the standard stuff is working for me, from Pakrat to Bspzipgui, nothing works. When I host the file on the workshop, my friend gets floating error signs everywhere. If someone can link to a tutorial that for sure 100% works that'd be awesome. 2. How do soundscapes work now? I see that they aren't .txt files included in the manifest anymore, but .vsc files? 3. Is the file that changes the player models able to be packed into the bsp? 4. Color correction doesn't work I have zero leads on why this might be the case. Is there an updated tutorial for CSGO? I also noticed that I can't launch the game with -tools as it causes some sort of crash. I tried using CSS and copying the .raw file but that doesn't seem to work. 5. Ambient_generic isn't playing a sound even though it previews fine in hammer. Never ran into this issue on older engine versions. 6. If I compile with "fast" settings, the .nav mesh generated causes the bots to stay in spawn and move around in a weird way. Is the only way to fix it to compile with the default settings? I plan to anyway, but at this scale, quickly compiling and playtesting is preferable to waiting a bit for that compile to finish. Any criticism and feedback is welcomed, but I can't promise I'd be able to implement anything too huge, since I've already started moving on to new projects. I hope to get this out soon!
  18. Well I started creating a CS:GO remake of the old CS 1.6 BETA map Cs_Bunker. I'm really new here and just hope to soon be ready to playtest it sometime (since it got removed for (most likely) being too unbalanced). For now I will just leave this topic here and work on making it playtest-ready. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1230235268
  19. Hello! Been working on this for a while now and I finally feel confident enough to post this here rather than spamming it over in the Source Engine Discord. The idea behind this was that Havana could be a good map... Yeaaahhhhh CAVANA http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906279156 Second Floor Radar First Floor Radar CT Spawn Overlook T Courtyard Overlook Glamor Shot Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Various parts of the map will look better than others. This is because I'm doing a slow revamping of all the areas and some have gotten more love than others. Side Note: This map was playtested a while back when 3kliks was playtesting various maps on his servers It's (for the most part) completely changed since the video but it's nice to see all the changes that I've made.
  20. [CS:GO] Bug - Lightmapped4way problem

    Hello! New here, but definitely not to mapping. I've been mapping for over a decade at this point. I recently returned to Source engine after a long time in UE and it's been well...challenging. One of the issues I'm facing is with Lightmapped4way materials for displacements. There's this strange error where, if a displacement is viewed at a certain angle, the fourth texture (ALWAYS the fourth) gets very dark, and turns either brown or a muddy blue. There also looks to be some other texture mapped onto it, I sometimes see striations. I've checked the .vmt and couldn't find anything off about it. As you can see, the problem is pretty glaring. Here is my vmt: Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll definitely stick around and help whoever I can with their issues. Cheers!
  21. [PVKII] Bt_Glacier

    Hey everyone, I'm a level designer working on Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II and this is our map called Glacier. We've been working on it for some time now, but we want to push the visuals a little further before we release it. Design wise, I'm very happy with how it plays out so I'm just looking to see if anyone has any visual feedback that has been working with source. Ideas or ways to make things look better etc. To give you a background on the level, Glacier is set in the frozen northern part of our world. This channel is a crossroad of unique ice formations that connect various landmasses together. The knights had an foot hold here, building towers and a fort to defend larger landmasses further down. They even found some unique crystals in the snow they started to mine out. As time went on the knights let the ice take over and forgot about this fort which aloud the vikings set up a camp on one of the small landmasses across from them. The pirates crashed their ship and were stranded, but being resourceful, they pulled their ship in and built a base in the ice cave they were stranded on. Their goal was to steal some forgotten treasure, steal a ship and head out. Our game is a little wacky, but that's my main overall view on how these three factions ended up here and what they're fighting for. Currently there is no color correction going, but the screenshots do show our final compile visuals. More screenshots here https://imgur.com/a/u6vZD This video is pretty old now, but it gives you an idea on how it plays PVKII steam page has more videos and screenshots on the game if you're not familiar with it. http://store.steampowered.com/app/17570/Pirates_Vikings_and_Knights_II/ Thanks everyone!
  22. [CSGO] de_flanders (wip)

    Over the past couple of months I have been working on a new map, de_flanders, a map set in the Belgian city of Bruges. I'm not exactly recreating any particular area of the city to avoid situations like de_canals, but I am however using various iconic elements of the city. I've mostly been tweaking and adjusting the layout to make the experience as fair and fun as possible. I've playtested it a couple of times with friends in a 2v2 / 3v3 situation, since I can't bother enough of my friends to come and play my map. So this is why I'm posting this here; If you're taking the time to have a look around in the map, first of all, thanks! Second, I'd like you to give your honest opinions and feedback on the current state of the map, and maybe even leave a suggestion. Below you can find a link to the Steam Workshop as well as a couple of screenshots of the map. Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901801439 I have made a submission to the Mapcore Playtest Google docs for a playtest scheduled to be on Thursday the 2nd of November. If the playtest will actually occur, is up to the Mapcore gods. Steam Workshop Thumbnail Level overview (T Spawn at bottom, CT Spawn at top; Bombsite A to the left, Bombsite B to the right.) Bombsite A CT Spawn overlooking Water Bombsite B Mid
  23. CS:GO map: De Solide

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=680185275 A beutiful half-greybox release of De Solide (formally known as de_gesteente) is finally out for testing! Mission Briefing: A small suburb in France has been infected with illegal explosive trade. Join the terrorist organization and prevent the investigation from gaining any ground, or join Counter Terrorists and defend the two explosive evidence staches Please tell if you can find bugs, exploits or overall balance choices that made no sense to you. (Please do not post bombstuck spots, they're easy to fix)
  24. [CS:GO] Voodoo (alpha)

    A bomb defusal map set in the city of New Orleans. Terrorists are on a mission to cause mayhem in the french quarter. This map has been designed as part of a personal 11 days level design challenge. Therefore it is still very much rough around the corners. However, if sufficient people show interest, I will consider bringing it to current operation visual standards. Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166508001
  25. [Source 2] Creating 3D Tavern

    So as you can see 3d Tool inside Source 2 is usefull, also you can set material etc.