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  1. pelex

    de_dump [CS:GO]

    This is my second attempt at a CSGO map. My first being an unreleased wingman map I hope to release at some point. I am still working on and developing this map and appreciate all suggestions and criticism of it. You can subscribe to the map on the Workshop Page! I hope to work on this map until it gets to the point where I feel like it looks good enough and plays good enough to be an official map, even if it ends up with just 30 subscribers I just want a finished, polished project. Backstory Terrorists are trying to destory this rubbish dump and a counter terrorist force has be
  2. JimFKennedy


    G'day. I've been recently working on a classic 5v5 csgo map named Battery. This map takes place in and around an old WW2 bunker, converted into a gun running factory in Estonia during the early spring thaw. Bombsite B was the main focus for the map, (it was originally a wingman map) and went through about 23(?) iterations. What would be considered Middle, goes through an old dilapidated and collapsed WW2 bunker, it takes heavy inspiration from Nacht Der Untoten. Bombsite A used to have a "nuclear bomb" sitting in the middle of the site, ho
  3. Dockyard is a bomb defusal map for CS:GO. The map is set in a dockyard, with the two sites built around an under construction ship. Here is the Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1658475749 Below is the current radar and a screenshot of the B site. This is my first map, but I'm excited to start getting feedback and continue improving it!
  4. Last weekend I decided to try something different... I used one of the refract textures from TopHattWattle's watersource texture pack to make some nifty looking "juice tubes" for my new map layout. I had sketched out a rough draft of the layout on paper and wanted to see how it would play. I've been surprised by the response, this has had more subscribers on the workshop than I expected! I guess maybe everybody like some juice! My goal with this map is just a fun layout with some raised areas to fight from with some visual gimmicks. This is very heavily influenced by my memories of Golden
  5. Epic

    [Wip] De_Croatia

    My current project is a competitive map named De_Croatia. It takes place in the heart of Croatia, Image References here :http://imgur.com/a/SSkfh .Right now its in the Early Play testing stages. But I'm Trying to Capture the Theme of Croatia in one area right now, but I'm having troubles capturing it so I am looking for someone to help me do that. Current Stage of the map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=628541757
  6. After creating several AIM and FY maps, I decided to start working on a hostage rescue map. After about a month of work, I'm proud to present Exodium: Download: Steam Workshop Gamebanana This map is my attempt to re-balance hostage rescue mode so that it wouldn't be so T-sided. To do this, I did two things. First, I placed the hostages into two separate locations, similar to how bombsites are located on defuse maps. Thus, unlike a map such as Assault or Office, terrorists will now have to split up to effectively guard the hostages. Secondly, I made the map
  7. I'm working on a map based in a Hightec-city in Japan. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2347930585 Story: In the middle of the high-tec-city, there is a group of old buildings. The cities citizens like the region. But the owners of the region want to get rid of them. The terrorists are working for the owners of the region to remove leftover buildings and opstrucktion. Changelog for small and big updates:
  8. Serialmapper


    I made a wingman map, inspired by 3DMike's maps de_survivor and de_recon . For now it doesn't have too much details given my layziness and given the fact that in the future i would like to extend it to a fully fledged defuse map. It can be downloaded from good old Gamebanana: HERE WORKSHOP Credits to @Yanzl for the awsome spruce models some pics
  9. SuicidalFennec


    After literal years of not posting and years of not making anything of note, I am finally back with not only a post, but something of note! de_creek2 is my swag map I've been jammin on for the past like 2 weeks and progress is going great. I'm gonna make a series of videos soon documenting the process and progress of the map but for now I figured it'd be best to just keep working on it and for the heck of it make a post again because I've finally made a map worth people's time. Or it will be someday depending on how you see it. Steam workshop link to the map >>> https://ste
  10. csWaldo


    @esspho and I are teaming up for a new defuse map. Welcome to Norilsk, a soviet mining city in the arctic circle shaped by freezing temperatures, high pollution and 45 days of night in winter. Some of the mood and references we are going for: Concept art I made of how this could look in source: 3d concept for the layout, developed by esspho: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/3d130ab7-062e-48e3-88f7-7d255d7aae88/defurnace-concept Concept overview with pathing: Greybox is in the works. Let us know what you think
  11. Andre Valera


    Hello there, Here's a 2 minute video overview for the blockout of de_torch. Since it's early in development I thought a video would do the job of showcasing my intentions and goals with the project. Steam Workshop Download Blockout Timings
  12. This is a mostly complete 1:1 recreation of the London Natural History Museum, sans the more recently built extensions and not including any of the real exhibitions. This has been my ''lockdown activity'', of sorts. All mesh created inside the hammer editor, and using near-exclusively custom textures ( 125+ ! ) all edited by hand. Currently only compiled for cs:go, but I intend to port it to at least gmod as well, maybe it could work as scavange/survival in l4d2? Would love to see it in HL:A too, but I don't yet own VR so if anyone's interested to port it for me - or in contributing
  13. Hey guys! As part of a job application for a Level Designer I was asked to create a CS:GO map to showcase my ability to design multiplayer levels as I have no experience designing in this genre so far! Part of the task is to gather some playtesting feedback and the LDs at the company highly recommended this community for this! Here's the map: Name: de_jobhunt LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2409784339 I would greatly appreciate if anyone can play around in it, ideally in 5v5 matches and give me any feedback that you have! A few more notes.
  14. This is de_wasteland! I wanted to make a fun competitive layout that was not four square and this is what I have at the moment. The map is still in a very early greybox stage so the visuals will likely change. Any feedback is appreciated! Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2439278132
  15. Hey! I'm back and mapping for CS:GO again on a new project called "Shibuya". Set in the bustling streets of Shibuya, Japan. The map features a variety of locales and gameplay styles to create a fun experience for everyone! After previously working on the 2v2 level called "Akihabara" with the amazing artist & designer @Adroon, it felt like a good opportunity to return to a similar theme and create a 5v5 level based in Tokyo. Meet the team: ZeLz Storm - Level Designer / Level Art CEO of Mayonnaise - Environment Artist MrPenguino - Environment Artist CEO of
  16. Lily is a bomb defusal map set in Portugal. Layout: The layout was developed some time ago until I decided to go ahead with this project, in the making of the map, I changed the layout a lot, the layout is based on two routes between bombsite for terrorists, one safe route and one not, for counter terrorists, it is the same, two routes between bombsites, one safe and the other isn't, tendo ambas, T and CT unsafe routes, connection to the middle. Screenshots: May not be accurate due to map updates. For more visit the workshop page. Workshop Page: https://steamcommunity.com
  17. The_Virus

    Dungeon Props

    I am creating 3D props for my dungeon. Here is the first picture of the columns. More pictures will follow like door, stones, barrels etc. Textures and fine details on the model come later.
  18. de_samba This is a map I'm working on from time to time. I lost it once, retrieved it and builded version upon version until now. It is supposed to be a bomb defusal map set in a favela-like environment. At least that is the plan. For know it is still a grey boxed version where I'm trying to perfect the layout. Layout: As you can see, I went for a traditional layout. But I tried to mix CQC and long range fights in several locations. I started with the idea of verticality, as the complete left side of the map is on higher ground than the right side. Screenshots: S
  19. Hi all, I recently started working on Caligula, a classic 5v5 map for CS:GO. Caligula is set on the island of Malta in the 1960's. For this project I'm going for bright colors and great visibility. So far I worked on the main layout. I then slapped some textures on it, to define a mood and see how I can set this map apart from other maps with the usual "mediterranean" setting. I'm also playing around with my own dev textures this early, to spot any problems with visibility early on. The layout has not been playtested yet, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. This friday I'm d
  20. cs_sapper is the third project I've put serious effort in since picking up Hammer as a coronamapper this past spring. Since July, it's gone through a good handful of iterations, but I think it's now at a stage where the layout is mostly finalized and I can move onto fine-tuning and detailing: Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259031029 I wanted to make a hostage map since the majority of the focus seems to be on de_ maps. That said, the original idea did start as a defuse, but the only surviving features of those early designs is the l
  21. Made a map inspired by the data-center that burned in france VMF file is available in you want to adapt it to other mods https://gamebanana.com/maps/215368 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2420774695
  22. The following is just WIP content. Skip to the map release post here https://www.mapcore.org/topic/23889-cs16-dust-2-2020/?do=findComment&comment=463281 I've always wanted to make my own dust2 clone with new textures and details, so I'm making this for the 20th anniversary of the game. I'm also making a seperate version of the map for my friends who run a server, and they want me to add new connectors. I would appreciate feedback to make sure it's balanced properly. Here's what I made so far: I added stairs from CT spawn to short A (https://imgur.com/lHcu8pI). This would giv
  23. func_illusionary


    Yo, this is a competitive map that i've been working for 1 week, any feedback is welcomed !! Not the best screenshot from in-game Update-List Overall: - Need to add callouts. - Need the Rework Radar a little. - Change the color of the config. A Site : - Add a new route from A (in t's part) to mid. - Rework route to A from t's spawn. - Add cover short A. - Rotate the H.U.T . - Need to Remake the route from to A site. B Site : - Rework route to B from ct's spawn. - Add cover on B Connector. - Add railings to the balc
  24. Hello, and this is a map that I made a few days ago on the weekend, it's called cs_resto. I made it for Wingman only, it's not finished, and is kind of detailed. Fun fact, resto is a noun in French for restaurant, please go check it out, and see how it is. It's mostly unrated, so please rate the map after playing it. Pictures [Spoilers] Downloads Steam Workshop Download. Contacts These are my other accounts on other platforms if you want to talk to me. My Steam Account [TrashSilver] My GameBanana Account [UsernameZero] My moddb account [McO
  25. I’ve been working on a survival map for Left 4 Dead 2. It’s another Star Wars themed location, Petranaki Arena on Geonosis . Placed right after the scene at the end of Attack of the clones. I think this is a good survival scenario. It fits the similar themes and action of classic last hold out stands such as the battle of the Alamo, Thermopylae, or another L4D2 favorite Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings. I hope to bring this battle to life… or dead, lol, and create a fun experience and another Star Wars fantasy. Some of you have already seen me posting pictures on social media such as faceboo
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