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Found 44 results

  1. Ringel

    [WIP] cs_tori (鳥) (fully playable)

    [WIP] cs_tori (鳥) fully playable version Be free like a bird. Open your mind for new ideas! Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1217257648 Designed for classic mode 5v5. I wanted to try something new with this map (gameplay and visuals). It should be a simple map which is easy too learn but also gives you tons of possibilities how to play it. Because gameplay is the most important I concentrated on this part. Gameplay is "done" (improvements /small optimisations are likely). "Only" the visuals have to be made. I think hostage rescue mode is the perfect mode to try new things. It has a lot of potential. Please play it with other people, because bots are too limited to make use of all the good things this map has to other. There are only 10spawns. I will add more spawns and deathmatchmode later on full release. Idea behind the Layout: Simple, but also complex. I tried something new by placing the Hostage rescue zone apart from CT spawn. This map is more like 2 maps in 1. Only Ts got two paths to the rescue zone. Given them more choices on how to play the map from beginning. They are noch stuck in place like usual. CTs however can see both paths from their routes. So Ts can't just easily get there unseen. Also CT can concentrate on getting to one hostage and don't have to defend the rescue zone at the same time. I hope you have fun playing and testing cs_tori. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [WIP] de_solas (first entry, but decided to create a completely new map from scratch) [WIP] cs_tori (鳥) Reference photos: None. Videos? No. All imagination. I made this Overlay concept. It only shows the important places and how they are connected to each other. History: - (26.08.2017) Layout on Paper - (28.08.2017) Start in Hammer - (25.09.17) Layout | Minimize the Layout because of the spare time. Reduce as much as possible. - (30.09.2017) I improve the Layout and make it more like initially wanted. Not just a miniversion. Thanks to the extended Schedule. - (16.10.2017) Blocky Layout in Hammer finished. Screenshots: - (22.10.2017) Name changed from cs_cristal to cs_tori (鳥). Bugs are fixed. Started to texture and detail. - (04.11.2017) Searched for textures, found the most. But I have to find the right rock textures. - (26.11.2017) Should have found every texture I need. - (30.11.2017) Contest version released - (10.01.2018) I made almost nothing since 30.11. But now I'm working on it again. I take as much time as it needs, no rush. Currently working on: - Learning how to create Props with Hammer for Source 2. - all Next / to do: - Optimisation (Areaportals, Occluder, Skip+Hint, Skybox) - gameplay changes / optimazitions - Sound, light, better minimap .. everything else :9 - create models - make the map pretty,.. ..because the best gameplay don't makes your map popular, the visuals do (sadly,.. I thought it is all about gameplay in cs:go).
  2. Greetings I've been away for quite some time (October 2017) and my last post then was about me tinkering with Dying Light Developer Tools. This "tinkering" went from 0 to 100 real quick as I'm now developing a full fledged single player campaign titled " A New Hope". I spent around 5 days watching short tutorials videos (around 20, 3-5 min each) from Developer Techland to cover the tools/sdk basics and get me up and running. I then delved into making small test maps for a trial and error approach since I was a fresh newbie with the tools. The tools are a blast to use and I can't commend Techland enough for the work they did with the game and the tools. Since this is a relatively big campaign, I had to plan and write down the story, map objectives, events, and NPCs on paper as well as lay down the layout and how and where I want the encounters and sequence/fights to happen. The most difficult, yet the most fun and rewarding part was the scripting/programming and quest creation process. The map as it is now is about 25-30% complete but perfectly playable and bug-free with 1 full sequential quest in place (I could upload it to the workshop now but I'm not gonna do it The final map will hopefully be 3-4 times larger than the current area (which is rather large) and will feature approximately 20-25 minutes of gameplay (numbers not final) in addition to 1 hour+ of world exploration, scavenging, and random events/encounters (the current finished part of the map has around 7-8 minutes of quest gameplay and 30+ minutes of exploration depending on playing style and skills). The map features unlockable safehouses with player stash and sleeping/time-forwarding ability as well as day/night cycle adaptation. It also features traders/shops, random events, fights with special infected and humans, ziplines, environmental traps, and plenty of scavenging, looting, and exploration. Story-wise, it will see the main protagonist, Kyle Crane, leaving the City for the countryside to search for a specific elusive medicinal herb and bring it back to Dr. Camden who believes it could be the cure to the Harran Virus. I don't have a set date yet for the release but I'm working tirelessly on the campaign while in parallel, still learning new things in the tools (still have a lot to cover and learn but the focus now is on cutscenes, animation, interactive dialog among others) The tools are awesome to work with; I've put in a little north of 150 hrs so far and only started to scratch below the surface. On a side note, Source engine is slowly becoming a distant memory. Now onto the screenshots
  3. Roald

    [PVKII] Desertruin

    A while back I have applied to join the Pirates Vikings and Knights II Development team as a level designer/enviorment artist. It's a free multiplayer source game where three teams fight against eachother. The project I am working on is 'Desertruin' with the Trinket War gamemode. This gamemode is a team-deathmatch gamemode with each team carrying a holy grail you have to protect. When you kill a enemy holding the grail your team will gain a point and at a 'x' amount of points you win. This map is orginally created by Yeehaw and then updated by Latteh. I have recreated the map with a new direction using the already existing assets. It's still in development, but the basic shapes and feeling is there. Now it's time to get some more custom assets and effect in. If you guys have some feedback already I would be happy to recieve it. For those who don't know PVKII, it's time to check it out! https://store.steampowered.com/app/17570/Pirates_Vikings_and_Knights_II/ PVKII dev team is always looking for new motivated members on any aspect of game design
  4. gamez7

    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    Click here to see the map on the workshop! St. Malo (de_stmalo) is a classic 5v5 Bomb Defusal map for CS:GO. It's intended for casual and semi-competitive play. I came up with the idea for this map about a week ago and put together this greybox version in three days, and I've detailed the process below. Hope you enjoy! Reference Images For this map I knew I wanted to do a beach theme so I looked around Google Maps for an interesting area on the coast. I found the town of St. Malo in France which is where the map name comes from. Here are some of the images I used to get an idea of what the layout architecture should look like. Layout I wanted this map to also be different from the standard clover-style layouts, while still providing fun gameplay. The T and CT teams spawn diagonally from each other, and the bombsites are relatively close but require rotating players to either travel through the dangerous tunnels at the center of the map or traverse the long spawn areas. Both bombsites are "battle areas", meaning Ts enter the site areas rather easily but must pick off defending CTs in order to get the bomb planted. Here's my initial drawing of Bombsite A and CT Spawn: ...and here's the current layout: Screenshot Gallery Hopefully I can get the kinks of the layout ironed out soon and move on to detailing. Thanks for viewing!
  5. Mario Babaka


  6. Mocherad

    [Source 2] De_dust 2

    Hi friends, after a long break I want to share with you my dream project de_dust 2 on the Source 2 ( in my style with hand-painted textures). For about 2 years I wanted to do this, I had 3 failed attempts. But now, finally, I already have a lot of experience, for quite a long time there is a development (few months) and this time I'm sure that I will get everything out soon! I swear to God, that I will finish completing the level from start to finish, this is more a matter of honor. As a tradition, I will download every day and WIP screenshot, and you will be able to watch on progress with me! Roadmap: 2016 - 2017 - Here is my old failed Source 2 - De_dust 2 maps: 2017 - 2018 2018 - Present
  7. Corvus

    [UE4] Island Environment [W.I.P]

    A project i started a month ago. The idea is to make a playable island environment. The ocean water i''ve used https://github.com/UE4-OceanProject/OceanProject/tree/4.18
  8. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_CarFactory

    Decided to resurrect the bombsite B layout of De_Glacev7 for a new map, set in a modern car factory: It's still in Greybox and I've already planned the layout so I'm working on blocking it out. Theme: Modern car factory with sections inside and outside the factory. I'm going to come up with a brand and create unique car models and split them into parts that will be put together by the machines. It's pretty ambitious but I've collected a lot of reference material and I have a clear vision for what I want the map to look like. The current layout is a mixture of Overpass and Canals.
  9. Oliver

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    Hey Mapcore. I'm working with @BubkeZ on a new project. goo.gl/zx6Z1h We are making a new competitive bomb/defusal map, that takes place in a charming small town somewhere in the US of A. The map features a lot of traditional american exterior elements and takes inspiration from the 1950s. We are still looking for feedback on the layout. Feel free to test it out and leave feedback on it! --- @BubkeZ is responsible for the layout and gameplay, and also is contributing to the design process. I'm responsible for producing all the art, so props, textures and the map composition. @BubkeZ's vision with this map is to create a fast-paced competitive bomb/defusal map with an open skybox, which creates interesting gameplay with its verticality. When it comes to the visual design, we wanted to capture the feeling of a typical american small town. To keep the theme fresh and interesting, I had the idea to ground the map in the 50s. So the map will have a Diner, an auto service shop, an Ice Cream bar and lots of different types of establishments that you can find in a small town. The map is in its early stages still, but we are making a lot of progress by the day. We will update you here when we have something new to show, so stay tuned! We are going to post more screens and behind-the-scenes stuff on this thread later this week!
  10. Gauss

    [CS:GO] de_wildwood

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1199504283 Wildwood is a work-in-progress 5v5 competitive defusal map set in the forests of the Midwestern United States. I originally sketched out a rough layout on paper after getting inspiration from a dream. There were some unique ideas I had in mind, and I did my best to translate them into a playable CSGO map. I've put in many interesting gameplay features that have been used sparingly, but with useful intention, in other maps. I've just recently pushed this map into the greybox stage. It has gone through many, many changes in its layout as I've tinkered with elements like timings, chokepoints, and positional advantages. There are plenty of visual additions I want to make: - Edit the skybox to keep the orange sunset look, but add in a blue sky instead of the dull gray tones. - Seperate three parts of the map into their own distinct "looks", all fitting into the general forest theme. T-Spawn will be a train station, A-site will be a manufacturing/factory area, and B-site was planned to be a log fort (might be subject to change). - Create a custom redwood model for the A-site landmark. - Lake with floating logs, connected to railroad. (Based on real life lumber mills) If you have suggestions or critique for the map layout, feel free to comment about it I'm looking forward to completing this map and designing it to be as fun to play as possible.
  11. maxlevelboi


    Ahoy, I have started a new de_ project nicknamed "Segovia": Test map on Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1364731910 Currently using Spain as my referenceland If you have criticism/thoughts/ideas please add me on Steam or grab me on Discord :)! Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/eatbeavers/ Discord: Maximalt#1790 Latest version: New workshop page for playtesting: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1364731910 Cheers and thank you for going through this post, Max
  12. c0rp3n

    [CS:GO] Improposition

    So here is just a quick showcase for the map I have been working on, still trying to adjust and work on the layout. The sites are still going through renovations and need plenty of work though they seem playable (with bots yes I know) Overview: CT Spawn: Mid: A Site: B Site: T Spawn: Texture / Material Testing:
  13. Ties

    [CS:GO][WIP] Sluis

    Sluis (pronounced sluice in English) is a bomb defusal map at a coastal town in the Netherlands. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297078841 It is inspired by inland waterways, the beach and cute Dutch towns. To get a feeling what I'm going for here is a moodboard (got a lot more images, but gives a nice impression): As this is my first map, it's all very early in development and I'm doing it in baby steps (as you can see in the changelog on the steam workshop and the gif below). I have shown some friends the map and tried some stuff, but I'm still unsure if the whole layout is going to work. At the moment I'm trying to make it ready for a playtest, but as it is my first map and my friends are no mappers I thought to share my work for some feedback before I submit it. So here are some more pictures: I'm currently trying to make the balcony area in mid better and doing some clipping.
  14. Bourboneer

    [CSGO][WIP]De_Ruby (working title)

    This is the current greybox version of a bomb defusal map I've been working on for a few months now. I'm focusing on a layout for competitive play and I think it's starting to take on the proper feel, with some probable layout changes that will need to be changed after further playtesting. You can find the map on the workshop here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1319852470 Screenshots: When I start working more on detailing, I'm going for a peruvian theme based off some of these reference images: I'll hopefully be scheduling more playtests soon, so hit me up if you'd like to come play!
  15. Viiconov

    Otto (CS:GO, wingman)

    Hi all! I just finished the first version of the layout of my new wingman map, which is my first "proper" defuse map ever for CS:GO. I tried to keep the layout as simple as possible while still being interesting enough to play. I've also used lots of ramps (and even a ladder) to add some depth to the gameplay. Here is a (Metal Gear Solid-style) overview of the map: I haven't got a name for the map yet, for now I just called it Otto. Here is a link to the workshop page, and here is an album with some screenshots. Below is one of those screenshots to show the general stage of development the map is currently in. The reason I'm posting this is because I'd love to hear your feedback! Right now, it hasn't been tested yet with real people, all I know is that the timings are kind of okay... Please do tell me what you think if you decide to download the map. Cheers!
  16. So this is my first attempt at making a map for CS:GO, looking for feedback any feedback especially on layout adjustments, I think I've got a pretty good grasp on the theme I'm going for at this point. Workshop Link More screenshots here.
  17. DeStout

    WIP de_BadScience

    My brother and I started working on a map a few weeks ago we're calling Bad Science. The theme is an underground cave system juxtaposed with classic villain science. We've both been casually mapping for and playing CS for years but never really had the support to truly test our work. I have a degree in Game Art and plan to create as many of own assets as possible. You can find my steam profile here, and my brothers (Roger_That) here, as well as the link to the map here. If you have some time check it out; we're always open to feedback, especially from more experienced mappers!
  18. Radu

    [DOI] El Guettar

    17th of February, 2018 Update: Alpha version available on workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1304752352 Old post: Well, here we are. After months of fiddling around I finally have a playable greybox version of my Day of Infamy level, El Guettar. So far, this is proving to be the most elaborate level that I've worked on. It's pushed me to organize better, learn basic modelling and really improve as a level designer. The following months will probably be just as challenging, but I'm thrilled to see the end result! Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100005574
  19. JPovey

    CS:GO de_reykjavik

    Working on a CS:GO competitive map for my final year project at University. Been creating this specific map for 3-4 weeks now. I Finally decided it was balanced enough to be uploaded onto the workshop I have been continuously testing it with bots and made lots of changes over the past few weeks. This is my first real attempt at a CS:GO map and It still needs lots of work doing to it and is very much a WIP. Would love some actual player feedback on how the map plays at this stage it would be very appreciated. Thanks http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326149514
  20. Teddy Graham

    [CS:GO] De_Hanok (Greybox)

    WORKSHOP LINK! De_Hanok is a bomb defusal map set in a hanok style village in South Korea. The goal for this map is to create a fun, balanced layout that gives incentive for all areas of the map to be played. This map is still in a greybox stage of development so any kind of feedback is welcome and would be appreciated. T Spawn. CT Spawn. A Site. B Site. Middle. Radar.
  21. Radu

    [CS:GO] Terraza

    So I blocked out a wingman map while waiting for feedback on El Guettar. It's set in Southern Spain and is inspired by Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1308751373
  22. mrpotato44

    Firenze {WIP}

    This is my second map, a real one after making a brief concept map. Everything is still rough and is 100% not the final version. Please tell me what you think of it, and any recommendations on what I can do to improve it! A SITE B SITE
  23. Phoxxy

    [CS:GO] CS_Miami_GO

    Hey everyone! New here, first time poster. I've been mapping with Hammer for a good few years now my first project being a small fight yard style map on Counter-Strike: Source, I then moved over to working on a campaign for Left 4 Dead but that project never got finished. I Figured I'd show off my furthest along CS:GO Project. I can't really take any credit for the design though being that it's just an updated version of a pre-existing map. But eh, I decided to use this project as a spring board to get me familiar with mapping on CS:GO. Many of you will recognize this map from Condition Zero or perhaps the rare Xbox version of Counter-Strike from years ago. More map images here! ===> https://imgur.com/a/N2TQp The overall layout has been finished all that remains to do on the map is more detailed polishing (adding more Props,decals ect.) adding sound scapes, finishing up some place holder building details located outside and giving the map an optimization pass. I have however stopped working on this project due to lack of interest from the community. I would love to move onto a new project but this one being unfinished doesn't sit well with me. I'd also love to have someone with experience to turn to with mapping questions as I tend to have quite afew area's I'd like to improve on. Anyway I hope you all enjoy looking over my work! A playable version of this map can be found on the steam workshop! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=398100694
  24. Jax0

    [CS:GO] De_PointBlank

    Hi Everyone, This is my first Hammer map*, also my first CSGO map aaaand therefore my first Source map in general, so I'm a little late to the party but heyyy it's nice to be here at last. So far I've spent about 7 or 8 days on it over 4 weeks. Roughly ~ 80 - 100 hours I'd say? I spent a lot of time playing bomb defusal and learning all the mechanics before jumping in of course. And watching some online matches to see what hacks players can exploit in the engine, and trying to design with all that in mind. It's actually a lot fun! *I've dabbled, but never made a full map So, what is de_pointblank? The story is a terrorist/rebel group are infiltrating a weapons development facility hidden in the mountains with the goal of destroying either the weapons cache (A) or the giant satellite dish (B) It's called pointblank as I was aiming to frequently funnel players into fairly close crossfire scenarios in enclosed spaces. There are three main paths. Either through the HQ, or the mid-lane via the waterway, or through the server room which links A and B on the upper level. Here's a general diagram and overview of the initial layout: EDIT... I added a hallway between 'Turbine' and B and Turbine is just a courtyard now, really Amended layout in-editor, first greybox pass... Some early wip shots... Bombsite B Courtyard HQ Bombsite A And so far this week I've been learning a *lot* about lighting and prop placements and the difference between static props and dynamic props, so on and so on. I'll finish by just attaching some of the latest images. Aiming to have the map done asap! Want it in my portfolio PS: I think I'm not enjoying the fog. It's hard to get it right and might be better off totally without! I'm open to feedback, C&C! I'm learning a *lot* as I go along, so forgive me of any rookie errors haha. (But also please point them out. I need to know how to improve!)
  25. csWaldo

    [CS:GO] Dawn

    The map may look familiar to some of you, as I posted and tested it here a few months ago. Since then I've basically remade the entire map, improving both art and gameplay. Inspired by dishonored the map is set in a dystopian, steampunk-ish city split by a large wall, separating the poor and working from the rich and powerful. Fed up with the state of affairs the terrorists try to blow up the power supply and residences of the wealthy. The project is mostly for me to improve at mapping and learn to create assets, but I still want to make it the best I can, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. More pictures here or over on the workshop page.