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Found 164 results

  1. csWaldo


    @esspho and I are teaming up for a new defuse map. Welcome to Norilsk, a soviet mining city in the arctic circle shaped by freezing temperatures, high pollution and 45 days of night in winter. Some of the mood and references we are going for: Concept art I made of how this could look in source: 3d concept for the layout, developed by esspho: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/3d130ab7-062e-48e3-88f7-7d255d7aae88/defurnace-concept Concept overview with pathing: Greybox is in the works. Let us know what you think
  2. cs_sapper is the third project I've put serious effort in since picking up Hammer as a coronamapper this past spring. Since July, it's gone through a good handful of iterations, but I think it's now at a stage where the layout is mostly finalized and I can move onto fine-tuning and detailing: Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2259031029 I wanted to make a hostage map since the majority of the focus seems to be on de_ maps. That said, the original idea did start as a defuse, but the only surviving features of those early designs is the long main: The map is centered around the Diamond Exchange Building and the Clocktower, the first structures I built before I even knew what the map would really turn into: These are both based on references from real-life locations: As far as reference goes: the map is loosely based around the city of Bo, in Sierra Leone. There's going to be a heavy West-African theme I hope will come out more as the detailing progresses. (Oct 2020) Original Alpha 1 Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/TNKtgTH (Nov 2020) Current Version: https://imgur.com/a/u0aa3j4 CT Spawn/Rescue Zone T Spawn/View of Lower H
  3. func_illusionary


    Yo, this is a competitive map that i've been working for 1 week, any feedback is welcomed !! Not the best screenshot from in-game Update-List Overall: - Need to add callouts. - Need the Rework Radar a little. - Change the color of the config. A Site : - Add a new route from A (in t's part) to mid. - Rework route to A from t's spawn. - Add cover short A. - Rotate the H.U.T . - Need to Remake the route from to A site. B Site : - Rework route to B from ct's spawn. - Add cover on B Connector. - Add railings to the balcony. Map Radar : Map Screenshots : Map Screenshots :
  4. Tomato

    [GSGO] de_samba [WIP]

    de_samba This is a map I'm working on from time to time. I lost it once, retrieved it and builded version upon version until now. It is supposed to be a bomb defusal map set in a favela-like environment. At least that is the plan. For know it is still a grey boxed version where I'm trying to perfect the layout. Layout: As you can see, I went for a traditional layout. But I tried to mix CQC and long range fights in several locations. I started with the idea of verticality, as the complete left side of the map is on higher ground than the right side. Screenshots: Some visuals of the current state of the map: Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=659931332 Feedback: I'm currently looking for feedback on the layout, as I would like to find a final version, before try detailing. Showing the map and getting feedback would also be a way to give me the necessary motivation to at least finish what I started Post your thoughts here or hit me up on the Mapcore discord.
  5. Serialmapper


    I made a wingman map, inspired by 3DMike's maps de_survivor and de_recon . For now it doesn't have too much details given my layziness and given the fact that in the future i would like to extend it to a fully fledged defuse map. It can be downloaded from good old Gamebanana: HERE WORKSHOP Credits to @Yanzl for the awsome spruce models some pics
  6. zuzs980

    [Wip] De_Croatia

    My current project is a competitive map named De_Croatia. It takes place in the heart of Croatia, Image References here :http://imgur.com/a/SSkfh .Right now its in the Early Play testing stages. But I'm Trying to Capture the Theme of Croatia in one area right now, but I'm having troubles capturing it so I am looking for someone to help me do that. Current Stage of the map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=628541757
  7. Hello, and this is a map that I made a few days ago on the weekend, it's called cs_resto. I made it for Wingman only, it's not finished, and is kind of detailed. Fun fact, resto is a noun in French for restaurant, please go check it out, and see how it is. It's mostly unrated, so please rate the map after playing it. Pictures [Spoilers] Downloads Steam Workshop Download. Contacts These are my other accounts on other platforms if you want to talk to me. My Steam Account [TrashSilver] My GameBanana Account [UsernameZero] My moddb account [McOofy]
  8. Andre Valera


    Hello there, Here's a 2 minute video overview for the blockout of de_torch. Since it's early in development I thought a video would do the job of showcasing my intentions and goals with the project. Steam Workshop Download Blockout Timings
  9. I’ve been working on a survival map for Left 4 Dead 2. It’s another Star Wars themed location, Petranaki Arena on Geonosis . Placed right after the scene at the end of Attack of the clones. I think this is a good survival scenario. It fits the similar themes and action of classic last hold out stands such as the battle of the Alamo, Thermopylae, or another L4D2 favorite Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings. I hope to bring this battle to life… or dead, lol, and create a fun experience and another Star Wars fantasy. Some of you have already seen me posting pictures on social media such as facebook and twitter. I decided to create a topic on mapcore and post pictures and updates here as well. Hope to talk to other mappers as I develop the experience.
  10. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Introducing my latest map set in Cusco, Peru. While my first map de_neighbors was born out of a desire to turn a real location into a playable map, I knew I wanted to take a different approach for my next project, specifically one that was born out of good gameplay--the one thing that truly matters. Now that I've experienced a full development cycle (with the exception of making custom assets) and have honed my process, I decided I wanted to do this right and start with an idea. I had a few ideas: A curved mid A connector that converges with a main entrance to a bombsite site A bombsite that Ts have a vice grip on, but if CTs were to gain control of it, they would put serious flanking pressure on the Ts. A bombsite that CTs could choose to hold proper or push out towards the main routes early to gain more map control before the first encounter. So I began with some simple pathway flows for the map. I finally landed on a flow that incorporated a number of these ideas. Throughout this process I wasn't concerned with figuring out the exact shape of the routes or specific angles. It was more about establishing the general relationship between the routes. Once that got ironed out, I built a general layout in hammer. I then took the simple routes I had and bent and twist them in thoughtful ways to create interesting angles and to adjust timings. I tested the map very frequently, so frequently that I would say I designed the map through playing. I ran around thinking through scenarios, where I wanted to move, where I wanted cover, etc.. I imagined attacks on bombsites, the approaches and how I would want to move throughout the bombsite if I were defending and trying to stay alive as long as possible. I crafted the map angle by angle with the guiding principle of creating as much complexity as I could with the fewest elements possible. CSGO players are really good at breaking new maps, which is why I try to break my map as I'm designing it. The best way I've found is to test it as much as possible. The slightest change could have a cascading effect across the entire map. A silly double boost could break your whole map if you don't catch it early. And you don't want to have to comprise your art later on. After dozens of iterations, my notebook doodle eventually turned into this: The map was built on gameplay, but I kept my theme in mind throughout. To convey Cusco properly, I knew the map had to have a lot of outdoor areas, some streets, and iconic architecture like the city's stunning cathedrals. This was all very loose in my mind as I was building the layout, but it help keep design decisions in check. Since i wanted to have streets, I knew certain routes had to be a certain size at minimum to be believable. I made sure any indoor areas could believably be shaped into a house or commercial building. Again, all very loose and vague. I didn't want the layout to be too compromised by theme so early. I was more willing to retrofit the architecture to the idea. I must admit it was scary at first, but as I continued and I started pulling some art references, I found things started to just fall in place. The deeper I searched, the more architecture I found that suited the geometry I had built. Over time the map began to separate into distinct areas. Mood Board It behooves you as a map designer to get as immersed in your theme as you can. I spent hours just traveling around google maps looking for inspiration. And each time I did, I would return to my greybox with new ideas, new angles and new architecture for what areas could be. It's still evolving. I particularly loved the variety of doors around Cusco. The greybox will be ready for playtesting very soon (with screenshots to come). Let me know your thoughts so far!
  11. Pawlu

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    Hello everyone! I'm starting on a small project called Armstrong after I visited Fort Rinella a few days ago. The names itself comes from the name of the 100 ton gun, the Armstrong 100 Ton Gun which is also the main target separatists are trying to blow up. I would say 90-95% of the map is based off of the actual fort itself.
  12. Hello everyone! I wanted to share my latest work here! I wanted to journey to Romania for this map, but I have never been so I decided to make a map based on the Peles Castle in Romania. The design, beauty, and epic scale of the map challenged me to really try for the moon here. I want to make a map that is really fun to play and offers something nice to look at. I hope that I can play this with my friends in the future! But in the meantime this map is being worked on, hopefully going to get a render of it before the year is out! -razorblade421 Feel free to check out some of my other fun maps I made for CS:GO! https://steamcommunity.com/id/razorblade421/myworkshopfiles/ Don't hesitate to reach out for any inquiries. I used a lot of assets and textures from HL:EP2 and L4D2. Shout out to TopHattWaffle for his texture packs available on his website! https://www.tophattwaffle.com/
  13. Original Map (AIM_Six_Arenas) Downloads: Steam Workshop Gamebanana Spinoffs: Deathmatch/Demolition/Arms Race compatible version: Steam, Gamebanana, Mapcore Showdown Planet: Steam, Gamebanana, MapCore After several weeks of works, I would like to present to everyone my take on 1v1 multi arena: AIM_Six_Arenas. The map features six 1v1 arenas connected by a hallway. For the first 20 seconds of each round, though, arena doors are locked, forcing players into 1v1 matchups. After 20 seconds, the doors to each arena will unlock, allowing players to use the connecting hallway to hunt down other players. You can and should use the radar to determine where remaining enemies are located. As there is only one door into each arena, I gave players the ability to teleport directly into an arena, potentially bypassing anyone camping at the door. However, there is a two second delay before you can teleport, so you can't simply use the teleporter to cheaply run away from enemies in the hallway. Also, to reduce the amount of searching after the doors are unlocked, there are indicators in the hallway showing which arenas are currently occupied. This map also has random sets of weapons each round. The matchups are: USP-S vs. Glocks Five-Seven vs. Tec-9 Mag-7 vs. Sawed-off MP9 vs Mac-10 Famas vs. Galil M4 vs. AK47 AUG vs. SG 553 Credits: TopHatWaffle's Real World Textures: https://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/real-world-textures/ TopHatWaffle's Real World Textures 2: https://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/realworldtextures-2/ TopHatwaffle's Water Source: https://www.tophattwaffle.com/downloads/water-source-textures/ In addition to Valve's main maps, this map also uses models and textures from cs_agency, de_breach, de_swamp and de_subzero I also plan on releasing several spinoff maps based off of this map, with individual maps based on the arenas, as well as a more traditional 1v1 multi arena map compatible with the 1v1 plugin. And now screenshots of the six arenas, as well the connecting hallway:
  14. 1kelpy

    de_kathmandu [WIP]

    Hey guys. This is my new map, and as you probably guessed, it's based in Nepal. Right now it's only a graybox (doesn't even have bombsite cover,) but I plan on adding that once I make sure the layout works. What do you guys think of it? Let me know if there is anything I should adjust / change.
  15. The_Virus

    demon cat girl

    I am currently working on a Demon Cat Girl. She should get a sinn later. I've been working on the head for about a week. I use different programs for the model, you can see a list here. List of programs: ZBrush substance painter Maya About comments I would be happy
  16. Hello, this is my second attempt as a Source mapper, I switched to Source in November last year after a long break regarding mapping. I used to make GoldSrc maps back in 2011 - 2014, I have over 20 released GoldSrc maps and one of them even reached the main page of GameBanana back in 2013. That being said, I am looking forward to learning as much as possible about Source mapping and I welcome any advice regarding my maps. I know my map feels blocky, maybe a bit too big, I only spent one month creating it and I released it as an alpha version. Hopefully after some months it will look much better, but until then I really need to test it before polishing it. Give it a shot and let me know what you think of it! Workshop Link
  17. atrocity


    Hey everybody! It has been a while since I have posted anything, but I thought this would be the best place to share my next personal project de_distillery. Distillery is based around a fictional distillery and is set in a loose version of Edinburgh Scotland. Since a trip I took to Scotland a few years back, I have been dying to build a level that is set there. After being inspired by de_highlands, I knew I needed to start making my idea come to life. I started the blockout a few weeks ago and try to work on it when I am free after work. I've been able to iterate on the level after hosting some small playtests with friends. I am hoping to have this public on the workshop here shortly, and then having larger playtests to gather more feedback. Update 9/18/19: Swapped out the old Minimap with a TAR version. Update 9/17/19: After a playtest this evening, I pushed the map live to the workshop. I will continue working away and posting updates. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1843682152
  18. Mocherad


    Darechom on Warcraft 3 (2012-2013y.) Darechom - you have one life to survive. This version is mix of simulator, rpg, horror survival, pazzles etc. I was working on it from 2012 to 2013/2014 year. All assets were custom, 3D and 2D content, size of the map ~100mb, on that time it was very big data file (for example dota size 7-8mb). Media: Darechom on Source 2 (2020 - Present) Darechom is an upcoming survival simulator re-make of my old mod Darechom (Warcraft 3 2012-2013 y.) on Source 2, that combines best of survival, rpg elements, character customization, crafting, events and realistic world. I'm working alone on this game, so anny support will be mega cool! The game is a work in progress and is subject to change. WIPS: 001 (2015 - 2017)was working on 3D and 2D content for Darechom, first WIP public video: 001a (2019) - was working on enter house system, settuping custom water, animations etc. 002 (11/5/2020) I decided to resume working on Source 2 version of Darechom, from that date I'm working full time on it and even more. Follow the game to learn more: Discord: https://discord.gg/543vwkek Twitter: https://twitter.com/markmocherad Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Darechom/
  19. So yeah I was playtesting @El_Exodus 's map and I liked it a lot. So one night I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about his map so I gave him feedback, but an idea I had about mid was stuck in my mind. So I went and did it in photoshop : Then I was like "lol mapping is fun" so I used my designing skills to make this (as you can see I had to use my graphic tablet to make this polished layout) (as you can also see I didn't have enough ideas to make B right away) : Then I installed hammer and I made the map very thank you to TapHetWafulHere : Mid (with inspired Exodus connector on the left) A : me are french and we like B : My friends and I bread so I made it bread themed. Radar : Presentation video : Workshop link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1929067900 This map is not optimized at all. If you have feedback about layout I would love to hear it.
  20. Azriel 4K


    My first ever *mostly* finished map, we spent quite a while trying to learn how everything on source works and I'm pretty happy with the result, and I think the detail around the map is pretty cool. Go easy it is my fist ^^ Any recommendations when it comes to layout? Still trying to figure things out! (Yes I know the radar looks shoddy as a png) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2322316703
  21. Kantalope


    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2296801425 Here's a look at my first CS:GO map being published. It's intended theme is a water treatment complex, hence the name. I would've liked to add more water into the layout, but that can be for an alternate version at a later date. I haven't had any tests with actual players yet, just bots so far. I'll be submitting this to be playtested, and feel free to play it yourself to give me some feed back.
  22. So in late 2018, I started working on a map, and currently, it is on the Workshop as Chlorine v1.0. However, it is really bad for a multitude of reasons. I have since created compile V1.2 and build V1.2.1, and I'm working on improving balance between taking vs holding sites. V1.2 mostly focuses on Bombsite A and the most direct T approach to it through Warehouse, and V1.3 is going to be improving on Bombsite B and the most direct CT approach to it through Mid. A second version is in the works that I started on from scratch, and with which I'll be focusing on gameplay a whole lot more from the getgo. Those, however, are only the rough sketches. I would like as much feedback or suggestions as possible, both regarding the gameplay (which is a bit T-sided due to long rotation times, but also has trouble with there being too many entrypoints to the bombsites), visuals (which is quite barren at the moment, and very claustrophobic at points), and the theme (that of an old Soviet bloc spa complex that is being deconstructed). Here is a video of V1.2:
  23. albim75


    hello, I present you my new project! the tone for this map was a fictional abandoned architectural resort, set nearby an undisclosed western city. always wanted to create a little fast paced map. Despite the dimension, I was still able to create some verticality | Game Modes | Deathmatch (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Arms Race (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Flying Scoutsman (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Elimination Mission (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Custom The map is almost finished and I hope to release it next week
  24. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2139111303 Hey everyone, working on my first map! I've had a lot of playtesting sessions with a large group of friends (always playing 5v5), and I've made big changes after each session. I would love any feedback you may have. Screenshots:
  25. Soldat Du Christ


    V I C T O R I A N V 1.0 Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2236306765 Set among the crossroads of 1830s Industrial Revolution! Civility & Industry clash in this glorious theme park of Architecture & Landmarks! This map was built from the ground up for a Balanced Competitive 5v5 Experience, a challenge for myself, and a challenge to the community to re-think what a Defuse map has the potential to be. Huge thank you to everyone in MapCore who has helped me bring this map to it's current playable state, I couldn't have done it without your help. This has been the most responsive and supportive community I have yet to be a part of. I only hope this patience carries over into your playtests, you will need 10 fold to suffer through the learning curve on this one! Victorian very much aims to push the limits of what is traditionally accepted as being competitively viable, for better or worse. Your opinions are welcome, but If you want to help me improve the map, I'm looking for objective flaws... Objective Examples: "This angle/position has no counter" "this set up is too hard to break" "X needs more polish" Subjective Examples: "This isn't what CS players/ I like" "I'm not used to doing X therefore it's bad" No matter what, I just hope at the very least Victorian could inspire others to take their designs further and push the limits. I'm currently working on "The making of: de_Victorian" Design Documentary, so look forward to that! For the full canonical history of de_Victorians development which goes as far back as the 2019 mapping contest, follow these links:
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