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Found 145 results

  1. This is a mostly complete 1:1 recreation of the London Natural History Museum interior, sans the more recently built extensions and not including any of the real exhibitions. It's not the world's mostly graphically impressive map, but it's a labour of love and lots of time. All mesh created inside the hammer editor, and using near-exclusively custom textures ( roughly 125! ) all edited by hand. Currently only compiled for cs:go, but I intend to port it to at least gmod as well, maybe it could work as scavange/survival in l4d2? Would love to see it in HL:A too, but I don't yet own VR so if anyone's interested to port it for me - or in contributing in any other way, please do contact me. If you've got a good idea for props to fill the exhibition spaces with, that'd be cool too - I was gonna do a half life theme but pretty quickly ran short of actual suitable models, at least that I could find. Files; First public release (only includes two spawnpoints): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ojDYBtpS4X-zJDpcqMHTeegJjI7Up8_1/view Second release (many small additions, much improved east hallway, 24 spawnpoints): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PKLII33cFCqnOnBOmLTD8dFUealSDCbY/view Third release (all around improvements/additions, fixed cubemaps): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YkZuPrQqfLiIxi3H_QLo2N1lZ7pFuFRc/view First *full* release: Coming Soon™ ( look through posts below for more detail on the changes ) Original description: Known issues/"FAQ" (fictitiously asked questions):
  2. TheOnionChef

    [CSGO] Paradise

    This is my entry for the 2020 Source Engine Discord Wingman Contest. This started out as an Arms Race map, about half done with the art about 1.5 months before the contest was over, and for the past two weeks I have overhauled the entire map as a wingman experience. I have done a few playtests on the Source Discord, and they've been mostly positive. I'm at a polishing stage right now, so any and all feedback would be appreciated. I'm doing a playtest on the MapCore Discord on Thursday, September 17th at 3PM CDT, if anyone wants to take a gander. There's definitely more things to polish, and maybe a few visuals bugs/exploits that still have to be fixed (like filling gaps between props with `toolsblack` brushes, etc). Otherwise, this map is primarily complete. My goals for this was to make something as pretty as I could, while keeping performance good enough and to improve my art skills. I worked hard to create budget UVs, textures, and models for the map to keep overhead to a minimum. Unfortunately, since a lot of the map is not brush based, the use of occluders were necessary. I would say I could have done a better job with planning, but overall I think the main goals for this project have been accomplished fully. Even if it does not do well as a wingman map, I can always turn it back into an Arms Race map. The workshop link will be added here shortly after the public release- which shouldn't be long. Until then, this is marked as a WIP. This project has around 20 custom models (not a whole lot, admittedly), a custom made skybox, custom soundscapes, and a few custom materials. Special thanks to 9yz, Slimek, Darnias, Yanzl, and Morozov/Untor for help and assets. Workshop description: The locals of the island grow upset over the glutenous part-time resident, the CEO of Proxy Research, the company responsible for the disaster at the South Heber Research Base. Seal Team 6 is sent in to protect him- as he's an asset to the U.S. Government. For more information on the South Heber Research Base disaster, please see Operation Coverup: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2014706191 <---- this is the link to my last wingman map, which I've posted here before... these maps are interconnected through story ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) In this picture, my custom skybox and tiki torch models are featured. I've used this shot for the workshop thumbnail and as the first photo in the workshop album. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) In this second picture, you can tell I've struggled with the water edge at the skybox, which unfortunately I've had trouble masking further. Luckily, during the playtest nobody mentioned it, so hopefully it's alright for now until I find a better solution. The trims on the side of the villa, as well as the tarp over the crates (on the left side of the image), the overhang on the front deck, and the thatch roofing (not pictured well here) are all custom assets made for this project. This photo is not a great showcase of those, but hopefully you'll be able to appreciate them further in-game. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) Here, the tarp is featured again, but more prominently. I ran cloth sims on a pre-unwrapped subdivided cube. The poly count is a bit high, but I've been told by veteran modelers in the Source Engine Discord that this is fine. I know in the future I will try to streamline my cloth sim assets for Source Engine. Further down below, I made a bed and pillows, which both heavily rely on subdivisions near the edges of the mesh, so that more detail can be put into the folded areas. More on that later. Additionally, here's a closer look at the tiki torches-- maybe not as impressive as some veteran mapper's work, but it was something I could easily accomplish to bring more depth into this envrionment. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) This is the inside of the villa, adjacent to the bombsite. The bed, pillows, plushies, hanging ceiling lights, warped copper wall art, and wood wall trims were all modeled by me (the floor texture and the thatch roof in the window are also custom). I tried to make great use of hipoly bakes and masked phong/cubemaps for many of these props. For all these props I used a PBR workflow, converting them into specgloss materials using Yanzl's tools with many manual tweaks. The bed features a phong mask to enhance a sheen on the blue trim there. The bed and pillows are fully tintable, both with alpha masks on the diffuse channel. As stated above, I subdivided the edges of the cloth on the bed and pillows to allow for more definition in the cloth sim. On the warped copper wall art, I took advantage of a hipoly bake, using that to deform the surface with normal maps, which the lowpoly is fully flat. Using the baked mesh maps I was able to texture the asset procedurally, giving it a more natural look using PBR materials and masks. The chicken and potato plushie are assets from my last map, Coverup. (Note: This is a deprecated screenshot, as I have not taken a replacement. Not much has changed in this area, so it is mostly representative of the work there now.) This photo is just a showcase of some of the instances I used to detail much of the map. I created premade instances to use for the jungle section, which I could mix and match. I made some with lower detail to use in less visible areas- as this could help improve performance. I also made heavy use of Morozov's Swamp grass, which I adore! I also am using tinted flowers from the Inferno remake. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) I tried to make use of some of the Shoots assets, which although lower res, are able to add depth to an area that would otherwise be flat. It was a good excuse to keep some Arms Race history in here. The exterior and interior brush textures on the building though are from Danger Zone and Morozov's Swamp. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) Although not the best angle, this is the bombsite for the map. I recompiled the safe from Danger Zone to remove the pre-existing explosive models on it. Featured again here, are the wood trims, but also a custom door model- which makes great use of a hipoly bake. ^^ Updated Image ^^ (Old image below... spoilered) Here's the TAR image generated from my map. I'm still working on it, so please suggest any changes that should be made, including color choice. Hopefully you've enjoyed this post! I might update it more as time goes on, but cheers for now! - Will "celery" Granda (formerly "TheOnionChef") Paradise logo made by my dear friend, Jonmcbane. Thanks, buddy. One more shoutout to Proxy, the DJ- who let me use his music in my trailer for my last map, Coverup. EDIT 9/16/20: Updated images from the newest compile with better angles. Made some layout changes to help the flow of the article when viewing the updated images.
  3. ValenQpr


    hello! i'm new making maps for CSGO! i'm working on a new map inspired in a city from assasins creed 4, and i would like to know your opinion, any feedback is welcome and it would be of great help Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2192643195
  4. harazataz

    [CS:GO] De_Backlot

    De_Backlot is set in a Hollywood studio back-lot, featuring multiple film sets in a variety of “locations”. Whether it be the streets of York, England in Mid, Old timey’ Mexico on Bombsite B, or an indoor sitcom film set on Bombsite A, Backlot’s goal is to provide diverse game-play and visual experiences across the multiple areas. Hey everyone, here i'm just going to be posting progress updates for my map de_backlot. This map is inspired by theme parks such as Hollywood Studios (USA) and Movieworld (AUS), that provide a wide variety of simulated environments in a very small area. This is my both my first time using Hammer seriously, and designing a Counter-strike map, and as such has been a real crash course in the whole process. The general layout has now been iterated on enough to where i'm happy with it, so i'm moving onto play-testing very soon to get some much needed feedback from competitive players. Hope you guys can follow along the wild ride with me! Any feedback is much appreciated! Radar Bombsite B Bombsite A Mid
  5. Hello, I have and idea on a hostage map that I had not seen done before. I had an idea about making the hostage rescue have a timer where the CTs would have to stay in the rescue zone for matter of a few seconds to rescue the hostage. Thematically this would be waiting for an elevator, blastdoor, helicopter pick up, etc. I wanted to experiment with how this might effect the asymmetric nature of hostage rescue. The mechanical way to execute this, I believe, is to make a trigger that will only work if a CTs enters and it with a hostage. The test I am trying is a door that opens to the rescue zone. My issue is that I haven't really mapped since the late 2000s and I am running to the limit of my knowledge on how to do this. I have looked at all kinds of resources and I cant find a way to filter for CT carrying the hostage. Any help is much appreciated. Some details on the maps theme and layout: Granite quarry of sorts. Hostage A is in or on the roof of a small building. Hostage B is in bottom of a dilapidated warehouse. CT spawns entrance of the quarry. T spawns at the back of the quarry. Rescue zone in the middle, but I would like to experiment with a second rescue in the terrorist spawn. But that might be too chaotic.
  6. Hey, I'm working on a map for danger zone mode. It's still very early WIP. For now I'm almost done with general ideas for all locations. I wanted to share what I have created so far, although it doesn't look beautiful. I'm trying to work as fast as possible to finally play and test it with the players, but there is a lot of work and very little time. Maybe after the pictures someone has feedback that could help me. Have a nice evening More pictures https://imgur.com/a/PixTsSL
  7. Welcome to my entry to the Source Engine Discord Wingman Contest. Below here you can find some of my references and pictures of the greybox. For now the map looks really dark but this will change over time. It is this dark because the light setting for the theme is around the fall of the night. Link to the map: (currently not the new version): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2099918669 The map is situated in a secret laboratory where the Vaccine for the Corona Virus is being developed. Here are some of my references: Some WIP pictures of the map and the radar:
  8. goober

    [CS:GO] Yamaha

    Hey, you might recognize me as the guy who entered the mapping contest then suddenly went quiet after consistently working on a map. It came to me one day that I had lost faith in my map and it no longer "felt" like an appealing map to me. I didn't have the energy to keep working on my old map since I realized it had many flaws. After dropping it, I sat down and wondered why it just didn't feel right. After many many months of fiddling around in Hammer, I randomly created something that caught my attention. What I made would become the successor to my old map de_Vice, and and it now goes by the name of... d e _Y a m a h a It's still in early early development... But hopefully soon I can release a version in which the public can visit and explore. I took what was lacking in my contest entry and smacked it into this neat creation: - Height Difference - Open space (but not too open) - Unique Layout (Heavily Influenced by catfood's de_Ruby) - Quite fun to explore (it's fun to run around the map ) Enough rambling, you're only here to see the screenshots! Here ya go *** (Only Bombsite A and Mid are built, everything else has yet to be made) *** Radar: Mid: Mid to A: Long A / Bombsite A: And so that ends the first update of... d e _ Y a m a h a *Not sure when the full layout will be released, since I put a lot of time into every single spot, so don't expect one within a day or two. **custom props/skydome borrowed from catfood's de_Ruby and de_Tulip ***even more custom props borrowed from Yanzl's Source Emporium - https://www.mapcore.org/topic/21830-yanzls-source-emporium/
  9. Peake

    Pico (Hostage)

    Made this topic for my new map Pico, which is my first try at a 5v5 hostage rescue map Hoping to get a Mapcore playtest done in a couple of days, have also had 2 playtests already on the Source Engine Discord, and want to get some more opinions on the map as a whole https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2165083547 Some screens of the map so far:
  10. I got really inspired when looking at the architecture of Ricardo Bofills home "La Fábrica". This map is in a very early state and not really playable yet. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated nonetheless. I am especially bad at placing cover so if you can give me any hint on where that would be great. One of the passages should be close ranged combat I guess. Here are the first screenshots with reference: Also here is the workshop link even if it is a veery early state.
  11. Heyo, I'm making a Wingman map for the Source Engine Discord Wingman Level Design Contest 2020. Finally getting somewhere in the greybox stage, so I've decided to post it here. The theme is a western-european abbey. You can find it on the workshop here. Radar: Ingame Screenshots:
  12. Here's something i've been working on since i got my hands on Source 2 Hammer. K&D building complex, based on real location in Klaipėda, Lithuania. https://www.google.com/maps/@55.7105819,21.1296509,181m/data=!3m1!1e3 Backstory. This place was always a backbone for trying out my mapping/modeling skills, 10 years ago when i went there around, i was stunned at it's architecture and uniqueness, so back in the day i was starting to get a hang of Hammer, and i wanted to remake this. Attempt was rough and it was just a test anyways. Project started around April 10 of this year, once i got my Oculus Quest and when HLA tools were still unreleased (bootleg tools existed but i didn't use them). It started with only two buildings, the K and the bottom 2-3 floor commercial complex. Some earliest screenshots. i was still learning the engine, but i got a hang of it quickly, since making stuff 128 is still the norm, i was a lot easy to work. Reference material was severely limited, i had to google most of the photos and still it wasn't enough. 20th day in hammer, and progress was coming along. And the day HLA Tools came out, i realized i had to redo every texture's shader since HLA has different shaders, so first day looked rough Aaaaaand there's a huge time gap before i picked the project again, i went to make other HLA lore themed maps. Anyways on June 10th i've planned out a weekend vacation on this very place, booked a hotel at the same place, so i guess you could say it was both a vacation and work trip. Project resumed in late June, second building was made, and it was instanced because of the odd angle. Hammer vs. Real life June 10. I'm there and i'm working in and outside my hotel room And here we are. 1 month later with some progress. With reference photo when available. Residential Apartment (D complex) Funfact: the shape of this balcony was made loosely without any hard reference, i was amazed that i actually guessed it right. Big shoutout to my friend that lives there and let me take some shots (of course not inside) Hotel room (excuse for the poor 360 photo) Terrace More exterior shots
  13. Freaky_Banana


    So guys, after quite a while of silently working on the layout of Intelligence, I felt like the layout just didn't work too well and I have decided, to make a new map out of the theme. After working on this map for a while I am now finally happy with where I am (greybox) and want to present what I've done so far. I would really like to get some feedback in from you (especially on the area around B and on A site!) so I can work on the map to actually finish it this time around. (For theme and visual ideas, look further down the post after the screenshots). Enjoy the screenshots ! Theme and visuals: This is a surveillance facility run by the American governement. The Ts found its location and want to either blow up the big satellite bowl (going to be on A) or the server saving all the data (B). I was thinking of a setting in some American forest during indian summer, so imagine all the trees bearing yellow, red, orange and a few purple leaves. I've already set the ambient lighting to reflect some of this theme. The building walls are mostly supposed to be a very light (pastel) orange to fit this colour palette as well. The insides of CT side are supposed to be a steril blue (work that blorange baby!) whilst the outsides and T insides are of a relaxing orange. The entire thing is supposed to be hidden, so I imagine the trees to be hanging over the paths in some places, giving the outsides a half shady look. CT spawn will be a helipad maybe, but more likely just a dirt road (in that case I'd narrow it a bit). there will be one of these things over A: It is going to be a focal point, visible from nearly everywhere on the map's T or A side (but only as long as you are outside ofc ). (@Vorontsov I am so sorry the model you so generously made for me didn't even get into the map! I had mucked up something with the scale probably, at least it was about twice the size I needed...) That's all for my ideas. If you guys want me to I can also upload a graphic in which I show timings and standard defense positions for both sides . Anyone who wants to test it can download all the files from here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/id5i9hdv115s3/de_oakwood . I Hope to hear of you guys soon ! Cheers!
  14. Edude

    Maginot [Wingman]

    Hello everybody! I'm creating a map (based on the Maginot Line) for the Wingman's Contest - provided by Source Engine's Discord. I started the map 3 weeks ago and I'm on the detailing phase, slowly progreeding area by area, worried with the time left. I decided to follow this strategy: detail 75% of every area and after that (and gaining some time) I'd put some final touches + polishment + optimization. I wonder, should I keep doing it in a hurry or is it better to make it with no rush and patience (losing the deadline)? There's still a lot to do and I'd like to hear your opinions...
  15. Colino

    de_Pray [Wingman]

    INTRODUCTION Hey guys, my name is Colino and I want to talk a little bit about my most recent project. For the last few months I've been testing and working on a map called de_Pray, it is set to be an abandoned catholic boarding school, and it is a Wingman Map as you can see by the title. ABOUT THE MAP My intentions with the layout is it to be a fast-paced map and with a lot of options for rotations and flanking for both teams. Like terrorists have an option to rush to the bombsite and force a post-plant situation (something that rarely is seen on wingman official matches). Now that i'm moving trough beta, I want to make sure that the layout is on it best form, so that's why i wish you guys could provide me some feedback about gameplay and/or ideas you might have while playing it. Not excluding bugs, if you find one that is not reproted on the bugs section down there, PLEASE report to me! KNOWN BUGS Water brush disappearing if you look at it while standing on the bridge; ... UPCOMING CHANGES Improve scenario (main building); Improve lighting; Custom assets; ... LINKS Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/7RHar96 Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2113263479
  16. DeStout

    WIP de_BadScience

    My brother and I started working on a map a few weeks ago we're calling Bad Science. The theme is an underground cave system juxtaposed with classic villain science. We've both been casually mapping for and playing CS for years but never really had the support to truly test our work. I have a degree in Game Art and plan to create as many of own assets as possible. You can find my steam profile here, and my brothers (Roger_That) here, as well as the link to the map here. If you have some time check it out; we're always open to feedback, especially from more experienced mappers!
  17. Kokopelli

    [CS:GO] Cusco

    Introducing my latest map set in Cusco, Peru. While my first map de_neighbors was born out of a desire to turn a real location into a playable map, I knew I wanted to take a different approach for my next project, specifically one that was born out of good gameplay--the one thing that truly matters. Now that I've experienced a full development cycle (with the exception of making custom assets) and have honed my process, I decided I wanted to do this right and start with an idea. I had a few ideas: A curved mid A connector that converges with a main entrance to a bombsite site A bombsite that Ts have a vice grip on, but if CTs were to gain control of it, they would put serious flanking pressure on the Ts. A bombsite that CTs could choose to hold proper or push out towards the main routes early to gain more map control before the first encounter. So I began with some simple pathway flows for the map. I finally landed on a flow that incorporated a number of these ideas. Throughout this process I wasn't concerned with figuring out the exact shape of the routes or specific angles. It was more about establishing the general relationship between the routes. Once that got ironed out, I built a general layout in hammer. I then took the simple routes I had and bent and twist them in thoughtful ways to create interesting angles and to adjust timings. I tested the map very frequently, so frequently that I would say I designed the map through playing. I ran around thinking through scenarios, where I wanted to move, where I wanted cover, etc.. I imagined attacks on bombsites, the approaches and how I would want to move throughout the bombsite if I were defending and trying to stay alive as long as possible. I crafted the map angle by angle with the guiding principle of creating as much complexity as I could with the fewest elements possible. CSGO players are really good at breaking new maps, which is why I try to break my map as I'm designing it. The best way I've found is to test it as much as possible. The slightest change could have a cascading effect across the entire map. A silly double boost could break your whole map if you don't catch it early. And you don't want to have to comprise your art later on. After dozens of iterations, my notebook doodle eventually turned into this: The map was built on gameplay, but I kept my theme in mind throughout. To convey Cusco properly, I knew the map had to have a lot of outdoor areas, some streets, and iconic architecture like the city's stunning cathedrals. This was all very loose in my mind as I was building the layout, but it help keep design decisions in check. Since i wanted to have streets, I knew certain routes had to be a certain size at minimum to be believable. I made sure any indoor areas could believably be shaped into a house or commercial building. Again, all very loose and vague. I didn't want the layout to be too compromised by theme so early. I was more willing to retrofit the architecture to the idea. I must admit it was scary at first, but as I continued and I started pulling some art references, I found things started to just fall in place. The deeper I searched, the more architecture I found that suited the geometry I had built. Over time the map began to separate into distinct areas. Mood Board It behooves you as a map designer to get as immersed in your theme as you can. I spent hours just traveling around google maps looking for inspiration. And each time I did, I would return to my greybox with new ideas, new angles and new architecture for what areas could be. It's still evolving. I particularly loved the variety of doors around Cusco. The greybox will be ready for playtesting very soon (with screenshots to come). Let me know your thoughts so far!
  18. RIMAS

    De_Clubtop [WIP]

    Clubtop Layout (Workshop) Сотрудничество с Faber Совсем недавно мы протестировали карту на Mapcore и благодарим всех, кто принял в этом участие и оставил свой отзыв о балансе карты. Я также хотел бы поблагодарить Морозова за его совет. У нас было достаточно времени, чтобы исправить ошибки и недостатки. И сегодня мы хотим представить вам новую и более образованную версию нашей карты. На первый взгляд, вы будете думать, что T быстрее доберется до B, но это не так. Время хорошо здесь. В предыдущей версии у нас были проблемы с серединой, но на этот раз мы решили сделать его более открытым, чтобы позволить игрокам играть с awp. Ниже вы можете сравнить его со старой версией И нам уже не терпится отправить карту на повторные тесты, поэтому убедитесь, что мы движемся в правильном направлении. Радар старой версии Скриншоты из последней версии Выход на B (на стороне T) B Stie Один из проходов на А (из кт спавн)
  19. 03/07/2020 I'm currently working on a few more changes to the map layout and completely redoing mid (again.....) Hopefully I'll be able to update everyone soon ~^^~ Also sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been struggling with mental health. I hope everyone is okiii in these tough times and if anyone wants to talk about mental health issues or even would just like to chat don't hesitate to message me. I'm always open ~^^~ message me on Discord: イェスタディ#8478 Instagram: @_yesturdei_ Steam friend code: 311977438 also a massive thank you to @Almaas for teaching me how to make custom models and props for source sdk ~^^~ and thank you to @Waldo @Assassin and @Squidski Please keep giving me feedback as it really helps and I appreciate it a lot I know there's not a lot of change recently but hopefully within the next few days I'll have more changes to show ~^^~ 02/07/2020 After more extensive play-testing a few changes were made to the layout. 19/06/2020 I spent the last 3 days learning how to use blender and followed Blender Guru's amazing doughnut tutorial series. It's very good and highly recommend it to people trying to learn the blender interface. He's what I produced learning form the tutorial. unfortunately had to lower the quality of the image and size so it was less than 2.13MB. Hopefully within the next few days I'll learn how to model props for source and for use in games as @Squidski and @Almaas mentioned that for games you want to watch your tri count and keep it low. ^^ Any tips on how to make props for source using blender than please comment below, or if you know any good videos please let me know ~^^~ 16/06/2020 Sorry for the lack of updates recently, due to personal reasons I took a short break. I've made a very basic BSP layout to play-test and it's very fun to play on. I noticed a few things to change such as clip brushes to stop people getting out of the map and to place some strategic obstacles to block some sight-lines that are a little too broken. Bombsite A hasn't changed much other than in size and one of the entrances for T's has been changed to make it more balanced. I also added a window for CT's as well and removed a few bits of cover. The lower section of bombsite A will be changed as well as it wasn't very interesting to play in. Bombsite B will also be changed slightly but only by moving some cover and adding one more wall as cover. Using Terragen 4 I had a go at creating my first custom skybox which was lots of fun and there are some amazing tutorials on Mapcore. I also had to learn to use VIDE to get my skybox to show up for other people, big thank you to @NihiL for his amazing tutorial The last thing I did was to start to work on the appearance of the map. I plan on learning how to make my own custom props however this might take a while so the next update will probably be next week ~^^~ any feedback is welcome 05/06/2020 Major layout changes: Based off of the amazing feedback I've received from everyone and combined with thorough play-testing with friends, I have made changes to the overall layout to Akashi. I removed a lot of the narrow corridors and cut down on the number of connecting pathways. Bombsite B was... terrible to play -^^- Because of this I redid the entire of Bombsite B. Mid was very boring to play so I also redid Mid... CT spawn was moved next to Bombsite B similar to Overpass CT spawn. Although this might seem unbalanced, it will help with timings and give CT's an option to play aggressively or passively. Bombsite A was also changed slightly from feedback gathered through play-testing. I also moved it closer to CT spawn. In the layout sketch I also included some of my basic sketches of things that might be included in the map (rocks, Torii, walls and monorail). Thank you to everyone for the amazing feedback so far, please keep give your opinions / feedback below ~^^~ 02/06/2020 Finished a very very basic layout so I can play-test. Changed a few things from the initial sketches, however, the layout is extremely close. Any feedback is welcomed ~^^~ thank you everyone who has already left amazing feedback below 31/05/2020 This is the second top-down layout sketch for Akashi. A few minor changes to mid and CT. Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback ~^^~ 30/05/2020 Hiii ~^^~ This is the start of Akashi's development and attached is the initial sketch of the layout. This is still early development so any feedback would be appreciated
  20. Welcome to Pithead. A wingman map set place at a small town around a goldmine in the mountains of Alaska. This is a collaboration with @Sick_TwinN. Below here you can find our moodboard and layout overview (the layout will change in the iterations). There is no workshop link yet.
  21. Leo333


    Hello there! I am a new map maker from hk,and i am here to present you my new and first map De_Block!https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2108366847 I am happy with any feedback for the gameplay! btw I am new for the forum and still on school(14 years old),also I am not a native english speaker,I hope yours guys are ok about it. ~Glory to HK~
  22. Peake

    Cumbre (Wingman)

    Just a thread for my SE Discord Wingman Competition Entry 'Cumbre' (Summit). Which is a map based on a cliff edge in a mountain range in mexico where 2 rival cartel members plan to blow up the entrance to the bunker of their rivals. Which is situated inside the grounds of a mansion. In game pictures below:
  23. Hi, my map is getting closer and closer to playtesting, but as the complexity grows I've started moving segments out into instances to make Hammer easier to work with. What I've noticed, however, is that when using TAR - I lose all radar info for the instances. For example in the screenshot below, I've circled an area containing a house (which is actually still in the map below... Kept it for safe keeping) but because it's an func_instance, TAR no longer has the tar_ visgroup data. Is there any way around this? Or would I be subjected to manually editing the radar images? Thanks a lot.
  24. LUXURY RELEASED Ayo people, I've been making these 3 wingman projects since late last year so I thought I'd make this topic with them all included. Any kind of feedback is of course appreciated. Terracotta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in Morocco after the events of Dust 2 Imgur Album Size: Large ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luxury aka "the Yanzl art project" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a modern house somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles Imgur Album Size: Medium ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a hidden military bunker deep within a desert The map is still very early in it's development Size: Medium / Small ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's see if I can finish atleast 1...
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