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Found 66 results

  1. DutchCrazyGamer

    Citadel (WIP)(GreyBox)

    Hello everyone, My name is DutchCrazyGamer and i recently started with mapping. I really enjoy it but for my last map i did not get that much feedback from experienced mappers so when it got reviewed i saw all sort of things that could be better (it was made for the mapcore 2018 wingman contest). That is why i came here for feedback so i can improve my mapping skills. Here is a link to the map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598100309 and here is an link to the imgur showcase: https://imgur.com/a/gNIXeUn . Hope you like it and all feedback is welcome. Greetings, DutchCrazyGamer. It turned out that my post was submitted 3 times due to an error with the site.
  2. Ayo people, I've been making these 3 wingman projects since late last year so I thought I'd make this topic with them all included. Any kind of feedback is of course appreciated. Morocco ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in Morocco after the events of Dust 2 Imgur Album Size: Large ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luxury aka "the Yanzl art project" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a modern house somewhere in the hills of Los Angeles Imgur Album Size: Medium ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Delta ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in a bunker/base in the snowy cold mountains of i dont know yet Not much has been made on this one yet, so these are the only two screenshots I'll share Size: Medium / Small ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's see if I can finish atleast 1...
  3. MikeGon


    My first CSGO map! xD So my goal with this project is to make a fun, compact defuse map! I will keep posting my progress in this thread - your feedback is appreciated!! This is my first time doing a CS map, so you CS gurus out there can make fun of me all you want So here's what the iterations of the broad, high-level layout look like, with "V05" being the current one: I really wanted to have a twist in the layout, with a "gotcha" path (the right-most on T-spawn might seem to be the way to point A, but it's not) I will also take this occasion to throw some verticality in there. I think I will make it an underground tunnel, with the whole "CPB and bombsite B" section (top section on the layout) at a lower level than the rest of the map. This will allow me to reduce the time it takes for both teams to reach chokepoint B, and possibly put the section completely beneath Mid... we'll see. The distances with V05 are starting to feel good enough to start with: Of course those measures are not so accurate since they're calculated with a ruler directly on the layout... We'll see in-game for more accuracy. (The rest of the distance will be added with smaller brushes, props or ramps, and the extra distance will be shaved by cutting corners with diagonals) ...Now this doesn't mean that V05 is the final version - I will go back to photoshop and make a V06 with improvements when I need to. I have imported my layout into hammer, to walk on it and get a feel of the space, and scale: My goal is to get this to a first playable version as soon as possible, with basic brushes and bots. Stay tuned! PS: de_harbor is a working title. I usually name my maps much later in production, so the name will likely change at some point...
  4. SultanRankin

    [CS:GO] De_Roswell (WIP)

    Hey everyone, amateur level designer here. Been piecing together a defusal map after learning the ropes of CS:GO's meta (at least to a rudimentary level) and its level editor tools thanks to TopHATTWaffle YouTube tutorials. I've been lurking on the MapCore discord for too long so I'm keen to try a constructive playtest soon. More screenshots featured on the workshop page: Steam Workshop Link Would love to hear feedback from the pros "Terrorists wish to cause an incident at the site of Earth's first extra-terrestrial visitors in Roswell to create international, maybe even intergalactic, tension and conflict. It's up to you to stop this from happening!"
  5. My first UT map and first post on mapcore! Decided to challenge myself and create a playable map with my own level design and art. huge fan of UT, Quake, and FPS in general and just get knowledge in the new field for me would be a great plus for sure. First of all, I want to say HUGE THANKS to all Level Designers who share their knowledge. You are the best! So, I decided to create an open and symmetrical map just because it's easier for the first map and I got inspired with the layout from Call of Duty maps where they are mostly symmetrical, have 3 main roads with the main chokepoint in the middle, like the main battle arena, and a couple on the side. My main idea was - there must be an arena in the middle where should be the main chokepoint with "quad damage" This is my "dirty layouts": From this "idea Sketch", I decided to stick only with the background next iteration: • the ∞ iteration after weeks of playtesting • I changed quite a lot - introduce height in the level and started to prototype meshes and terrain • the ∞+1 iteration after weeks of playtesting • This is my last iteration after some playtesting with bots and friends. Gameplay video https://youtu.be/0FT-RfjQZ_A I think my blockout is finished and I can start the whitebox stage. I'm fully open for feedback and new information about level design! Cheers!
  6. Crafter Soniusz

    [CS:GO] Evening

    WORKSHOP LINK Hello, i want to share with my map de_evening. I am still fixing bugs etc. and i would like to know is it good for 5v5 and what changes should i make.
  7. Greetings I've been away for quite some time (October 2017) and my last post then was about me tinkering with Dying Light Developer Tools. This "tinkering" went from 0 to 100 real quick as I'm now developing a full fledged single player campaign titled " A New Hope". I spent around 5 days watching short tutorials videos (around 20, 3-5 min each) from Developer Techland to cover the tools/sdk basics and get me up and running. I then delved into making small test maps for a trial and error approach since I was a fresh newbie with the tools. The tools are a blast to use and I can't commend Techland enough for the work they did with the game and the tools. Since this is a relatively big campaign, I had to plan and write down the story, map objectives, events, and NPCs on paper as well as lay down the layout and how and where I want the encounters and sequence/fights to happen. The most difficult, yet the most fun and rewarding part was the scripting/programming and quest creation process. The map as it is now is about 25-30% complete but perfectly playable and bug-free with 1 full sequential quest in place (I could upload it to the workshop now but I'm not gonna do it The final map will hopefully be 3-4 times larger than the current area (which is rather large) and will feature approximately 20-25 minutes of gameplay (numbers not final) in addition to 1 hour+ of world exploration, scavenging, and random events/encounters (the current finished part of the map has around 7-8 minutes of quest gameplay and 30+ minutes of exploration depending on playing style and skills). The map features unlockable safehouses with player stash and sleeping/time-forwarding ability as well as day/night cycle adaptation. It also features traders/shops, random events, fights with special infected and humans, ziplines, environmental traps, and plenty of scavenging, looting, and exploration. Story-wise, it will see the main protagonist, Kyle Crane, leaving the City for the countryside to search for a specific elusive medicinal herb and bring it back to Dr. Camden who believes it could be the cure to the Harran Virus. I don't have a set date yet for the release but I'm working tirelessly on the campaign while in parallel, still learning new things in the tools (still have a lot to cover and learn but the focus now is on cutscenes, animation, interactive dialog among others) The tools are awesome to work with; I've put in a little north of 150 hrs so far and only started to scratch below the surface. On a side note, Source engine is slowly becoming a distant memory. Now onto the screenshots
  8. Interfearance


    A slightly non-standard map that is set at the Los Angeles cargo shipping port. One of the bombsites will be within a gigantic Maersk cargo ship and the other will be on a container suspended from a very large cargo crane (which I have not represented yet). I am ambitious, but I want this map to be the first to get past the gray box as well as my first non standard layout idea. Right now it is really rough because I only had a few hours to work on it, but I would like to hear your feedback about the pathing and possible issues you see arising. Don't bother me too much about adding props, I'm mostly concerned about the layout. There is not even a radar yet (I also have a backup plan which is a map without a middle based on a castle by a cliff. It is inspired thematically by Piranesi and functionally by Crown) Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1626108488
  9. Polybius

    [CS:GO] de_Countdown

    I've had this project on and off for a long while. The theme is a non-descript location military compound that houses a missile. The T-spawn is near a busted toll booth near a checkpoint. CT spawn is in an unloading warehouse near an airstrip. Bombsite B features a missile silo, bombsite A features a fuel line. I've filled a few areas with small decoration just to get the idea rolling. Any suggestions for further theme development or tips are appreciated! It's currently in gray box phase, the basic map geometry is laid out with minor adjustments to-be-added after playtesting. Imgur Album: Ingame pictures & Radar
  10. Oliver

    [CS:GO] de_Iris

    Hey Mapcore. I'm working with @BubkeZ on a new project. goo.gl/zx6Z1h We are making a new competitive bomb/defusal map, that takes place in a charming small town somewhere in the US of A. The map features a lot of traditional american exterior elements and takes inspiration from the 1950s. We are still looking for feedback on the layout. Feel free to test it out and leave feedback on it! --- @BubkeZ is responsible for the layout and gameplay, and also is contributing to the design process. I'm responsible for producing all the art, so props, textures and the map composition. @BubkeZ's vision with this map is to create a fast-paced competitive bomb/defusal map with an open skybox, which creates interesting gameplay with its verticality. When it comes to the visual design, we wanted to capture the feeling of a typical american small town. To keep the theme fresh and interesting, I had the idea to ground the map in the 50s. So the map will have a Diner, an auto service shop, an Ice Cream bar and lots of different types of establishments that you can find in a small town. The map is in its early stages still, but we are making a lot of progress by the day. We will update you here when we have something new to show, so stay tuned! We are going to post more screens and behind-the-scenes stuff on this thread later this week!
  11. Samir

    Anuanuraro [Wingman CS GO]

    Map history: The actions take place on a small island, the island itself was the private property of a large entrepreneur in catching black pearls, the task T to blow up a new building with hazardous substances, so that the island would not be suitable for catching black pearls. About the map: My inspiration came after playing dz_blacksite on the map, I love forest themes and nature very much and it made me do it. Initially, the map was considered for de_ mode, but unfortunately I could not realize all my ideas due to the limitations of the engine but still. The map is at the Beta stage, and I will correct minor errors at the moment. In the future, when the map is fully ready, I want to build an open Beta test and see how the game will be played live!
  12. Odin

    de_bloc [CS:GO] A Map in Progress

    De_Bloc (name not final) will be my first full scale map for CS:GO intended for public release. For the last 10 years I've worked on many single player mods for HL2 as well as maps for DOD and DOD:S but never anything this serious for CS:GO. The functional objective of this project is of course a well balanced, competitively aimed, map. I drew my layout inspiration from Dust2, modifying the traditional 4 square method to allow for more rotation options specifically for Terrorists. A long and site play a lot like Dust 2 except that Terrorists pushing up Long can choose to branch off toward CT spawn and either Continue to B site or pinch A site from this new path. Part of this approach included the creation of a secondary pseudo-mid that runs parallel to the mid corridor and allows for quick rotation from mid to B main. To balance this I may choose to make the approach into B site more restrictive, giving the Counter Terrorists a strong "camper's advantage". I think this may prove interesting for eco-rounds. Aesthetically speaking, the map is inspired by classic urban brick masonry. I want the map to have a strong sense of place. Some maps do this very well, de_Inferno for instance is very immersive and the architecture is believably a monastery or small town, dare I say in Tuscany? However, other maps I feel do not achieve this effect. De_Cache is a great map, functionally it's a triumph, however rudimentary inspection raises questions about the map's sense of place. It's been said that real life locations rarely make good maps, that is, that our real world is designed to serve its functional purpose, not aligned with the functional purpose of a Counter Strike map. Thus map makers must be careful to add non-gameplay related architecture and detail to their maps that give a visual explanation for essential gameplay related elements. Why is that wall attached to that building? It separates a courtyard garden from the main apartment building. Why is this catwalk attached to this building? It allows access to the upper levels of machinery room. What we want to avoid is the player noticing paradoxes in our design. Why is there a car here but no road? How did the SWAT truck get into the map when the access tunnel is clearly too small? Not to pick on Cache, but why is that catwalk at A Site even there? a good example of an essential and well thought our gameplay element that failed to provide a visual justification for its existence. Now, I'm not picking of Cache, its a wonderful map and in my top 3 list. I used it as an example because it contrasts my own goals. Cache was built with functionality being the glory of the map, and it's arguably one of the best arena/pub styled maps I've ever seen. Inferno was built with more emphasis of visuals and aesthetics. My aim is to build an Inferno that plays like a Cache. Here are some screenshots of the map with about 3 days of work in. I've included pictures of the brushed-in layout map that I'm using for bot playtesting and CP timing adjustments, as well as the first architectural build of the main mid area. Please note that this is all brushwork and very little attention to texturing and lighting, I'm using it as concept reference. Hope to be getting a playable dev version finalized in the next week up on workshop. Let me know what you think, all feedback is appreciated. I will continue to update this project in this thread.
  13. gamez7

    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    Click here to see the map on the workshop! St. Malo (de_stmalo) is a classic 5v5 Bomb Defusal map for CS:GO. It's intended for casual and semi-competitive play. I came up with the idea for this map about a week ago and put together this greybox version in three days, and I've detailed the process below. Hope you enjoy! Reference Images For this map I knew I wanted to do a beach theme so I looked around Google Maps for an interesting area on the coast. I found the town of St. Malo in France which is where the map name comes from. Here are some of the images I used to get an idea of what the layout architecture should look like. Layout I wanted this map to also be different from the standard clover-style layouts, while still providing fun gameplay. The T and CT teams spawn diagonally from each other, and the bombsites are relatively close but require rotating players to either travel through the dangerous tunnels at the center of the map or traverse the long spawn areas. Both bombsites are "battle areas", meaning Ts enter the site areas rather easily but must pick off defending CTs in order to get the bomb planted. Here's my initial drawing of Bombsite A and CT Spawn: ...and here's the current layout: Screenshot Gallery Hopefully I can get the kinks of the layout ironed out soon and move on to detailing. Thanks for viewing!
  14. esspho

    [cs:go] de_cleanup - wingman

    Here is a wingman map that I'm working on since about 3 month. workshop link At the moment I'm using some of the awesome resort props by @Yanzl. Other than that the map is currently filled with dev textures and wip props. If you have any kind of feedback I'll be happy to hear it.
  15. Roald

    [Wingman] Station

    Just a Wingman project I work on for fun on the side. The map is set on a train station in the midle of a large city. There are two routes, one is going down straight to the bombsite and the other one goes up trough the train facing the CT window. CT can decide to defend way back or push the T's from upper mostly. T's can do a quick rush trough main or take a detour trough upper and split into the ladder/squeeky or peek from the CT window onto the back of site. And for the real cowboys in here, you can jump from upper straight down, but that will deal some large damage and the sound will betray your move Seperated radar and some more screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/E4B5IeN Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1313538422 There is no radar ingame yet, sorry dudes. Just working on the artwork
  16. I ♡ The 1950's

    [CS:GO] Retail

    Howdy folks! I've been working on a map since early 2017 and I'm happy to say that it is nearing completion! (A little while ago, I made a post about it on the WIP topic) Introducing Retail! A standard 3-Lane defuse map set in a shopping mall under renovation. (With plenty of custom textures, Yay!!!) Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/5InhrhK (It might look like you can escape via the spawns, but it's clipped off. I'm just thinking of ways to block the player) Overview: COMMING SOON Workshop Download: COMMING SOON Be sure to check again soon! I'll have the map up and the overview ready as soon as I can! Layout plays pretty good, just needs some minor changes. (I'm also going to add another route for T's to get to A) Thanks for viewing!
  17. NikiOo

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    A big ass statue is being constructed on an island in the middle of the ocean so it can be visible from 4 continents. A hostage has sneaked in... If you've taken part in the Mapcore playtest 3 weeks ago here are the changes I made since then: Adjusted the angles in B site Hut, which were an issue before. Also added a yawning and some more cover to shorten the sightline towards the site. B site cover completely reworked. There is now less cover to defend the site and it's strategically placed in order to encourage the players to watch each other's backs since there is no perfect spot to defend both entrances from. T side mid route has been slightly simplified, therefore making it more valuable for rotating between the sites and fixing some unfair spots. A 'catwalk's headshot ramp has been replaced with a climbable drop with a ladder and a box, also there is a door there now. The door is an experiment, it's also supposed to be breakable. Some changes to CT spawn, including a fence you can look over into B site by stepping on a stack of corpses. This seemed like an interesting feature to retake the site so I decided to try it out. Added a ladder from A site to A catwalk next to the underpass so that CTs can more easily and quickly rotate. Added some Hands and one Leg has been lifted to make space for the new path. Blocked the sightline where CTs could push forward into the A main chokepoint and look into the T ramp. The divider fence between Left Mid and Right Mid has been slightly lowered. You can now boost a teammate over from both sides, but cannot solo jump over. Some other small changes, including blocking off some spots where players could look over walls into other areas of the map. Overall what I'm trying to do is encourage CTs to play more forward positions, instead of defending from the actual site itself. I don't want CTs to be staying in B site. I want them to play forward and only fall back if they get pushed by the Ts. Ts also now have more control over top side of Right Mid so they can work with that towards taking control of Middle overall. It's also easier now for Ts to hold their positions. Again thanks to ZooL for the awesome dev texture! BigAssStatue's layout is inspired by Overpass and it's actually not as big as it seems. This is how map control is distributed at the beginning of the round: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297030515 Some more screenshots: As for the other maps, De_Glace is on hold, I'm still working on De_Carfactory's layout, it requires a lot of research. And I'm hopping between this one and the other sever maps I'm working on, that you don't know about.
  18. Sklär

    [CS:GO] Plaza

    Wanted to make a thread for the map I've been blocking out for a while. I really want some critical feedback, I wanted to make the sites a little on the unconventional side and I want to hear all the suggestions. I've changed the layout of the map a million times, still not quite satisfied with T-spawn and the areas leading to the sites but overall I think I'm satisfied enough to start texturing and modeling. I haven't quite got the timings down yet, and without much playtime I don't know if the sites are any good yet, but hopefully I'll get it playtested soon. I know because of the design there's some issues with weird angles, cracks in cover and some areas that might possibly be exploited with a mega-boost. I'm trying to get those taken care of one by one, in this stage I'm just mostly concerned with the effectiveness and fun of the layout. I know the extra scenery, windows, etc. can be distracting and hurt visibility, I'm trying to find ways to decorate each one to keep visibility super high, and I'm not putting a window or door directly along any path or corner you'd need to see along, the're mostly along the sides of larger areas and will have curtains, blinds, advertisements, etc. that will contrast. I'm also trying to optimize the map so having many building interiors isn't a problem. I'll be posting some concept art sometime. I wanted to create an urban map, but add a little more flair then alot that I've seen, I don't want dank streets and concrete buildings. The map takes place in a shopping plaza near the busy downtown. The plaza main front has a variety of shops and services, like a barber shop, a pizzeria, a bookstore, a small clothing store, an Italian restaurant, one of those single-screening movie theaters, a noodle/sushi stall, a flower shop, and much more. As you travel to the other side of the plaza you'll see more corporate buildings. An office building with an attached inventory warehouse is near the exit of the plaza, and B site sits under a looming building with many windows. (honestly haven't figured out what kind of building I want it to be, it has a front entrance driveway like a hotel but it doesn't look or feel like a hotel) Alternately, walking behind the plaza (or through the indoor portion near the theater) you'll find a cheap motel with large neon signs for those staying in the area that want a convenient yet not too comfortable place to stay. Behind all the businesses sits A site in a small parking lot for the surrounding shops and warehouses. Most of the walkways in this map will be laid brick, but near the motel and B site you'll run into asphalt road and a tonal shift between the separate parts of the map. The terrorist organization was transporting their latest hazardous cargo over a few state lines, they had business with someone at the *nondescript corporate building* and decided to stay the night in the area, parking one of their vans behind the motel. That same night they were visited by some informed and equipped officers of the law and their dangerous cargo was apprehended. The plaza has been closed early and the area is gated off while the mess is sorted out. However, these anarchists aren't going to take this sitting down, they have to push their way in past the armored agents and destroy the evidence. Workshop Link <------------- T site (the squares on the ground) from which you can go left or right Left from the T spawn, in front of the Theater headed to A site The long lead-up to A. You can exit to the right instead to not be visible to an AWP player and either go through the alley or jump up to the fire escape from around the corner The end of A-long from on top of the fire escape Looking down A-long from A site Glimpse at A site Looking up mid towards A site Barber shop at mid that connects to the alley The top of mid, behind the noodle/sushi stand is A site, and to the right is a staircase to B site The staircase that leads to B site The warehouse leading to B site The inside of the office you walk through to get from warehouse to B site The opening of the tunnel to B site B site from the left side B site from the sniper nest inside the building at B The overview for now
  19. OPzy

    [CSGO] de_mineshaft

    Hey guys. This is a demolition map I made. My goal wasn't to make a competitively viable map, but rather a fun and unique map, with many ways to play it. The terrorists spawn at the top of a cliff, and the CT's at the bottom. The site itself is located just below the cliff, with high walls surrounding it. The walls are filled with things to jump on, meaning that the Terrorists can do a bit of parkour for a shortcut. This makes the map play extremely vertically, and makes for a very unique game. However, behind the walls of the cliff are a series of caves, that play more typically. Fight your way to the bottom for a covered route to site, or take a turn along the way to peak a window with direct view onto site. The map looks complex at first (which isn't helped by the 3 levelled radar), but becomes intuitive the more you play it. The map is currently in greybox, so I'm looking for gameplay feedback. The level was not designed for competitive play, but to be more fun, but also balanced. There are plenty of angles, boosts and jumps that may be considered OP in your average de_ map. I think it makes the level unique, and every round plays out very differently (unless your playing with bots, who rush one of two routes each time as they can't perform complex jumps). This is also my first map I've ever made, besides a bad layout I made in 2015. This project alone has taken me a bit over a two months, however a lot of this was learning the editor from videos from TopHattWaffle and 3kliksphilip (who initially inspired me to map). Inspiration of this map came to me when I was thinking about drawings my friends and I did when we were 8 or so. We would draw a big cliff, with things poking out, with stick figures shooting each other from different angles. I thought it would make for an interesting map. Radar (Confusing af): Lower Middle Upper Site Lower Tunnel Upper Tunnel CT Side T Side Crane Load CT Spawn (Bad deco) T Spawn Observation Lobby Upper Tunnel Site Ramp Workshop
  20. untor

    de_mine.vmm (dev name)

    Hi mapcore! Are you ready to ride among the rocks and caves? Soon open gameplay test
  21. A ancient stronghold that was turned into a base of operations by a terrorist organization. The counter-terrorists have recently taken over the stronghold to extract the weapons and ammunition stored there but the terrorists are back to make sure that doesn't happen. SCREENSHOTS AND WORKSHOP: Click here for Workshop page. Screenshots REQUESTING FEEDBACK ON: Layout KNOWN ISSUES: I haven't fully clipped the map yet so there might be some spots where you can get stuck/get out of map/spam wall. While certainly not complete, the current art/detailing is roughly what it will look like when it is finished. My second post for this map! In general, just trying to get some feedback on the updated layout of the map. Although, I am open to any feedback so please let me know your thoughts!
  22. Dea

    [UE4] Operation: Beehive

    Hello everyone! I am currently making a Stealth Shooter in Unreal 4 that is heavily inspired by games like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Hitman. The game has you trying to avoid detection while completing your objectives. You play as an operative that is equipped with a tranquilizer gun. It kind of works like the Metal Gear sleep gun and the dart crossbow from Deus Ex. Headshots with this tranquilizer gun causes enemies to fall asleep instantly while hits to the torso, arms or legs make the tranquilizing agent take about 10 seconds for the enemy to fall asleep. If you get spotted by enemies they will try to hunt you down and shoot at you. If they find any victims of your tranquilizer gun snoring they can wake them up, so hide their bodies well! In this first mission you are trying to infiltrate and get a cartel leader's ledger. The level itself is an old digsite that has been repurposed as a hideout by a drug cartel that are trying laying low. If anyone would like to try it out and give feedback on the current blockout level before I move on to work on visuals for the level that would be awesome! You can download the latest build here(2.4GB .rar file, continually working on lowering the size for future builds.) Below is the current top down draft of the level (shows patrol routes and locations of stuffz, so I would avoid peaking if you plan on playing. ) Here are some screenshots from the latest build: Here is also a video from a playtest my friend did on an earlier build(0.03): The game has gotten some new features, bugfixes, areas and stuff to do since then but hopefully it showcases the gameplay pretty well. Here's also a list of the assets I've been using for the project if you guys see something you would want to use: Soul Cave Asset Pack Soul City Asset Pack Animation Starter Pack GameTextures Material Pack Paragon-Twinblast Feedback on anything at all would be greatly appreciated but if you just wanna play it a quickie that'd make me super happy too!
  23. novo88

    [CS:GO] de_policeacademy

    This is my first map and I'd welcome new feedback to keep improving it. There's still much work to be done especially in the inside areas but basic layout and textures are mostly done. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1400852520
  24. Jax0

    [FC5 Arcade] Rogue - Altitude

    Started Map #2 in the Far Cry 5 Arcade editor. I'm enjoying the idea of creating multiple playable experiences as this character called 'Rogue', taking a lot of cues from the high-action gameplay style of the old James Bond games. Rogue - Altitude (WIP Title) is a 'Bounty' type level set in the high alps, where you must infiltrate an oil pipeline checkpoint facility, take out the Rocket-Firing Evil Dude and then survive an explosive escape by aeroplane. Here are the first WIP images for it. I'm going to practice making some proper diagrams and such. I want this level's creation to also be a lesson in good documentation.