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  1. nice water texture
  3. @tomm be careful what you wish I used to be like that, but as i became older something gradually changed and from skinny i slowly transformed into a slightly overweight person. Because i was doing weight training regularly, i thought that finally the "gainz" came to me. Being tall (6'6ft /1,98m) it wasn't very noticeable, however i observed that my abs were fading slowly away. So i got out of my diet any starch containing food and sugar, i gradually lost the collected lard and now i'm ok. I am not overweight anymore but i am pleased the way i look and feel, and it's also easier to maintain. My humble opinion is that's better to be skinny with a little muscle than a fat permabulker or fattyskinny.
  4. Youtube is full of so called fitness/bodybuilding experts, but have you heard about Charles Poliquin? give it a try, read his books and articles. I found them really helpful in my gym endeavours.
  5. @grapen I have that problem too
  6. After the last CSGO SDK update i encounter the following lighting problem regarding displacements after a final compile HDR only: Event though the props that are in contact with the displacements have the shadow disabled, the displacement looks like it is in the shade. If anyone knows a fix for this i will be grateful. Workshop link
  7. Finally some clear cut rules for this contest. Congratulations for that!
  8. Yes indeed , a sunset will be awesome.
  9. Well...yes . One of the many types that exist at humans.
  10. I see you like close-ups. Well here is a very close close-up that i have seen recently. Those are lung adenocarcinoma cells that kept their cilia. Unfortunately my microscope camera has only 5Mpixels.
  11. Thank you, problem solved!
  12. After the last update when trying to run buildcubemaps i get this message: "Can't load vtex_dll.dll" and no cubemaps are build. I checked the game files integrity and the problem remains. Does anybody else has this problem?
  13. @ RZL I couldn't recreate it. However on the workshop i upload the map unarchived but on that public server i gave the map archived .7zip. Also not everyone noticed that discoloration, only like 30% of the players complained. Another weird thing is that the discoloration show up only when playing the map on that server, the same map played alone with bots doesn't show discoloration bugs at all. That server is also using sv_pure 1. I don't know maybe it's blocking something. @ Deathy I never use BrightnessScaleHDR and AmbientScaleHDR at a value other than 1.
  14. Thank you! it was nice to "hold" the crowbar again. Btw, i love the river water texture.
  15. bump