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  1. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    Photos taken this Christmas morning (untouched) this one is made somewhere in november, it was a cloudy day and i could see the sun just for a moment
  2. After reading s-o many bad impresions about VR, i think i'll just wait for the holodeck.
  3. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    Moonrise over Atlantic Sunrise in the same place.
  4. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    Its frustrating that the camera cannot reproduce all the things in a way that the eye sees them.
  5. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    Sunset over the mountains of Gran Canaria (nikon coolpix 900 untouched)
  6. @JorisCeoen You are quite experienced with this kind of japanese medieval themes. https://gamebanana.com/wips/47319 https://gamebanana.com/maps/177542
  7. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    with my Nikon coolpix P900, untouched
  8. my two cents: CS:GO it's a multiplayer game with specific mechanics and player movements that require maps that follow strict rules in order to provide visibility/readability and good frame rates. Given the source engine's limits, good looks comes last and it has to bend and twist in order to keep the first 2 requierements untouched. For example you may place overgrown vegetation but never in the playable area. All the details placed in the playable area must not impede the gameplay at all. That's is why the current dust2 and nuke look the way they look. Compared to other games, CS:GO it's a picky c**t regarding its leveldesign.
  9. I made a zoo map with all the custom resources used, plus the skybox texture borrowed from DOI. Some of the names are in romanian some in english, some in combination. You may download it from HERE
  10. Thank you! I had changed my mind many times regarding its theme. I am not quite pleased even now. But with this process i had learned how to make my own custom props and improved my 4way blend custom materials.
  11. C'est la vie. Rules are rules. I would not have been fair to the others since i started this map over an year ago. However nobody can stop you to play it
  12. Ok guys, the final version is here (well somewhat final because soon i'll be leaving my country and i didn't had time to place more details). The map it's playable, optimized, it has a nav with callouts for a better orientation and last but not least, it has custom assets too, made by me.( only mapcore members have my permision to extract and use them if desired) Workshop link. Here are some pics:
  13. Are you using normalmaps ? The drop shadow and selfshadowing are disabled? I suspect a texture problem.
  14. @blackdog I'm not working on it again but i thought to upload the whitebox since is was already done. In Spain i found a new job oportunity. Sono patologo.
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