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  1. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    yesterday after the storm
  2. And this is the reason why i had not become a psychiatrist. Reading about personality disorders is interesting but dealing with the people affected by them....
  3. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    My first timelapse . One foto each 10 seconds on a time interval of 50 minutes.
  4. @Ringel from your repeated posts where you are raising more or less the same theme i understand that you feel frustrated that your work, ideas and effort are not recognized at least on a scale that it will make you satisfied. If you aspire to work in the game industry don't limit yourself to a narrow niche like csgo. But if you don't, my advice is to take a break. You won't be young forever and it's not worth the trouble consuming yourself with virtual problems.(no vale la pena amigo). Not all the hobbyists will be great level designers and artists. And by the way, these are professions that require study not just enthusiasm and talent. I have spoken!
  5. "feedback" :"empty áreas, empty buildings"...(in other words:make it look like pubg, far cry 4/5). Well, the source engine it is stretched to its límits anyway in the case of dz maps s-o i don't see a reason to add more detail.
  6. Reading your anterior posts made me curious and i had binged all the season 1 of baby Yoda. Too bad that season 2 will start only în october.
  7. I must admit, i had much more fun with FC3. No character is so charmingly evil like Vaas. FC5 feels like an imitation, like a failed attempt.
  8. Give me a break man, i was on the toilet
  9. I tested Valorant and my impression is that of a weird CS:GO with superheroes on a cartoonish setting. The maps feel at times a bit claustrophobic. I think that there isn't any map editor because the game's producers know that the players will bring dust2 and other classic CS:GO maps and it will foock up their game. Anyway i had never been a fan of cartoonish games with superheroes so i might be biased.
  10. I had updated the map on the steamworkshop.
  11. I made a better texture for the exterior that doesn't look so cartoonish. It imitates the red granite.
  12. On a second look you are being right. Indeed the texture its not aligned properly, and it does need a trim over there. However i am feeling s-o lazy these days that i am not going to correct it very soon As for those exterior bricks, i had tried to imitate the Red granite but obviously i kinda failed. I will search a better texture.
  13. I made a zoo map with the custom resources. It may be downloaded from HERE. Contains a vmf and a bsp from that everything can be extracted with VIDE.
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