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  1. I was wondering, what is the oldest thread on this forum? In 2003 i made my first e-mail, i did not even knew what a forum is. . This is like a time capsule.
  2. I'm still waiting for the holodeck.
  3. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    Fuerteventura island this morning
  4. It is amaizing how people are developing all kind of theories from arbitrary things. At the time that it was created there were no such kind of theories. 4,5,7squares,triangles,or whatever. It was about what the players are prefering, about what a map could offer to make them come again and play it.
  5. Maybe a minigame with a gameplay similar of CS:GO's fy_maps. When? i don't really know how fast i wil learn scripting and all the staff related to all the components that make a game.
  6. The sandbox it's free and has a lot of free assets
  7. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    Like being on Mars
  8. Serialmapper

    Random Photo Thread

    Sahara dust also locally known as "Calima".
  9. Serialmapper


    Hola! Aunque aquí (en este forum) hay también hispano hablantes, no creo que es necesario traducir en español todo lo que escribes. En el mundo de "mapping" la mayoría hablan ingles.
  10. Some statistics about the map. https://astramania.gameme.com/mapinfo/131
  11. A very possible 1st place. Pleasant environment, good visibility, sunshine.
  12. It is amaizing what 15000 USD can pull out of people. Pushing yet again the source engine to a New level.
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