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  1. Serialmapper

    Level Design Help Files

    I have a problem taking proper pictures for my multilayered radar overview. Everything works fine until i want to descent on the Z axis. I have this message in the console: ] noclip noclip ON ] setpos 627.154724 1376.065552 -590;setang 76.789993 91.024879 0.000000 setpos into world, use noclip to unstick yourself! i mean wtf !? noclip is already ON ( using r_skybox 0 or 1 makes no difference only in the color background) the resulting screenshot is unusuable
  2. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    Updated to version beta2 after testing a few times with real people. I'm still refining the layout so most of the textures are dev.
  3. Serialmapper

    Yanzl's Source Emporium

    The .sbsar file has to be opened and used with substance player.
  4. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    this might help you
  5. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I updated the map on the workshop with the assets from the pictures above. here is a basic overview
  6. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    New arches and window frame.
  7. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    Initially i wanted to make a desert semi abandoned fortress complex, but the theme was too bright. Then i came across some pictures of moorish fortresses from Spain (Alcazaba), and i liked the combination of green vegetation and stone walls repaired with brick plus a touch of old plaster. Also i think that a bit of blue ocean adds a better contrast to those yellow/brownish and red walls. In the same time i started to make my own props: arches, windows, stairs, etc. I will refine the cliff displacements more while trying to avoid that nasty bug (player getting stuck in them), maybe i will add some rock/cliff props where needed. Anyway, i'm in no rush to finish it. For now i'm focused of improving my prop making skills, gives me so much freedom.
  8. Serialmapper


    indeed very strange , here is a link with it.
  9. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I made new arches and some stairs
  10. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I made a better arch on a third attempt. I love the combination 3dsmax and substance painter
  11. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I'm i the process of learning how to use the unwrap UW and more complex modeling in 3dsmax and how make textures in substance painter. I made a merlon, an arch, a stone door and a window. (maybe the arch is too smooth, but there is room for progres)
  12. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I'm testing different 4way blend materials. I am never pleased but i keep searching for that special ones
  13. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    I apologize for the off-topic When you have a 60Hz monitor and you have just over 60 fps, it doesn't matter if you don't have 300.
  14. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_austria (WIP)

    @Radix , I think that you are too harsh on yourself. You did an amazing job in the limits imposed by the old and dusty source engine. I played this map many times on a 44 slot server at full capacity and nobody complained about frames per second ever.
  15. Serialmapper

    [CS:GO] de_aldebaran [WIP]

    I made other sprites and some ivy props