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  1. Update on the upcoming mod, Fallout: Miami
  2. Radu


    Not a Dune fan, but Denis Villeneuve has a good record. Hopefully it's gonna be a noteworthy take on the universe!
  3. Finally played through Black Mesa, now that it's complete. It was quite the nostalgia trip going through familiar sections. There's a ton of improvements and additions, but I also found some things that I didn't quite enjoy as much. I thought I'd replay Half-Life to properly compare it. To my surprise, the original Half-Life is a lot shorter than I remembered, I beat it in 6 hours as opposed to Black Mesa's 12 hours. They really expanded on the Xen chapter, taking about 4 hours to complete... Been thinking of maybe putting together an article on the differences and how some things improved, while others got lost in translation.
  4. Andrew Hulshult is a great composer. Loved his stuff in Dusk and Amid Evil.
  5. You can expect that to be the case. If I were Epic I'd do it, 6 months minimum. At the end of the day, it's just business and if Epic wants to pay for the development and Remedy gets to hold onto the IP while also making profit, why not? Guess I got used to the way Epic is doing things. Last year everyone was damn opposed.
  6. Seems like they dropped the Planet Badass subtitle https://www.pcgamer.com/this-is-why-serious-sam-4-isnt-called-planet-badass-anymore
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