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  1. You guys like fullbright editor view? cause that's a big part of mapping too
  2. FC5 Arcade is a good option to some degree. It's super limited, but accessible to most people. And you can make your typical open world location in it. Scripting something in UE4 is also a viable choice. I think Portal 2 is also relevant? I know some students in Sweden were using it for their portfolio. You could probably get away with doing something purely just in Sketchup and presenting it like you would during a meeting.
  3. Yes, but I'd say it's worth it. If you haven't played many open world games, FC5 is pretty easy to pick up. The setup it uses for outposts and missions is pretty common, so you'd also get a good relevant design knowledge.
  4. It works, but people want to see that you can also manage in a modern engine. That's why I recommend fc5 arcade. It's super basic and easy, but gives a good idea of what to expect from a full fledged editor.
  5. If you want to pursue Level Design, you need a portfolio with about 2-3 levels + documentation and be up to date with a few level and game design concepts. Also, given our current trends, you should have something that's multiplayer and open world in your portfolio. I mean, that last bit can vary depending on which studio you apply to, but you never know what games they have planned for the future. What worked for me to get an ld job at Ubi was having one Wingman map for CS:GO and an open world map in FarCry 5 Arcade, properly documented (well, and prior 9 months of QA work). You can also look at @grapen's portfolio. He had one Wingman map and one Defuse/Bomb map for CS:GO, two FarCry 5 Arcade maps and one small UE4 greyboxed puzzle when he applied at Fatshark. You don't need to stress about having a large sample of maps or know a lot of tools (other skills are bonus). What's important is to show that you have a solid understanding of design fundamentals, which will be challenged during the interview and ld test.
  6. First thing would be to decide on what position you would be mostly interested in. Some are easier than others, but you can always branch out to other areas once you get your foot in the door.
  7. But apparently the game ain't so bad, almost makes me want to pick it up to wash away that awful taste the film left
  8. What a fucking stinking pile of cringe shieet
  9. Update time! Mentioned a few noteworthy ones, but there's been several adjustments in all areas. CT spawn has a new small side area to give players a safer option when rotating. And the double doors entrance to A has been replaced with a more isolated entrance to give CTs playing mid some time to react should the site be taken by Terrorists. Last but not least, the site now has a second entrance through the fort tower that leads to a small upper section. The entrances to A site viewed from above. The site itself has also seen some minor tweaks to allow for better entry and move interesting plays between cover points. T side entry to A site has now been merged with the nearby arches and the platform has been lowered enough to allow for a single jump onto it. Timings have also been adjusted so that Terrorists arrive ahead of CTs and have some time to set up. The area ahead of B site has been further opened to allow Terrorists a longer angle into the choke point from the safety of the pillars. Additional cover as been added near the secondary platform to the left. Timings have also been adjusted for faster access than previous version. Terrorists Spawn is now more open and fluid and features two entry points that merge into mid. The Radar:
  10. I bet you're feeling all smug and sneaky @[HP] Ah, Tisky spotted them already
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