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  1. I only watched the first Dragon Ball series.
  2. Some new screenshots of the more organic environments:
  3. I need to make sure to sprinkle the flag of Puerto Rico for the final release wherever I can and maybe edit that sign. No, it's the old map I was working on a while ago. I've been trying to be more intentional with the architecture and make it resemble the actual city of San Juan. And also make it nicer too look at. It's still heavy wip, but I think you can get a good idea for the final thing now.
  4. Not gonna lie, this has always been one of the concerns on the back of my mind, but I didn't expect it to happen any time soon. It's a bit scary actually. But it's interesting to think about what you wrote overall.
  5. @Castle please continue, I think everyone here is curious about how VR could develop.
  6. I also think VR will play more into the social aspect, having conversations with people, meetings etc with games like HLA being a side dish. Even if they get the cable out of the way, there's still the fact that it gives you motion sickness. It's cool, but it won't beat sitting on your couch with a controller in your hands.
  7. I also found myself pretty disappointed with triple A releases, so I turned my attention to indies and haven't been more impressed with how creative people can be. It's not that triple A releases are downright terrible, but they've become more like junk food with photoshoped flashy advertisements. And even though it's becoming rare to play something that's thoroughly good in that space, it still happens. It's just a matter of setting your expectations in order.
  8. Vee ARR-haven't played anything else since HLA
  9. While I like the daily picks as a small quick highlight, they take too much space now. I guess that applies overall, everything feels zoomed in after the recent update.
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