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  1. Well, well, well "LastLast week, 2K Sports announced that it would raise the price of NBA 2K21 by $10 — from $59.99 to $69.99 — for next-generation video game consoles. To see all the bells and whistles on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, consumers will need to pay a little more than they did the year before. The announcement caused famously opinionated game consumers to erupt on social media and online forums. Many wondered out loud if the cost of AAA console video games, after remaining constant for the last 15 years, could be going up across the board." https://www.polygon.com/2020/7/7/21314545/console-video-game-price-increase-70-video-game-ps5-xbox-series-x
  2. More information about the development? Screenshots? Website?
  3. Maps are designed with that in mind, with some lanes or choke points having a width to allow them to be blocked off entirely by a smoke. Other areas however can be wider to prevent being completely smoked off or require at least two smokes. When designing a map for cs it's important to keep in mind how certain utilities can affect the map control. Once you know how they work, you can start to design your areas with more intent and account for some situations.
  4. Radu

    GTA V

    Only way we're getting another GTA done in the same style is if someone other than Rockstar makes it.
  5. Radu

    GTA V

    Wish Rockstar would port the damn thing to their latest engine and do some small improvements here and there. I've been following someone on youtube who does these remasters:
  6. Radu

    GTA V

    Last time I played through VC I thought the remote heli mission wasn't as bad as I remembered, but then I got to the remote plane one... Some aspects of it haven't aged that well, like the horrible draw distances for vehicles or having to drive through the entire map to restart a mission, the no swimming etc. However, the atmosphere still holds up. And I like that the world is so manageable to the point where you can get familiar with the streets and various locations.
  7. No, as far as I know, our studio was only involved with some occasional online stress tests. @ElectroSheep Congrats on the release and good luck at Reflector studios!
  8. I seem to have a problem with telling between janky and non-janky animations. Maybe I don't understand what people mean. Can someone post two examples of janky and non-janky?
  9. Good points brougth up by @Soldat Du Christ Congrats on the Halo 5 contest and setting an example! However, doing what you suggest would imply more time and effort, especially from the guest judges. Who would want to put in more time than necessary? Imagine having to find a replacement for, I don't know - Warowl.
  10. Thing about Far Cry is that the maps are too big and it takes too long to complete. Everytime I get 20 hours in, I feel like that would be a good time to end it. The reason for it is that you can liberate so many outposts and do the same 4-5 generated side road quests before you get bored. It would be a much more memorable and digestable experience if they cut 1/3 of the map size. Although, I liked what the series did with the Expendition quests in New Dawn. You'd basically load into a different map and do a sort of heist, where you have to infiltrate a location and then escape. That was a good change of pace and scenery from the main map. I hope they will expand on these by adding something that Breakpoint featured, but also FC3, explorable non-combat areas that focus on background story telling.
  11. I finally picked up Dark Souls fucking Capra Demon
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