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  1. Radu

    Corona Virus

    "With COVID-19 surging around the United States and vaccination rates stagnating, federal agencies and state governments started announcing vaccine mandates for their workers. Private companies are doing the same. Google said Wednesday that employees would have to be vaccinated to come to the office, and Facebook and Lyft followed with their own announcements hours later. Some New York City restaurants are requiring that employees get vaccinated and are asking diners to show proof of vaccination." https://www.theverge.com/22600423/vaccine-mandates-federal-state-google-facebook
  2. They responded to his comment by noting that he failed to address the points raised in the open letter. I hope people can keep up the pressure.
  3. But wait, there's more. "Ubisoft workers demand company accountability in open letter Close to 500 current and former employees of “Assassin’s Creed” publisher Ubisoft are standing in solidarity with protesting game developers at Activision Blizzard with a letter that criticizes their company's handling of sexual misconduct." https://www.axios.com/ubisoft-workers-letter-activision-blizzard-harassment-392fd998-9518-4d1c-9ca7-24a7c4534bb3.html
  4. A group of roughly 300 employees across Activision Blizzard are spearheading the initiative, asking for several internal changes such as an end to mandatory arbitration clauses in all employee contracts. "Arbitration clauses protect abusers and limit the ability of victims to seek restitution," their statement reads. Staff are asking Activision Blizzard to adopt new recruiting, hiring and promotion policies to improve representation across all employee levels. They are also asking for transparency around compensation and promotions, and an external audit of Activision Blizzard’s comp
  5. Over 1,000 Activision Blizzard Employees Sign Letter Condemning Company's Response To Allegations https://kotaku.com/over-1-000-activision-blizzard-employees-sign-letter-co-1847364340
  6. I really had a lot of time on my hands back in august of 2019 didn't I
  7. Played it for the first time earlier this year. I had a good time with it. Really enjoyed the DLC probably more than the main game. Rapture is just hard to beat. The atmosphere of the place is unreal.
  8. Look at it as future proofing. I think remakes and remasters, if done right, are good for game preservation. And if you don't like the new version for whatever reason, you can always opt to go back to the older one (assuming all versions remain available, which ideally should). I also like that this thread started out with people complaining for whatever reasons and more than a decade later they picked up right where they left of
  9. If they stick to the original design and intentions, I can't see why this can't be good.
  10. "According to a now-archived article by Dexerto (via Eurogamer), Blizzard planned to announce a new deathmatch map Malevento in a surprise PTR update yesterday. Described as one of the most vibrant maps in the game, the small Italian town would harbour a secret Talon base, and was set to arrive in the game proper on August 17." https://www.pcgamer.com/overwatch-may-have-pulled-planned-map-reveal-amid-this-weeks-abuse-allegations
  11. Whatever deal they had with IGN, it's off now.
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