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  1. Hopefully that will give people more incentive to play csgo's wingman mode. But this is a good example of how awful valve is at promoting their content. Come on, valve, fucks sake
  2. Good luck @Serialmapper where are you off to?
  3. Also, this just in: "Epic Games will be supporting the Blender Foundation with a donation of $1.2 MILLION DOLLARS, to be delivered over a period of three years." https://www.blendernation.com/2019/07/15/epic-games-supports-blender-foundation-with-1-2-million-epic-megagrant/
  4. "Rebellion Boss: Epic ‘Paying Through the Nose’ to Build Its Store, It’s Fantastic; I Was Impressed by Their Offer" https://wccftech.com/rebellion-boss-epic-paying-through-the-nose-store/
  5. I vote to rename this thread as blackdog's thread and occasional vilham
  6. Radu

    Stranger Things

    Fuck, man, the stakes are super high this season! Do you guys think the upside down can save Mrs. Wheeler's marriage?
  7. Yeah, ok, I've hijacked this thread, after it was previously hijacked by @[HP], to keep track of the lootbox issue and company trends over time. I'm gonna keep updating this with notable headlines. "In an at times tense hearing, digital minister Margot James told the committee she did not believe there was enough evidence to class loot boxes, which appear in games certified suitable for children as young as three, as gambling. Members of the Culture Select Committee accused the Government of being “complacent” over the features, which they said were exposing children "to all the emotions of gambling"." https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/07/02/video-game-loot-boxes-bad-roulette-wheels-mps-warn/ "The French government has launched a major push to poach British game developers in the wake of Brexit, promising subsidies, tax breaks and loans to creatives who make the move across the Channel. “In only a few years, video games have become France’s second largest cultural industry, behind books and ahead of cinema,” the French Directorate General for Enterprise, which is leading the campaign, says. “It is one of the most dynamic sectors in the French economy, with more than 5,000 direct jobs.” Video game revenues totalled €4.9bn (£4.4bn) in 2018, it added." https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/jul/03/france-makes-a-post-brexit-grab-for-uks-game-developers "Industry trade association TIGA has urged the UK government to consider new policy measures following the reveal of a French programme to attract game companies, post-Brexit." https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-07-05-tiga-calls-for-video-game-investment-fund-for-uk-devs-to-help-prevent-post-brexit-exodus
  8. Ok, I'm gonna give you my two cents. If you want to take my advice, fine, if not, also fine. But please consider that multiple people have pointed out several issues and some have even made fun of some design decisions. I know that's not constructive at all, but it's a sign that something is not quite right. Starting with the theme, I think the biggest issue is that this doesn't look like a submarine at all. We know how a submarine looks. We've seen the interiors a bunch of times in films and other games. This does not look like a submarine interior. If you're using the submarine from The New Colossus as a reference... don't. Counter-Strike is based around the present generally. It's alright to have some sci-fi elements here and there, but I think this is too much of a far stretch. If you want to keep the theme of having something underwater, just say it's an underwater base. At least that is more plausible. As for the layout, I would also recommend to start over. I know you can't see why, but it's just littered with bad design decisions and no consideration for the way the game plays. I urge you to read this: Good luck!
  9. "Epic Games will cover refunds of Shenmue III to protect developer after backlash" https://www.theverge.com/2019/7/2/20680121/epic-game-store-shenmue-3-kickstarter-refunds-policy-controversy
  10. Sure, but you'd still have limits. For instance, I wouldn't be able to make my FC map without a mod that removes the imposed budget on details and AI. And SnaMap is shit. There, I've said it.
  11. I doubt it will change. At best you'll have a few studios like CD Projekt Red, indies or most console exclusives that don't add monetization. Another issue in regards to the streaming game service, which @grapen brought up, is that if it catches on it will potentially lead to the death of modding. All files are on an official server, can't be modified, can't add anything to it.
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