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  1. Love that military outpost lab whatever it is
  2. Yep, saw the job posting and applied. Well, I saw it and applied a month later because I hadn't finished the fc5 map and documentation. Kinda caught me with my pants down. Oh yeah, it also helped that I had prior history. I applied for the same job last year, around the same period, before working as QA.
  3. So after 10 months I made it out of QA and had my first day today as jr ld. You could say things are looking up.
  4. I don't know, I really wanted to enjoy the game, but I guess it wasn't for me. I'm going back to my cabin.
  5. I have to say, navigating the map is just frustrating for me. It's also a bit annoying when you have a room that keeps spawning enemies as you're trying to search for a particular location. I can see why they added all the fast travel points. They certainly help, but overall it's just not fun for me to walk through this. And it's a shame because the art direction and mood are great. I don't know if I'll finish this. Seems like Jim Sterling is spot on about the navigation.
  6. Resumed playing it. God damn, that janitor is my favourite character so far
  7. Radu

    [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza

    You can now play the map, as well as 4 others, through Faceit's season 2 of wingman. This is awesome news because we can get some more feedback. I already made some last minute changes last night, but I'm looking to push out more updates throughout the duration of this season.
  8. Those vents are straight out of Alien 3. I like what I see so far.
  9. "Starbreeze applies for third extension on reconstruction period" https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-09-03-starbreeze-applies-for-third-extension-on-reconstruction-period "In the wake of these events, Starbreeze's financial situation became dire, and by May 2019 the studio's own estimates were that it lacked sufficient funds to continue operating for the next year. During this period, the studio requested two separate three-month extensions to complete its corporate restructuring. Starbreeze divested itself of several studios and games. OtherSide Entertainment bought out the publication rights for their System Shock 3 in February 2019, while Mohawk Games reacquired publishing rights for 10 Crowns in April. In May 2019, Starbreeze sold its share of Dhruva Interactive to Rockstar Games for US$7.9 million. Starbreeze laid off about 60 positions, roughly 25% of it staff, as additional cost-saving measures in June 2019. The same month, Starbreeze sold the publishing rights for Psychonauts 2 to Microsoft for $8 million." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starbreeze_Studios#Economic_problems_(2018–present) Looks like Starbreeze are trying hard not to bite the dust, but can they do it? What are they gonna release to make some profit? PAYDAY Crime War for mobile, Geminose for the switch? A super early access for PAYDAY 3? Looking at their schedule, which hasn't been updated in forever, those first two titles were ahead in production. https://www.starbreeze.com/starbreeze-games/games-release-schedule/
  10. Radu


    Yeah, the ending was triage at dawn like. Sent chills hearing that music
  11. The janitor is my favorite thing so far. I need to find that song he was humming about.
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