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  1. Probably not. There's only one that I know of, that's planned to be a standalone release. Other than that, who knows.
  2. I hope you're wrong too. They need to leave in some unpolished stuff, a few bugs here and there. Is a stalker game without jank really a stalker game?
  3. Come on, people, give me your likes!
  4. 2-3 weeks in advance with some consistent media leading up to release would probably be best. It gives people time to prepare for it if they want to dedicate the time and you can build up a bit of hype. One thing I hate about most ad campaigns for games is they announce too early, usually 6-8 months before release and by the time it comes out I'm over it. My hype that they built is gone.
  5. It's called ILL and is probably the closest thing we'll ever get.
  6. I have returned with some updated San Juan
  7. Finally went to see Dune at the cinema. I might go see it a second time.
  8. Radu

    Goals for 2022?

    You forgot to add the obligatory goals music theme:
  9. All aboard the NFT train https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/15/22834567/stalker-2-nfts-metahuman-dmarket
  10. Nope, it was directly inspired by the valve in Valve's offices. The level's name is Gordon and the Steam Machine. You can make of that what you will
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