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  1. Radu

    Doom Eternal

  2. Radu

    Quake Champions

    SnapMap was an interesting attempt at offering an editor and a distribution platform, but it was ultimately just too limited. Quite garbage when you compare it to a proper editor. QC wouldn't probably have to do anything with that as it's not running on idtech, but on sabretech engine. Maybe @BJA can clarify on that.
  3. Radu

    Quake Champions

    Tried it during the first waves of beta invites and several months after that. The game took 5 minutes to start and connect/disconnect from servers every time a map changed. It ran smooth, but It was insane to wait every time so I stopped playing. I'm with you on the level editor and modding in general. I absolutely dislike the lack of support from companies/developers when it comes to creating content for their games.
  4. Radu

    What movie is this?

    Give us a hint @mryeah
  5. Radu

    [CS:GO] Terraza (Wingman)

    I was trying out the new mp5 and figured I should post something from the last build
  6. Radu

    What movie is this?

    Yep, don't forget to post something @mryeah
  7. Radu

    What movie is this?

    Don't mind if I do
  8. Radu

    What movie is this?

    @blackdog Yep. Don't forget to post your image
  9. Radu

    What movie is this?

    Nope, but here's a hint: Ben Stiller plays in it.
  10. Radu

    Control (Remedy)

    Yeah, I saw that when it was originally posted and the video was still up. Pretty cool that some of those ideas made it to American Nightmare.
  11. Radu

    Control (Remedy)

    Understandable, it's though to do a follow up of a great game, especially right after, but I feel like after these current projects they could say that they've had quite the breath of fresh air. For me it's just hard not to look at some of the mechanics and environment design and not imagine how well they would fit within the supernatural world of AW. I think I remember Sam Lake saying in an interview that they would like to revisit AW at some point, just not sure when that would be the right time. I do look forward to Control in the meantime.
  12. Radu

    Control (Remedy)

    It's cool to see Remedy improve their technology and try new gameplay concepts, but darn it! I want Alan Wake 2. I feel at this point as that game is becoming the next ep3.
  13. Radu

    What movie is this?

    Bringing this thread back from the dead. How about something easy to start with
  14. Radu

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Hey, it's good to see that you've taken an interest in people's creations on mapcore and are providing feedback. There's nothing like people working together to better their maps. That being said, you've shared your opinion on the map and provided feedback (which is honestly more critical than constructive). Now stop bothering these guys and filling the thread with unnecessary noise. If you have something to settle with them, take it to private messaging.
  15. Radu

    Random Photo Thread

    What did you use to photograph it?