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What have you watched recently?


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Ahh crap, sorry man! I'll make it clear from now on >_< Feel bad now! :(

Missed your reply. Don't worry about it. Besides, thanks to you I've order The Walking Dead Compendium now so I've would have known either way ;)

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I'm at episode 3 now, and I'm starting to remember why I quit this series in the first place. So far it's all about this mysterious Pattern and they brought out this weird old scientist from an institution who happens to have a gadget of some kind to solve all their problems every episode. Heres a quick break down of each episode so far (I sincerely hope this Pattern changes.. haha get it?)

FBI Lady "oh my god something terrible has happened"

Old Scientist "thats quite alright, in 1974 I invented this machine that fixed it"

Scientist Boy "Thats crazy, it will never work"

FBI Lady "lets do it"

Later on..

FBI Lady "it worked!, we're all saved"

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Just finished Homeland Episode 5...

This storyline about Al-Qaeda working on an attack against the US with Hezbollah because Israel bombed Iran is pretty stupid, there is some debate that the two groups have worked together in the past but no actual proof exists. Even if it did, I doubt Al-Qaeda would give a stuff about Iran, certainly not enough to put their resources into taking revenge, not to mention the militants that targetted shi'ites in Iraq's clusterfuck insurgency... /rant

Anyway the tension between Brody and Carrie here was brilliant, I'm still not sure whether or not she is just playing him to get the answers she wants or if she actually does have feelings for him, either way it's all pretty messed up.

Meanwhile Dana and the vice president's kid ran over a random woman in the street.. so she's either dead and they have to live with the guilt or she survived and the investigation will lead back to them and the VP will likely try to cover it up, only Brody may find out from his daughter and use it as a weapon...

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Haha, yeah it does Sklalg. The first season is particularly formulaic because each episode is essentially a standalone story with a weak allusion to some wider conspiracy we're prickteased about, pretty much the same as the X-Files. In a way this is good as it introduces a premise for what comes later, but it's also terrible because it kills peoples' interest in the series stone dead. :oops:

What makes Fringe so good IMO is the fact that it actually delivers on the crazy world-changing shit that most series hint at but never actually let happen — and then the show continues in the aftermath. The writers admitted they played it safe with season one because they weren't sure they'd get the further seasons needed to properly introduce their arc and bring it to its fairly epic proportions, so I guess that's why the first one is relatively sucky.

I dunno, not saying you'll love it as much as me, but what I will say is that I've not come across many people who've stuck with it and not grown to think it's one of the best series ever, and there's a reason why it's survived for five seasons. :)

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Episode 4 of The Walking Dead is intense. This is nothing like the second season. They really upped the ante.

Yeah, amazing episode. Basically for me, it made all of those boring episodes in the 2nd season play out so well.

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Like me ; Ep 4 of The Walking Dead. I liked the comics (and I always like them) and this season is a good surprise after the previous we had. I can't wait to see what's happen next (we are all agree that this is a different story than the comics) !

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