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  1. Yeah I agree. I don't like the fact that my gaming stuff looks so 1990's sci fi. I've started to shift towards making purhcases where things just looks normal and will fit into my living room nicely instead of scream for attention
  2. I switched jobs from Megapop to Agens (www.agensgames.com)
  3. so is this battlefield tsar dlc thing single player or just more multiplayer stuff?
  4. I was a bit late to the party, currently just level 18 or something and it really is a solid shooter. Theres quite a few bugs, but nothing really major. Massive should be proud!
  5. I think Lady Stonehart is cut for good, I wont be expecting to see her. Same with the Brotherhood Without Banners. That being said, I thought it was very nice that Melisandre managed to get herself up in the same location as Jon right before he died ; - )
  6. ​I feel like it was a bit cheap. I was expecting Melisandre and his wife to go behind his back and sacrifice her. There was no question that she was going to survive, but I didn't think they would villify Stannis like that. I mean, they have already established that he is a hard man. But Just. And this does not make any sense because there was absolutely no justice here.
  7. I've read all the books as well and read reddit.com/r/asoiaf all day every day and I am pretty sure we know next to nothing about Tysha (Tyrions first wife). And Tyrion is not a father (that we know of, but i find it a bit weird that he has no bastards..). But there is a theory that Tysha is the Sailor's Wife, who is a courtesan that has a 13 year old daugther. Personally I think its a bit far fetched. That being said, the part where Bran supposedly eats Jojen is a theory. Some find it ridicilous. The theory is labeled Jojen Paste. I am inclined to believe that at least some of his blood was used. Blood is a huge part of magic in the asoiaf universe, so why not. Its not more ridicilous than Stannis' shadow baby.
  8. I've been spending the last few months looking at buying a house (And selling my current appartment). ​There were a few red flags for me when browsing those pictures. But they are all because of taste. First off its the wall to wall carpets in the hallway. Those things are really nasty. It might just be a norwegian thing, because we really like our wood floors The kitchen stove is at the end of the kitchen, next to two doors in a corner. Those doors are gonna get real filthy quickly. You want your stove in the middle of the kitchen, so that grease etc only hits tiles. The tiles in the kitchen is a bit shoddy work. Look under the cabinets above the sink. It shouldn't look like that. The floor in the bedroom looks nice. Hard to tell in the second bedroom. The bathroom is weird. Those wooden walls are gonna get really wet from that bathub/shower. Also the sink is in an akward spot, can you even stand properly infront of it? Fireplace looks like it cant be used anymore. If it cant, whats the point? Its basically a huge ass furniture thats a waste.
  9. I like change. I think its a little bit too big at the moment, but its hard to make it small and pretty as well Maybe I'll start browsing mapcore more often now that "Go to first unread post" seems to be fixed again. I slowly but surely stopped visiting mapcore because I literally couldn't find any new posts and when I did I spent way too much time finding which page I last read. Too much work and I'm really lazy
  10. I honestly dont know why people are so upset. They have rebranded it as a multiplayer game, so what? Do you really need a thousand maps to feel validated in your purchase? Dota 2 has one map and I'm closing in on 2000 hours played. When are people going to understand that it has never ever been about the amount of content, but the quality. Give me one multiplayer map that works instead of a thousand shitty box maps. If the game is fun you are going to buy it. No matter if its 1 level or a thousand.
  11. Skjalg


    The fight scenes in this series is really great. The drama is okay, I guess.
  12. Wow and Awesome are two appropriate words for this movie! It was a pure action movie. As good as they can be. Almost from the very start to the very end I was sitting there saying "fuck this is awesome!" to myself But, I cant give it a full score because it was not epic in the sense that gladiator or the lotr was epic. It didn't raise the hair on my arms even once. Which is why I give it a 8/10.
  13. I think its a ridicilous concepth that just because its a hobby you shouldn't get any money from it. I have loads of friends that have money earning hobbies. Carpenting, jewelry making, tattoing. Why are they allowed to benefit from their skills outside of their main job and not me? This whole thing exploded because gamers were used to getting something for free and were now facing the prospect of needing to pay for their entertainment. Please explain to me why we are suddenly drawing the line at mods? Why can people sell skins, maps, stamps, hats, weapons/armor, courier, tickets to their tournaments and fucking loading screens - and people just clamor for more. These are things that require concept drawings, models, animation, particle effects, level design, sounds etc, but when its suddenly about code then OH NO ITS SHOULD BE FREE. Well, as a coder. fuck that. If I make something and want to charge money for it, then fucking let me. Valve made a huge mistake when they tested this thing out on a bethesda game. They should have tested it out on dota 2.
  14. You did with Unity 4. Yes, and you cant mix professional with personal editions.
  15. In curious, why Unity is better on mobile (atm)? Is it the tools, performances… Performance I think is kind of like Unreal, I guess. Unity shines in being made with a cross platform approach in mind. Its basically their #1 goal. Creating a build for ios, android or windows phone is just a click of a button. (This is not entirely true as all third party integrations like facebook, twitter, flurry, in app purchases, ads etc all needs to be worked on per platform). Other than that the tools for creating a fully fledged ios app is superb in unity (thanks to third party integrations for mostly anything).
  16. I think unity is way better for creating games for the mobile, but if your main target is PC and you are in no way interested in creating an ios app then I'd go with unreal. Yeah unreal can target ios, but not as easily as unity.
  17. Skjalg

    Hitman: Agent 47

    What if the movie is a solid 3 hours and they just cut all the action into the trailer to hype people who dont know hitman????? nah, its gonna be shit
  18. No I only watched a few episodes. So you're saying I should give it a second chance? Probably better than watching really random series I guess. Or giving Gotham/Arrow another chance..
  19. uh what? The strain has some really bad acting, the story is super cliche (at least the first 4-5 episodes, I havent seen more), and the monster is hilarious. I mean, after he bashes the guys head (that part was cool) in after sucking all of his blood he runs down the corridor like zoidberg woobwoobwoob hahah fucking ridicilous
  20. Yeah I agree that de_dust is not his best work, I only mentioned it because its what made him kind of a big deal. But the real reason why I think he is the best is because he replicated the success with dust2 and cbble (and I thought aztec, but today I learned that he didnt create aztec, so I guess that just leaves those three very good maps Oh and he also made one of my favourite hl sp called ETC and ETC2
  21. The absolute best multiplayer level designer (imho) is David Johnston (http://johnsto.co.uk/), creator of de_dust, has moved onto becoming a programmer.
  22. Skjalg


    I was always a night owl myself. I would literally spend hours upon hours at my desk building maps, watching series/movies or browsing mapcore But if I stayed up intil 3am, I would usually sleep until 12-2pm. Often missing school because there was no way in hell I'd wake up at 8am. After graduating college (no idea how I managed to do that), and started at my first job, I started noticing that everyone else got up at 6-8am fine, while also having done stuff at home after 10pm. After a few months of having to go to bed at 7-8pm in order to get up at 8am, I started wanting to do more shit in the after noons. Like working on Pirates of New Horizons with warby. But then I overslept at work, because sitting up until midnight fucked me hard the next day. So, I felt so bad about how much I slept I ended up going to the doctor. My symptoms at the time were; I slept way too much. Always tired (but I thought it was just how life was). Snored loudly. The first thing my doctor told me to do was to pen down the hours I slept. If you are having trouble sleeping, in any way or form, this should be your first step towards fixing that problem. Because without knowing exactly how little/much you sleep and at what times, you can't really figure out what to do about it. On an average day I was sleeping about 12 hours. Now Furyo probably already know whats wrong The doctor scheduled me for a sleeping analysis. I went to bed with something looking like an oxygen mask as well as numerous sensors attached to various places on my chest and arms. The results were conclusive, I was not breathing properly during the night, and as such I was never reaching REM sleep (deep sleep). This is called Sleep Apnea. Research I've read indicate that as many as >10% suffers from it. My mother always told me I have a "tungt sovehjerte" (heavy sleeping heart). Which means that I just sleep really well or like to sleep really weel. Neither was the actual case, its just so normal that people dont think that theres actually something wrong. Because what happens is that my muscles relax so much that they close the airways. Then my brain stops receiving oxygen so it panics, "wakes me up" without me noticing it, so that the muscles in my throat opens up the airways again. Then this happens like every other minute. And as you might know, reaching REM sleep usually takes 30 minutes or so. So I was referred to surgery. They took out my toncils, which hurt like a mother fucker for 2-4 weeks, but all of a sudden I could sleep 6-8 hours and feel fucking fantastic! tl;dr if you sleep too much, get checked for sleep apnea.
  23. American Sniper was really really good. I want to see Imitation Game. Been watching Banshee for the last few days. Every episode is tits and violence, other than that it's nothing particular.
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