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  1. Blue Planet II

    Too early to say, but my plan was to always go on a crazy adventure before I hit 35, shit starts getting real then. Lets just say if I do it, I'll be finding ways to potentially further my hobby, but making games is fun.
  2. Blue Planet II

    I'm intending to drop it all and travel, but I'm planning for it 2 years in advance so I actually make the most of my time and money. It's a serious effort, at least for what I'm planning. That being said, who knows what I'll do in 2 years lol.
  3. Blue Planet II

    nice nice
  4. Random Photo Thread

    Another one from Iceland ^^
  5. Random Photo Thread

    Just got back from Iceland, what a place, here are a few pics, more to come.
  6. AoE IV

    Without this the game will be nothing, seriously if they don't add this unit they are crazy, Rogan?
  7. AoE IV

    Hype is real, this and the Jurassic park game, good times.
  8. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Particles are really fun to make, I love doing them. Kind of a secret art form but in reality they are not too hard, unless you want to do insane stuff.
  9. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    I'm not noticing that at all hehe, we're being overwhelmed currently with actual game feedback No doubt though, what we've done for this launch is unique and hard to put into conventional buckets, it's a bit of everything, early access, pre order, typical delux editions, on the shelf, digital this, digital that, not going to blame anyone for not understanding, even I'm confused Still, many people are enjoying it. More feedback like Erratics would be great!
  10. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    It's early access.
  11. Overwatch

    Can't wait to hear all his lines and emotes ^^ getting a bit sick of the few on test realm lol.
  12. Random Photo Thread

    dat urban sprawl tho!!! nice pano hp!
  13. Fortnite (new game by Epic Games)

    Cinematic trailer!
  14. Overwatch

  15. Overwatch

    I've never enjoyed fisting more ...