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  1. I'm not noticing that at all hehe, we're being overwhelmed currently with actual game feedback No doubt though, what we've done for this launch is unique and hard to put into conventional buckets, it's a bit of everything, early access, pre order, typical delux editions, on the shelf, digital this, digital that, not going to blame anyone for not understanding, even I'm confused Still, many people are enjoying it. More feedback like Erratics would be great!
  2. It's early access.
  3. Can't wait to hear all his lines and emotes ^^ getting a bit sick of the few on test realm lol.
  4. dat urban sprawl tho!!! nice pano hp!
  5. Cinematic trailer!
  6. I've never enjoyed fisting more ...
  7. Lookin' cool!
  8. I'm not sure if it's on sale, but Endless Space 2 is awesome, 4x game. Totally recommend it, I've actually spent more time on that series than Civ I think O.o
  9. Most people won't upgrade a tv for hdr, rec 2020 is a long way off being widely accepted, many movies aren't even shooting with rec 2020 (or even 4k! they actually shoot a lot at 2.7k and upsample for a 4k master) unless you're talking about the simulated hdr stuff (OLED, lots of trickery in the signal etc). It's all a load of tosh if you ask me, since we stream at crappy bitrates and quality anyway. Maybe in 5-10 years 4k and rec 2020 will be a standard. Sure, games can output what ever they want, but it's a tall ask for people to buy a new TV or monitor for "10 bit color blah blah" when even resolution won't entice the majority, which is considerably easier to understand what you get. Substantial visual tech improvements are not going anywhere for a long time. Interestingly enough, most movies only shoot 4K and higher because they require a lot of VFX work (rotoscoping), and can adjust the frame in edit without losing quality, not because resolution is all that matters for the final output. Games obviously have the trouble of running real time, and the distance the average gamer sit from my monitors/tv never justifies more resolution at this point in time, we all know fps is more important.
  10. It'd be wise to play everyone for a few rounds and pick your top 4 or something to get better at, but I didn't do that, pretty much went for Lucio/Torb right away, at the very least try to play at least one tank and healer to fill in gaps. I play 5 or so heroes most of the time, and then when I start to get bored I play/study a new one
  11. this is what I look forward to the most from E3 - didn't disappoint!
  12. I often sit on my ult device with my shield in front and popping my defensive buff, just ride it out. Like a mother hen protecting her egg :> I often try to lay it backing near a wall too if I can, so it reduces the angles it can be shot from, i often use my orb to pull genji's or other heros who try to dive it. Even then sometimes it just get's picked off and that's the end of it.
  13. Even post nerf? damn, I play her a lot, and i rarely get gold dmg anymore but I have at a few times. She's really fun for sure, my pretty much go-to tank because I can't play any other well and I assume it;s because she feels more aggressive, i get too trigger happy with rein and then punished :P. One game where I pretty much had a dedicated Mercy i was unstoppable, but not in a bad way, I was at the CP for 3 mins or so just mowing shit down, but never got to the point where I wiped so we won the point instantly, it was really sick, we did cap in the end of course.
  14. The game gets better and better I must say, kind of reminds me of Inquisition, after the first planet it starts quite overwhelming and the pacing soon drops off a bit, but once you get your head around the journal and optimizing your tasks for each area it flows quite nicely. Ignoring the technical issues I'm confident in saying I prefer it to Mass Effect 3. Must admit, some of the best times I've had with it so far are the emails from various team members, really well written. I'll probably type up something more substantial once I've completed it a few times, it is after all my favorite single player IP. Oh and the soundtrack is actually better than I thought, the Spotify album is just a bit weak and missing some of the better tracks, typical.