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  1. Read up on floating point precision, even with a grid, large world editors like Unreal lose precision, some games even have issues at run time with this (animations jittering, seams appearing between meshes that are perfectly aligned and no doubt more I'm unaware of) there are solution for huge worlds though. From what I remember, in hammer for example, you're always placing on a 1 inch grid, so it's rounding up or still snapping to it, hl2's editor space is also tiny, so it becomes less of an issue. I've yet to ever see a seam in UE4 even though the two floor meshes are 0.0002 apart etc, just ignore it. I can imagine it would trigger many level designers, as it did me at the start.
  2. What's wrong with the grid? We even allow you to change between powers of two and meters ... I noticed somebody mentioning the floating point numbers, all game engines have those, they just round what they show you I've also never had to work on funky relative rotated grids in my experience, not saying there isn't a need, it's just pretty specialist from what I've seen. I did once, quite recently have to work out the nearest grid location for an actor with math, but it was pretty simple to do and learned something. This was caused by a bug though. Fortnite has a slightly expanded grid system, but I can't talk details there, but usually specialist features are better added by developers for their own projects. EDIT: If you want to , say, rotate an entire building offset by 13 degrees, it's best to make it on a sub level, and use the sub level offset tool to move and rotate it, this keep the original building at a usable grid but still allows relative changes if you want. My personal improvement would be something like Maya's vertex snapping built in - that could be quite handy. If somebody can summarize it well, I'm happy to pass the info on.
  3. Nice thread, so I remember when we, and the community where working on UT maps, discussions about improvements to the BSP/Geometry system was being planned, a lot has changed with the success of Fortnite though, I'm pretty sure my requests would go amiss right now with all the crazyness that is Fortnite. I do know the outcome was that the tools could be improved, things have changed a lot since the days of subtractive editing, which is where Unreals old BSP system actually shined, if you could get used to the flipped workflow. Personally, I can use whatever to make level whiteboxes/shells, spent a lot of time in many editors - don't really consider the actual tool to be the limiting factor of final quality at all
  4. @Helder Pinto Been playing this a lot the past few days, really excellent, city area seems a little sniper heavy, I know you can flank, but when shit kicks off on the point it's easy to be a target. I'm having a blast as always. Love the futuristic stage, the cover that pops up is pretty interesting, happy to see you guys experimenting more with dynamic environments, pretty fun with Moira Love the idea of the fastest route to the point being the most dangerous (the small chokepoint having to go uphill) nice touches to keep the maps unique. Visually, I have nothing to say other than, damnnnnn ... all you need now is some giant dominoes in the spawn room.
  5. Hey guys, just a heads up, we're looking to hire a senior level designer to work on Fortnite at Epic Games HQ in North Carolina, cheers! https://epicgames.avature.net/careers/JobDetail/Senior-Level-Designer-Fortnite/3141
  6. Loving the new map, ehehe, the boats are awesome
  7. Torbspawn! Shield tank confirmed? Looking forward to play her either way, another tank is gewd.
  8. It's soooo good, must be one of my fav maps ever, so creative!
  9. hehe, if we got paid what other people in the tech industry get on average, this chart would be off the scale. some wise words here for sure, doing things procedural no matter your area is certainly wise, if nothing else it's a blast to figure out, but everything has it's limits, just need to figure out the pros and cons. Whats interesting recently, is the biggest games are pretty limited in scope, which is actually smart in it's own right, especially as costs keep going up. I guess, what blows my mind, is how much gamers expect, for say, $30, in a bar, that's a couple of beers and a pizza, maybe 2-3 hours of entertainment, yet games are somewhat expected to last forever, for such value? I'm certainly not advocating we make games $200, but it always fascinates me. Maybe the real issue here is eating/drinking out is too damn expensive!
  10. I've been on some mod teams run by 15 year olds, it can work, but the multiple projects parts basically reads as you don't really have a vision at all. Which is actually fine, if it's just yourself. Getting people interested and involved, especially the ones with actual talent, is a lot of work, especially when it's for free. Hell, even with my 15 or so years experience I'd probably struggle to get a talented team together. Rules are certainly made to be broken, but the advise here is golden and you're more likely to succeed following it than not, if you care about maximizing your chances.
  11. Awesome maps people, inspiring! This isn't so pretty to look at, but I'm making good progress with my little game prototype.
  12. Save for my adventure Make a game all by myself, mostly for shits and giggles, but I'll learn a lot Get a little fitter, I'm not in bad shape but can always improve
  13. mavic pro drone sony a6500 with 16-35mm sony a7rII with 24-70mm gm and 70-300mm g sony rx100IV sony fdx3000 pilotfly h2 gimbal and 3000 other small things
  14. hehe thx, I added a short eye candy video for those who don't want to hear me waffle on about rocks for 45 mins, in glorious 4k too!
  15. Hey guys, so this summer I went on a really exciting 16 day adventure of Iceland, decided to document most of it and whip up a video series of all 16 days. We have a bunch of artists here who might appreciate the landscapes, the variety of landscapes literally felt like Skyrim, every 50KM or so it felt like a completely different location, no dragons though. The playlist of all 3 parts is below, you can also find my videos on Vimeo for slightly higher quality https://vimeo.com/2dchris Hope you guys enjoy!
  16. If it's non profit, I doubt it. Many, many people do it, never heard of it being a legal issue.
  17. Too early to say, but my plan was to always go on a crazy adventure before I hit 35, shit starts getting real then. Lets just say if I do it, I'll be finding ways to potentially further my hobby, but making games is fun.
  18. I'm intending to drop it all and travel, but I'm planning for it 2 years in advance so I actually make the most of my time and money. It's a serious effort, at least for what I'm planning. That being said, who knows what I'll do in 2 years lol.
  19. 2d-chris

    Random Photo Thread

    Another one from Iceland ^^
  20. 2d-chris

    Random Photo Thread

    Just got back from Iceland, what a place, here are a few pics, more to come.
  21. Without this the game will be nothing, seriously if they don't add this unit they are crazy, Rogan?
  22. Hype is real, this and the Jurassic park game, good times.
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