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  1. Okay, I think it's time for everyone to take a breather. From here on, post quality must take an upward swing or we'll have to break up the mud wrestling. Feel free to discuss but please avoid making things personal, don't drag specific entries through the dirt and please motivate your opinions, expain your reasoning etc. Thanks in advance!
  2. I believe IW said there would be no payment required for gameplay things such as guns, abilities and what have you. Of course they are gonna let you pay for a KD watch. It's not a necessary item or game-breaking and I don't think they broke their promise, even though it can't be hailed as admirable.
  3. Hello! I checked the map out to verify its state and due to the aforementioned rule, the map is unfortunately not eligible.
  4. THIS And once you've done something, get it infront of people and LISTEN to their feedback. Don't deflect or shrug it off. Then improve the thing or, if you're sick of it, take the feedback with you to the next thing. Repeat.
  5. Don't worry, you're still a frontrunner for the "Most Modest Mapper"-award.
  6. Dude, you went on a bit of a bad faith rant yourself. Please take a minute to re-read your post and think about how you can formulate yourself in a more constructive, less vitriolic way and what would be a more appropriate thread for this kind of discussion (feel free to start a topic if none are suitable). Let's get this thread back on topic. Valid topics of discussion are the blockout itself or the approach of making the blockout in another engine.
  7. CT rushes have been nerfed in general so that should alleviate this issue, I'll keep an eye on this but right now I would classify this as a very minor thing.
  8. The update is now LIVE! ---> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1258599704 Some info about the update is available in a twitter thread here, for those who are curious!
  9. It's just one sub-mode in this mode that PS4 gets exclusively. My guess is that most of what you see is what everyone gets.
  10. Thanks! I actually missed that the thread had updated (was on vacation at the time)! Anyway, I thought I'd share some progress on the gameplay overhaul. When the map was added to the game, it kind of lit a fire under my ass and I am pushing to get the overhaul done ASAP. It feels like we are finally approaching the finish line. WARNING: Designer art below. Everything is heavily WIP. You have been warned! A-long: Heavily simplified, less corners to check, more straightforward in general. Also, a more open and epic view! A-site: Pit is removed, stone walls near entrance removed, blinds have been added to window, the globe base is bigger and has been moved to allow for safer plants/block certain angles. Mid: Lower mid is elevated to improve fights with CT window. B-connector is less confusing and more covered from mid. Timings have been adjusted to reduce CT aggression. Glass has been removed from key locations. CT Spawn: Old CT spawn room and staircase room have been combined to reduce the number of rooms and help with navigation. Players now spawn and see their initial choices (A or mid/B) more clearly. + lots of other stuff! Would like to thank the Mapcore crew and everyone else who've helped with the playtesting! You've helped a helpless nerd with mental fatigue to get somewhere. Hats off!
  11. Hey folks! As you know, Breach has been a part of scrimmage/mapcore faceit hub for a while and we humbly invite any mapcore players who've tried the level to give us feedback so we can continue to improve it. It's much appreciated! FEEDBACK FORM
  12. Ruby is removed fully while Breach is in casual rotation only.
  13. After seeing the Jack Ryan ads on twitch and other places so many times, the story trailer just feels too familiar and like a re-hash of every "oh noes they have chemical weapons/nukes"-thriller there is. Really wish that it got more of a Sicario or Zero Dark Thirty vibe, just a bit more raw "edge" with less clichées. Yeah, I know, I'm being difficult.
  14. Also, I think the lower FOV influenced my harsh judgement.
  15. Same. I must admit that my patience ain't the best right now though. I played for an hour. I thought that the presentation, characters and dialogue were a bit, well, crude despite the premise being incredibly intriguing. Less would've been more in this case, they should've let the building tell its own story and gone easier on the exposition and early melodrama. Additionally, the game is way too quick in giving you a gun to blast generic enemies with and introducing very gamey systems ("control" points, weapon mods etc). Instead of fighting creepy otherworldly entities I felt like I was blasting Destiny "mobs".
  16. this is released tomorrow?! why was I not informed? hype! looks like a strong return to form!
  17. so hyped for this, more gameplay coming today too! battlemode looks cool but... can it make a mark in the ultra-competitive market place of mp games? also, im generally veeeeeery skeptical of games with an asymmetrical player count - I think a 2vs2 mode (with potential respawns on the demon side) could be interesting, as it allows the teams to switch sides and so on
  18. To be fair, this mode is inspired by a mode from Modern Warfare 3 (can't remember what it was called, haven't actually played it). I am pretty hyped for this game. The gunplay looks tight and fun and the game seems like a return to its roots. Hooray.
  19. Squad Conquest is the best mode
  20. Yeah, that’s a big thing... i’m hoping i’ve forgotten a bunch of stuff
  21. ah yes the sweet nectar of nostalgia and youth give it to me!!!
  22. This was a great season.
  23. Hey folks! There's been some experimental updates to the level, which we'll test tonight at 20.00 CET in 5vs5 comp! Feel free to join (limited slots tho ofc)! Some pics below B connector now leads more directly to B, leading to less crossfire/angles in the heart of mid. Easier flow to B. T's timings have been slowed however so CT has slightly more time to setup defenses. A-long has been simplified and entrance to A has a smoother flow. Still WIP ofc. Movement in T-spawn has been simplified and path signage/readability should be improved. + minor tweaks here and there!
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