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What have you watched recently?

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Haha. Maybe you shouldn't pay too much attention to me if you're wanting to kill yourself, I also liked Dollhouse. :cool:

In all seriousness, been watching Law and Order: UK a lot. I think a lot of the earlier episodes are based (sometimes loosely) on the numerous US episodes, but the British setting completely changes the feel of the show and the hard streets of London are a pretty much perfect fit for the formula.

Also need to finish off season one of Homeland so I can get onto season two! Only a couple of episodes to go.

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I reported this post hopefully thrik does what's right

It's 3:24 am, i just came back from cinema. Went to haloweenmarathon of Alien and Aliens ! YES ! i've never seen Alien/s in cinema (only 4, but that doesn't count).  Directors cut's, all scenes and di

LMAO WTF, guess I need my head examined, for some reason I read Thrik   ~~~~~~~FFFFFRRRRAAAAAIII~~~~~~pls~~~ maeks me feel all  

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Just watched Insomnia for the first time. Splendid, very cleverly written and performances to die for from Al Pacino and Robin Williams. Now I've seen this and One Hour Photo I'd love to see more dark Robin Williams roles, but has he done any others that're good?

Those two are basically it. Not really dark, but he gave an excellent performance in The Fisher King as a deranged homeless man. He was a little bit evil in Death to Smootchy and the same could be said for The Big White. But none of them are dark, just different.

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