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  1. Yeah I agree. I don't like the fact that my gaming stuff looks so 1990's sci fi. I've started to shift towards making purhcases where things just looks normal and will fit into my living room nicely instead of scream for attention
  2. I switched jobs from Megapop to Agens (www.agensgames.com)
  3. so is this battlefield tsar dlc thing single player or just more multiplayer stuff?
  4. I was a bit late to the party, currently just level 18 or something and it really is a solid shooter. Theres quite a few bugs, but nothing really major. Massive should be proud!
  5. I think Lady Stonehart is cut for good, I wont be expecting to see her. Same with the Brotherhood Without Banners. That being said, I thought it was very nice that Melisandre managed to get herself up in the same location as Jon right before he died ; - )
  6. ​I feel like it was a bit cheap. I was expecting Melisandre and his wife to go behind his back and sacrifice her. There was no question that she was going to survive, but I didn't think they would villify Stannis like that. I mean, they have already established that he is a hard man. But Just. And this does not make any sense because there was absolutely no justice here.
  7. I've read all the books as well and read reddit.com/r/asoiaf all day every day and I am pretty sure we know next to nothing about Tysha (Tyrions first wife). And Tyrion is not a father (that we know of, but i find it a bit weird that he has no bastards..). But there is a theory that Tysha is the Sailor's Wife, who is a courtesan that has a 13 year old daugther. Personally I think its a bit far fetched. That being said, the part where Bran supposedly eats Jojen is a theory. Some find it ridicilous. The theory is labeled Jojen Paste. I am inclined to believe that at least some of his blood was
  8. I've been spending the last few months looking at buying a house (And selling my current appartment). ​There were a few red flags for me when browsing those pictures. But they are all because of taste. First off its the wall to wall carpets in the hallway. Those things are really nasty. It might just be a norwegian thing, because we really like our wood floors The kitchen stove is at the end of the kitchen, next to two doors in a corner. Those doors are gonna get real filthy quickly. You want your stove in the middle of the kitchen, so that grease etc only hits tiles. The tiles in the kitchen
  9. I like change. I think its a little bit too big at the moment, but its hard to make it small and pretty as well Maybe I'll start browsing mapcore more often now that "Go to first unread post" seems to be fixed again. I slowly but surely stopped visiting mapcore because I literally couldn't find any new posts and when I did I spent way too much time finding which page I last read. Too much work and I'm really lazy
  10. I honestly dont know why people are so upset. They have rebranded it as a multiplayer game, so what? Do you really need a thousand maps to feel validated in your purchase? Dota 2 has one map and I'm closing in on 2000 hours played. When are people going to understand that it has never ever been about the amount of content, but the quality. Give me one multiplayer map that works instead of a thousand shitty box maps. If the game is fun you are going to buy it. No matter if its 1 level or a thousand.
  11. Skjalg


    The fight scenes in this series is really great. The drama is okay, I guess.
  12. Wow and Awesome are two appropriate words for this movie! It was a pure action movie. As good as they can be. Almost from the very start to the very end I was sitting there saying "fuck this is awesome!" to myself But, I cant give it a full score because it was not epic in the sense that gladiator or the lotr was epic. It didn't raise the hair on my arms even once. Which is why I give it a 8/10.
  13. I think its a ridicilous concepth that just because its a hobby you shouldn't get any money from it. I have loads of friends that have money earning hobbies. Carpenting, jewelry making, tattoing. Why are they allowed to benefit from their skills outside of their main job and not me? This whole thing exploded because gamers were used to getting something for free and were now facing the prospect of needing to pay for their entertainment. Please explain to me why we are suddenly drawing the line at mods? Why can people sell skins, maps, stamps, hats, weapons/armor, courier, tickets to th
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