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  1. Might want to remove me from the list as I no longer work at Jagex.
  2. Messing around with HL2 assets.
  3. Just received a pretty good job offer on a project that I'm not really all that interested in. Hmm...
  4. Gave Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt a punt on Netflix and holy crap it's good!
  5. I don't play city builders. *plays Cities : Skylines* WHERE HAVE THESE GAMES BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!
  6. Free except the 30% that Valve take from selling your game on Steam?
  7. Here's a CS map I blocked out a while back. Needs more cover and whatnot. Not sure if it's worth continuing with, tbh.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFrgdFb0WS0
  9. I can't view the site as it says "bandwidth limit exceeded".
  10. Did a very slight rejig of the design, but most importantly started adding some scripting examples here that I've put together in UE4. Might add a couple more if I can think of any ideas, though I really need to put a singleplayer level on there.
  11. wat German is a beautiful language.
  12. Got back from Seattle this morning. Had a nice little break and even got to visit Valve! But I now I shall pay with horrendous amounts of jet lag...
  13. Psy

    GTA V

    Well, as long as it doesn't run like the bag of shit that is GTA4 then I guess I'm okay with a delay...
  14. Started watching Utopia series 2. Fucking awesome opener!
  15. Psy


    Trailer made me cringe so much when I first saw it.
  16. Flight + Hotel to Seattle. Never been abroad before. Never been on a plane before. So what could be better then going on a 9.5 hour flight to a foreign country all by myself? Also this:
  17. Oh noes. I hope it's not for something super serious. Anyways, today I received my first payout from my CSGO map. Now I ponder what I should spend it on.
  18. Sin City. First act was awesome, second act was meh, and the third was okay. It's made me hunger for more film noir.
  19. So many games to chose from but recently I'd have to with The Longest Journey. Yes, it's an old school point and click adventure game, but the world and the characters are amazing!
  20. It baffles me how hardware released in 2013 can't run games at a native res of 1920 x 1080. I mean, yes, obviously I understand that it requires a fair amount of work to optimise a renderer for the nuances of a particular architecture but considering that 1080p has been a PC standard for years now, I can see why people would be annoyed by the lack of games that run at that resolution.
  21. Currently I'm a Junior at Jagex. Do I enjoy my job? Eh. It's had lots of ups and downs... It started out pretty well as it was my first time in the industry and my first time living away from home. Everything was all new and shiny. For the first 9 months or so, I enjoyed what I was doing as I was just working on maps with a bunch of direction from my lead and other peeps. It was genuinely awesome. But then things went shitty. First off, our lead left without a replacement. Then I was thrown onto a part of the project that was horribly mismanaged as higher ups didn't know what the fuck they wanted resulting in a constant cycle of redoing work over and over and over again, whilst doing overtime, of course. To top it all off, there was the 3 month period where I had literally nothing to do, which was hugely demotivating...but I at least managed to spend that time learning to write random random things in C# / Unity such as tools and a visual scripting system. Currently, I see my job as something I just have to get over and done with. Don't get me wrong - I still think it's awesome that I get to make the vidya games, but for a long time I've felt undervalued, unchallenged, and - well - simply bored. I guess the saddest thing from all this is that I no longer have the motivation to work on levels in my spare time and I often question whether there is much of a future for me in the industry. *shrug*
  22. During the recent period of uncertainty surrounding my job at Crytek I had to apply to a load of studios. I did the test for Reflections as well as the interviews and was eventually offered a 12 month contract. During the interview process though more information came to light about the potential split from Crytek to Dambuster Studios, and as a result I found myself in a position where I felt I didn't need the Ubi job as a backup anymore, as working things out here was my main priority if a possibility. The reason I'm saying this is because when I replied to Ubi to decline their job offer, in the reply I mentioned (politely of course) that I was I was a little disappointed in the contract term offered - it would involve moving my life to Newcastle from Nottingham and also moving my girlfriend there, meaning she would have to change job, and in the end after 12 months I could end up having to move again. A few days later they replied and offered me a permanent contract instead. Now I'm not saying to decline the job offer based on this at all, as you are running the risk of them not coming back with a better offer. However, if you feel that you are in a position where you have a job that is perfectly good (Jagex?) that you wouldn't really mind staying at, and you aren't 100% sold on the terms of the Ubi position, then maybe it's worth a shot. You wouldn't even have to decline it, you could just write to them and express your concerns. Hey Paul, Thanks for the advice. Yes, this at Reflections. After thinking it over the weekend, this morning I sent an email declining their initial offer. Later on they called back and offered a higher salary but were not willing to change the role into a permanent position on the count of it being a junior role. Still, I'm likely to turn down the new offer. Like you said, there's no guarantee that I'll be kept on after the contract ends, which would be a headache, and it will most likely be a death march, which is never fun. As for my current job...eh...it isn't perfectly good. But then again - no job is. In fact, the whole reason I started applying elsewhere was to take on a role that's more challenging and more involving than what I currently do. Things have been very stagnant for a long time, which isn't great for motivation, and I really feel like I need a change but I don't this this would be the right move to make... Ah well. Guess I'll have to keep looking.
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