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  1. Sea of Thieves

    I'm getting the feeling that this might be a bit of an Assassin's Creed situation, where clearly a lot of development time has been put into the technology and open world but perhaps they were hoping the gameplay would just 'fit into place' a bit more than it did. It'd be absolutely tragic if all they've achieved were to come to little because of the gameplay deficiencies. Hopefully it'll be marketed and more importantly built upon so it meets its potential — the same way AC2 brought into focus what they were trying to achieve there — and Microsoft hasn't budgeted this as a 'sink or swim' (har har) release.
  2. Site Changes and Feedback

    That's right.
  3. Site Changes and Feedback

    Is that still happening @jackophant?
  4. Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    Sounds exciting! I'm happy to work with someone to provide a MapCore subdomain. 👍
  5. Far Cry 5

    Unexpected that they're bundling assets from not just current and previous Far Cry games, but also Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed games! Means you can put together levels of all kinds of themes, rather than just whatever Far Cry 5's predominant theme is. Could be a great way of interesting lots of would-be level designers, especially with the progression system.
  6. Sea of Thieves

    I was quite reassured by a recent article I read that indicated the game will have more structure to it than I expected. Sounds like they've more recently been focusing a lot more on quests. Nothing too in-depth in terms of story, but if there are reasonably fun structured quests combined with superb moment-to-moment gameplay it could be a blast. I friggin' hope so! I've always loved pirate shenanigans, still sometimes feel a bit sad that some of our own beloved MapCore members' pirate game never managed to achieve its funding targets. And there's not really much else in the genre! So I really hope Rare can get this right and show people can enjoy a bit of pirate action. Rare kind of needs the win too, having not really lived up to its legendary 90s reputation in recent years.
  7. 2017: Mapcore's Year in Review

    Yeah as Thurnip said, incredible how far the engine is being pushed. So inspirational!
  8. Nintendo Switch

    I got one for Christmas 😍 I’ve only played with Rayman Legends — which seems like an absolutely superb 2D platformer. The art is so wonderful. I’ve also got Mario Odyssey which I can’t wait to tuck into tonight, and Zelda which I did have on the Wii U but never completed so really looking forward to doing it handheld-style. So far I’m really impressed with the slick package on offer here. The Wii U was a bit ropey in terms of hardware design, UI, etc whereas this just feels modern and great. It reminds me of when Nintendo surprised everyone with the super sharp Nintendo DS Lite. Part of me says I shouldn’t go buy games I’ve had before like Mario Kart 8 and Skyrim... yet I want to!
  9. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a splendid festive few days.
  10. Where'd Sprony go?

    All right everyone, I think it's fair to say that a public forum isn't the appropriate venue for discussing an internal matter. While I'll reaffirm FMPONE's position that there's been no ill will towards Sprony and he's very much been welcome to stay part of the staff, unfortunately there have been differing ideas on how to take the site forward and Sprony has made the decision to move on. Admittedly I didn't realise he'd made this final decision until this week following a long period of absence, which I suspect is what led to the curiosity from various people. I'd like to thank Sprony for all of his contributions over the years. I'm sure we'd all agree that he's been at the heart of MapCore for some time, and the community is a better place for it. So we should leave it at that, and if anyone wishes to discuss it further then please do so privately. I know it's 'just' an online community but please think of this like a dispute between employer and employee — it's not the kind of thing any of us should be seeking to gossip about, etc. No one side is necessarily the 'bad guy' and people's privacy should be respected. Hopefully we can remember that it's Christmas and we're not meant to be getting stressed out about what's meant to be a fun gaming community. Thanks all!
  11. Blue Planet II

    Really enjoyed the first episode. And now anticipating the second. I also need to get back to Planet Earth II as I got distracted after a few episodes.
  12. Site Changes and Feedback

    Ah right, yeah it's a fair shout. I have noticed a small increase in bots getting through since recently reviewing the anti-spam measures, one of which was switching to Google's fairly effective reCAPTCHA service. It's always a balancing act not making it too easy for bots or too hard for new members — and the fact that a lot of bots get signed up by real people for peanuts money makes it harder. I'd say we stick with it for now, however it's always appreciated when spam is brought to our attention through hitting the report button. People who contribute in this way may additionally be considered for helping moderate if they're interested. If it does get too much we can look at tightening things up further. It's worth noting that the forum actively rejects loads of bots so it's doing its job fairly well, but like junk mail you always get some come through.
  13. House of Cards

    I am so disappointed. I've always enjoyed Kevin Spacey's work and absolutely loved House of Cards. I admit that at first my bias was towards Spacey and thinking it was just some people wanting headlines — the same trap that I guess many victims of powerful people fall into — but as with other high-profile individuals recently the accusations have been consistent, numerous, and from people with their own successful show business careers who have no reason to make this stuff up. So basically it seems pretty beyond doubt that Spacey has assaulted these people, and yet how does that leave my enjoyment of his films and shows, and my intention to enjoy rewatching them again in the future? It's the whole separation of artist and art thing I suppose. At what point do you draw the line? Is it possible or moral to enjoy the work of a scumbag? Personally I refuse to listen to any Chris Brown music even though a lot of it is quite good, because he's an abusive violent bastard. But I find it hard to apply this same strictness to what seems to be an endlessly increasing circle of ethically compromised celebrities and their films/music/tv shows/games. Jeez.
  14. Site Changes and Feedback

    We didn't have this requirement before, but we did have it configured that someone needed to post once in any existing thread before being allowed to create their own thread. This was removed recently because I had feedback that it might be putting new members off of getting involved and/or confusing them. Typically if someone signs up it might be because they want to share something they've been working on — that is our niche — and also it led to a low level of people getting in touch asking why they aren't allowed to post Personally I'd rather people be able to dive in and get involved without arbitrary limitations, but am curious why you feel it'd be beneficial? If it relates to certain forums getting junk then perhaps we could implement a more precise restriction. For example, if we're worried about spammy threads in the creative forums we could make it so people's first threads have to be moderated (at cost of extra staff monitoring).