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  1. Well what do you know! The Sequel!

    Saw this on Facebook the other day, hope they're both fully recovered soon. Congrats dude!
  2. Great progress video. I still can't get over how smooth the first successful drone pad landing is at the end.
  3. What's going on with your life?

    It's clearly still in whitebox. Needs an art pass still!
  4. New LEGO Millennium Falcon

    £650. I wouldn't even open the box or touch it. That things gonna be worth a lot some day lol
  5. Hi all, We're looking for people to fill a number of roles here at Rebellion. We're based in the UK and it's a pretty awesome place to work. If you're interested in any of these roles or potentially something not shown, give me a shout and I can give you a hand Any questions feel free to ask!
  6. A Game of Thrones

  7. Wow this was unexpected but it's nice to know what might have happened and it does sound pretty cool! It sounds like he's as frustrated as us fans by doing this? He knows we all want to know what happened and he probably wanted to finish the trilogy but never got the chance or it just never worked. Wonder if he did leave on bad terms then?
  8. Shenmue 3

    Haha he does! Shenmue always had weird characters like Dou Niu and Chai though so he doesn't seem too weird in the game story. Apparently there aren't any facial animations in the trailer since they took them out according to Kotaku which is probably my biggest gripe: http://kotaku.com/yu-suzuki-explains-shenmue-iiis-stiff-facial-expression-1798337053?utm_campaign=Socialflow_Kotaku_Facebook&utm_source=Kotaku_Facebook&utm_medium=Socialflow
  9. Shenmue 3

    So this has got a bit of hate online for the character models and I can see where they are coming from. Shenmue was never great with character models and animations but I guess after 15+ years and with new tech people expect more these days. I'm still looking forward to it though. I'm sure Yu Suzuki can pull it off.
  10. AoE IV

    Aren't the definitive editions just higher res sprites and support for 4K resolutions with multiple zoom levels? I don't think they touch the way the game plays at all. Loved AOE back in my childhood, AOE3 was a let down though. Hoping it's more like 2.
  11. A Game of Thrones

    I feel the show is getting a bit silly now though...
  12. A Game of Thrones

    Apparently episode 6 leaked? Just a heads up, be careful what you read anywhere from now on. For the night is dark and full of spoilers.
  13. Sonic Mania

    They need to do Sonic's own version version of Super Mario Maker. I imagine fans would enjoy that. This does look good. Reminds me of being very young playing Sonic 2 on my Megadrive.
  14. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

    Even the orc/weird guy in game is rubbing his hands together. He knows how much of a killing he's gonna be making. If all of this is truly available through normal progression in-game then fine, the people who want to unlock it early and skip portions the game for themselves can do so. But I bet you anything the cool stuff is gonna be a massive grind to unlock to encourage you to think "fuck it I'll just buy it". I do miss the days where you just bought a game and got everything. This practice is horrible especially for a full priced single player game.
  15. A Game of Thrones

    God that scene was so good.