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  1. It looks like we might be seeing the end of map packs and split online communities. Bethesda doing this and EA getting rid of map DLC in Battlefront and I assume future Battlefields I think are great things. It was always annoying to me that as soon as a new map pack came out for Battlefield the number of players would seemingly half as a lot of people didn't have premium. Just keep paid DLC to cosmetics and single player stuff and keep the online community strong by not splitting it up between those who pay and those who don't.
  2. Welcome to the industry! Well done! Say hi to Akuila and Jethro Jongeneel for me if you see them around.
  3. Yep, very happy with that opening to the season. Now, is it next week yet?
  4. I don't really follow the pro CS scene anymore but I have always loved the VP team. Would be sad to see them disband. I saw them win against Fnatic last night so hopefully they're doing ok and can get far in the major.
  5. Damn right it is. Still love it as an adult too!
  6. The DLC story was written by our in-house writer at the time. He dictates loosely when and where about the missions take place and from there we have pretty much free reign in terms of the level design. So I'd have ideas in my head, scribble them down then get straight to whiteboxing. It's a long process but keep an eye on this space
  7. Announcement trailer for my new level
  8. Dat aimlock tho
  9. Got promoted to Senior Level Designer at Rebellion earlier in the week.
  10. Yeah she was really attached to Dale, but now they're she's into season 3 she's quickly realising nobody is safe and I think she's stopped feeling sad when someone she likes died lol. I would have thought Game Of Thrones would have got her used to this by now!
  11. My girlfriend said she wanted to start watching the Walking Dead out of the blue the other day. Normally she watches stuff like Big Bang Theory so this was a nice change! We're already half way through the second season and it's so much better than the later episodes. I love seeing them savaging, meeting new groups, and dealing with the herds and lone walkers they encounter. So much better than just dealing with a single group of humans for an entire season and a half! I imagine she'll get bored after the when Negan or whatever he is called starts to come onto the scene. I haven't seen any of the latest seasons yet myself.
  12. I don't think I am getting more annoyed or angry, just disappointed. The worlds a bit crazy at the moment with what seemingly seems the wrong/bad people winning elections, people killing each other more and governments just not caring about the environment.
  13. God, I remember watching that video so many times. It really was incredible back in the day. Then the videos of CS:S that started to come out too. I don't think 16 year old me could contain myself.
  14. I'd definitely go with the bigger studio on a well known franchise at this point. Build up your portfolio with a well known studio and you'll have a lot more opportunities later on. And you never know, you could progress within the large studio. Just because others find it a big stagnant doesn't necessarily mean it'll be the same for you if you make a good impression. Congrats on the opportunities though!