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  1. I was only saying to my friend the other day that I missed the MP5. Used to love it back in the 1.6/source days. Nice to see it back!
  2. Beck

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Looks seriously impressive for console hardware. Will obviously look better on the Pro/X which is annoying so will wait and see if there's going to be a PC release a year later I think.
  3. Beck

    Black Mesa Source

    That first shot looks great. Have they announced a release date yet?
  4. Well I am off to Rhodes in a couple of weeks and have visited some islands and the mainland. 'Tis a lovely part of the world!
  5. Beck

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Looks beautiful. Probably gonna scare the shit out of me all over again. Happily it's been confirmed for PC and XBO for the same date too so will be definitely be picking this up for PC. Can't aim for shit on consoles I will say the doors looked a bit annoying in the gameplay. At one point a zombie (clearly bugged it just walked away from Leon) turned away and walked through the doorway and just as the player was going to shoot it the door automatically closed between them. I don't mind doors automagically closing, it should probably happen slower/later though to avoid blocking the players aim after they just opened it.
  6. All the videos I've seen on this look really nice art wise. Lots of colour and light. Makes me want to go on holiday!
  7. Beck

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    I think this looks just how my young mind saw it back in the day when I first played the demo on my PS1. Nailed it.
  8. Beck

    Fallout 76

    Ok, I'm a little hyped about the new Fallout after watching the E3 presentation. It's fully online with dozens of people (Dedicated servers!) but you can still play offline in single player if you wish. Map is 4x the size of FO4's map and you can build settlements with your friends which you can then move to anywhere you want on the map. There looks to be a few different biomes and new enemies and nuke silos dotted around the map which you can find launch codes for to use against enemies/players. What I like about the nukes is they leave behind a wasteland area with high end materials inside it. I'm glad it still looks like Fallout underneath it all though. I probably won't bother with the building aspect but it'll be fun to play with my friends. Looking forward to 14th November!
  9. Cam into work and this was right at the top of Reddit for me. Nice surprise! Looking forward to more!
  10. Beck

    Cyberpunk 2077

    That looks sick! After the Witcher series gotta be a day one from me too!
  11. Beck

    Fallout 76

    Just watched the full documentary and enjoyed it. They're clearly passionate about their games and it's nice to hear how a lot of the original members from Oblivion and before are still there. Sure their games are buggy sometimes and I'm kind of worried at the direction FO76 might be going in but the documentary made me a little less worried. E3 isn't far away now so I guess I don't have to worry for too long
  12. Beck

    Fallout 76

    Yeah a lot of the "leaks" seem to be pointing in that direction. I ignored it in FO4 except for the mandatory quest near the start and for the most part it didn't affect me. I know you could get some of the best traders by building up your towns which kind of sucked and I saw some other people complaining that there were a lack of hub towns in FO4 since Bethesda wanted you to build your own in the different locations. If this game centres around the building aspect I might just skip it. That's not Fallout for me.
  13. Beck

    Fallout 76

    I was excited when I first saw the trailer, in the run up to the release I was waiting to be disappointed with a remake or something like a new Fallout Shelter. Now I'm not so excited again since a lot of people are quoting sources saying it's going to be like Rust or online and include lots of building (I hate building stuff in games). I guess E3 will tell us more. If that Elder Scrolls info above is true too then I'll be doubly sad!
  14. Fuck that guy. Wouldn't wish cancer on anyone and he was praising his passing because he criticised some games he worked on. Who the fuck does that? I think TB did some great reviews and enjoyed his WTF is... videos for those smaller, niche or indie titles I knew nothing about. He was usually bang on with what he said. RIP.