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  1. I really enjoy Raycevicks videos, that was great. I think he hit the nail on the head with everything really, and I'd have to agree with him. I miss Valve.
  2. Those sonic booms!
  3. Mapcore Job Census

    Grats! Say hi to Akuila and Jethro if you see them around
  4. This is seriously awesome, those boosters landing side by side doesn't look real. Shame about the centre core, I've not heard what happened but saw some rumours it missed the barge and cause a lot of damage to the barge too. I'm sure they'll figure out what went wrong and iron out an issues. It insane they've made a rocket which can lift twice as much as the next and cost half as much per flight. That's huge savings and I hope it starts a new era of space travel. I was driving to work today and had a good view of the moon on the way. It's crazy to think somewhere up there there's also a car floating about
  5. Nintendo Switch

    I mean cardboard is pretty cheap you could just cut out your own replacements I guess. I'm sure each box could come with a code for a template or whatever. This doesn't interest me at all but I could see it being fun for kids.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    I got Zelda BOTW for my birthday last week and it's a great game. like FMP I found the controls a little awkward at first but I got used to the quickly. I love the survival aspects in the game and it makes me want to try and cook to create heat resistant food and such. Normally I don't care about crafting or cooking in games so well done Nintendo on that! Love exploring the world and finding interesting ways to defeat monsters. Not a huge fan of the breakable weapons but I've never been short of stuff to use so it's no big deal. I think Mario is the better game of the two but Zelda is still awesome. The Switch is great though, can't wait to go on holiday next and not be bored on the plane!
  7. Mario Odyssey

    I got a free Switch from work and this was the first game I picked up and haven't been disappointed at all. I'm not a huge Mario fan, don't really enjoy the side scroller Mario's, but loved 64 and Sunshine so this was right up my alley. I've not once felt lost in the game and have had fun exploring all these little worlds. They really do cram a lot of moons into them I feel like I'm always finding secret areas and it feels great. I want to explore every nook and cranny to find every last moon I can. I enjoy taking control of enemies too. Definitely a 10/10 game. Picking up Zelda BOTW once I'm done with this one.
  8. What have you watched recently?

    Finally started watching Peaky Blinders. It's set in 1919 Birmingham, literally down the road from where I lived. It's great seeing some local locations and accents and it's actually got me gripped. Loving it so far!
  9. To be fair the soundtrack from Burnout 3 was shit hot. Always feel like I'm driving a million miles an hour listening to it.
  10. Building a Library of Images for Everyone

    http://soundimage.org/txr-wood/ Works for me!
  11. The Steam Sale Thread

    It's a free game. Why wouldn't you just add it to your account and forget about it like the rest of us?
  12. GTA V

    That's cool but I doubt I'll be able to afford any of the requirements in-game without a few shark cards.
  13. What music have you listened to recently?

    Got DOOM in the black Friday sale and the soundtrack is so bloody good.
  14. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    The scene is looking really nice but I don't like the lens flares from the candles. Feels off to me and I don't feel candles produce enough light to give off lens flares. I'm no lighting artist though, just saying! I guess it comes down to when the scene is set? I can see what look like some fairy lights, so I'm guessing it's present day at least? Perhaps you can use some wall sconces to give off more light if that's what you want?