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  1. Earlier in the year I got promoted to Lead Level Designer at Rebellion. My website is down, can we update the link on my name to just point to my twitter? https://twitter.com/Beckmech Cheers!
  2. Hey guys, We have multiple experienced (or higher) level design roles available here at Rebellion right now. We're working on something big and new! Job posting here: https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/7E052E40C1 The advert says Warwick but we'd be open to any studio being your "home" studio and of course we offer a hybrid working environment. If anyone is interested give me a shout and I can get you referred and I'm happy to give any feedback on portfolios and CV's too! We've also got a bunch of other design roles open at the moment too EXPERIENCED GAME DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/4269C57690 SENIOR MONETIZATION DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/ECF580F902 SENIOR ECONOMY DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/B105A0D677 LEAD GAME DESIGNER https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/4449757E38 ..and more! We're on a big recruitment push at the moment so if there's anything you can't see on the website feel free to get in touch as there's probably more roles upcoming soon. Cheers!
  3. Beck

    Unreal Engine 5

    So when are we getting our Cloverfield walking simulator? Very impressive though!
  4. Beck

    Sniper Elite 5

    I think people still enjoy cinematic trailers. I do myself as they're just nice to look at. They're kinda like short movies I guess and help to set the scene for the game. The cinematic trailer we put out introduced a new feature of our called the Axis Invader where players can invade your game as an enemy sniper to try and take you down which has a lot of fans of Sniper Elite excited.
  5. Beck

    Sniper Elite 5

    Not sure who did the voice over for it but I think it was meant to be Churchill. I don't think it did harm though, the feedback we've been getting has been very positive so far! New trailer dropped yesterday too!
  6. Beck

    Sniper Elite 5

    Hard to believe that other thread was 3 years ago! Really excited that SE5 is having trailers released now, I love this stage of the project as the public gets to see more and hype starts to build!
  7. Beck

    Elden Ring

    Never really played a souls-like game but this one has really got me interested. I think I just prefer how it looks more open world and has a few more mechanics like crafting and stealth over other DS games. Beat the first boss in DS3 once but kinda got overwhelmed by all the stats etc when levelling up I just put it down and never went back. This just looks really good though so I'm really tempted.
  8. Beck

    Unreal Engine 5

    Yeah I was talking to one of the level designers at work about this today. I'm finding it harder and harder to find a game I can really stick with and put a lot of hours into. Whereas 10+ years ago there were quite a few games that I would really enjoy and put many hours into. Now some of this is probably down to me getting older, having less time to play, my friends not playing as much and my tastes changing. But then I think about Battlefield 2042 and how bad that's been received. Before it came out and all we had were trailers I was pretty hyped for it. I wanted a modern day Battlefield like BF2, BC2 or BF3 but with modern graphics and that's exactly what the trailers looked like. Obviously, that never came to pass and I cancelled my pre-order after playing the beta. But if DICE/EA did release a modern day BF2 I reckon I could really dedicate some time to it. Now, I guess we're in the minority since the games industry is pulling in some serious cash. The masses must be loving it but I guess most of the money is going into a small number of franchises (COD, LOL, Pokemon, Mobile games etc). I dunno, maybe when we can't progress with graphics any more without a significant jump in graphics power the games will get better and we'll focus on the gameplay instead? Old man shouts at cloud!
  9. Beck

    Unreal Engine 5

    Does look great. Basically caught up with all those movies where I used to say "Imagine if games looked like this!"
  10. Got promoted to Assistant Lead Level Designer a couple of months ago at Rebellion!
  11. I gave it a go on stream and quite enjoyed it, finished the first two chapters. Will probably continue it, kinda gave me Alan Wake vibes in terms of gameplay but god damn are the black bars annoying! No real idea what's going on in terms of story but I'm sure all will make sense soon enough!
  12. Mostly Dead by Daylight when I get some downtime (Currently free on Epic by the way!) but I am doing some charity streams this month so might dig out Skyrim and if I hit a goal I'll do a scary game. Someone sent me Evil Within (is it scary?) so will potentially play that!
  13. I know these games aren't everyone's cup of tea but the music (again) takes me right back to my childhood.
  14. Happy to hear you enjoyed it. It kinda makes me sad but listening to some of this music takes me back instantly. Jeremy Soule's music is great.
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