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  1. Beck

    Epic Games Store

    Wonder when (if?) we'll see Valve change any of their policies to do with Steam to try and combat this? Do they need to? They've still got a crap load of games on there and still have some big releases. No doubt they will lose a lot more in the future though.
  2. Beck

    Epic Games Store

    Bring back Xfire!
  3. Beck

    Epic Games Store

    I don't get the hate Epic is getting. I'm so used to having multiple launchers on my computer now that it doesn't faze me at all. I've got Steam for most my games Origin for anything EA Battle.net for anything ActiBlizz GOG for old games UPlay relunctantly EGS for Unreal 4 and now some of the big exclusives. Of course I'd love all my games in one place but that's not going to happen anymore. Everyone wants a piece of the pie Valve has been hogging for 15+ years. Steam isn't what it used to be either.
  4. Beck

    EGX Rezzed

    Nah, sadly not! Would have been fun to be a part of.
  5. Yeah, I think something like bigger worlds, more players, super realistic graphics and zero loading times is the only thing which would draw me to this service. I don't think it'd ever be great for competitve games unless they can get the latency right down which just isn't possible right now - but for the average gamer it'd probably be an ok service.
  6. Beck

    Sniper Elite 5 and remakes

    Not sure I can talk about teams and such at the moment. Should be more announced soon. In general though, juniors will usually get their own level or take over work on a level which is already in production - Just depends when they join and what we have left to work on. We've expanded quite a lot in recent years so I've been training and overseeing a lot of juniors and newcomers. I still make levels but I sometimes get the time to play, give feedback and help out on other levels where I can.
  7. Beck

    Sniper Elite 5 and remakes

    Haha I'm not working on Sniper Elite right now But yeah, it was a busy announcement!
  8. Beck

    A Game of Thrones

  9. I'm not a big fan of this personally. Most recently for me is probably with Battlefield 5 where they have those weekly challenges you need to complete in order to unlock a new skin, or more annoyingly, a new weapon or vehicle. I don't want to have to play week after week to ensure I can unlock everything - Or at least not game changing things like weapons or vehicles - Those should always be unlockable through gameplay (Maybe I'm wrong and they are?). If it's a grind for cosmetics then that's fine. Put all the time limited stuff you want in. But please don't try to force me to play every day. I guess a similar game to Destiny and Anthem would be Borderlands. Borderlands nailed the want to chase loot and wasn't a "live service" that forced you to play all the time and sold like hot cakes.
  10. Beck


    Didn't want to make a new topic just for this but ActiBlizz are firing almost 800 staff after a record year financially https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/1999-11-30-activision-blizzard-confirms-it-will-lay-off-approximately-8-percent-of-staff They say it's from under-performing areas but what a kick in the teeth Hope everyone lands on their feet ok.
  11. Beck

    Apex Legends

    I don't think this is the game for you, Mitch.
  12. Beck

    Apex Legends

    I actually think the inventory is great in this game. I can easily pickup and replace attachments rather than jumping into the inventory and manually dragging them onto my guns. I can also easily tell what ammo types I need and just keep an eye out for those. If I try to pick up an inferior attachment the game doesn't let me unless I hold the button. It's pretty intuitive I feel. Most of the time I'm playing is in combat or scanning for enemies. I don't look at the floor nearly as much as I do in other games like PUBG.
  13. Beck

    Apex Legends

    Got my first win last night. Really enjoying Pathfinder as his ability to get your team mates around quickly is super helpful!
  14. Beck

    Battlefield V

    7.3 million sales is disappointing?