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  1. I'm properly addicted to Slay the Spire right now.
  2. I thought Wingman was some kind of mode against some AI or something. Granted I haven't been playing CSGO for a while. Gotta admit that does looks smooth af though!
  3. God that one guy giving a presentation on his games monetisation was horrible. I hope the industry changes soon. A lot of the big publishers are getting really greedy.
  4. Yeah I don't care about multiple launchers, I've already got like 4 or 5 on my PC. I meant subscription services (ala Netflix, Prime, HBO, Disney etc...) and the fear that gaming equivalents will become the norm in the future doing away with physical/digital copies of games. There would be no way for those games to be preserved except in YouTube lets plays like Jim Stirling mentioned. I saw that Ross Scott video and it was really good, hopefully it does get somewhere and will lead to a way to keep games alive once their servers are switched off.
  5. Yeah, I'm not liking the look of all the subscription based services. I doubt physical/digital copies are going to go anywhere too soon but the industry could definitely go the same route TV/Film has gone with every studio having their own service with their own content locked to that service. In other news, unskippable adverts in full priced games.
  6. Been offline for a week so missed all the hype (Thank god for E3Recap!) but it was an alright E3 by the looks of it. For me I'm most excited for: FFVII Remake - After seeing the combat system in action it put my fears to bed. Fully looking forward to this now. Damn them for making me want to spend £250 for the collectors edition. Not happy about the exclusive summon materia for pre-ordering or paying more though. That shit can fuck off. Luigi's Mansion 3 - Looks great. Loved the original and this has co-op elements too! New Zelda BOTW sequel. Nice surprise! Cyberpunk 2077 - Already hyped for this nice to have a release date! Shenmue 3 - Again, already hyped as I've been waiting nearly 20 years for a sequel
  7. Hey guys, LIttle bit late to the E3 party but I've been away all week. Zombie Army 4: Dead War got revealed at the PC Gamer show last week and I can finally talk about what I've been working on! I've been working on a couple of levels in ZA4, part of one can be seen in the gameplay below Cinematic trailer: Some co-op gameplay:
  8. Beck

    A Game of Thrones

    Yeah but she's never burnt innocents. She's always harped on about being the breaker of chains and freeing people from tyranny and then she goes and one ups her dad and actually burns everyone in the city. I'm not happy with this season, everything feels super rushed and not much of it makes sense. So many character arcs have just been disregarded or fizzled out. I'm not claiming to be a writer or anything, I can't write for shit, but there's been a noticeable change since they ran out of book material.
  9. What FMPONE said. On top of all that the materia system was awesome fun to experiment with. I hope that makes it back for the remake. Can't wait to explore Midgar again!
  10. It is a load of drama, I agree, but it's pretty much been made by Randy. I'm kinda outward facing for Rebellion. I take part in a lot of their streams, spend time on their discord and engage with fans on twitter. You see a lot of angry people talking shit about your games but you either ignore it or try to explain why it's that way and you've taken the feedback onboard. You don't go all Randy on a news outlet because you yourself misunderstood what a microtransaction was. No way did GI fuck him lol. I guess Gearbox/T2 don't mind since it's keeping people talking about Borderlands 3 a lot.
  11. Beck

    A Game of Thrones

    What @dux said. This season has been a massive let down. After the initial excitement of a new episode is gone and I think about what happened I'm just left facepalming. I wish the books were finished so D&D could have just copied what was in them and given us an awesome TV series to go with the books.
  12. Yeah I'm really happy for the team, I'm glad they're seeing success. They got a couple more maps in production, more armour and weapons on the way and mod tools out later in the year! I haven't really seen much negative being said by anyone after the initial server bugs were ironed out.
  13. Would love to see some more Cyberpunk 2077 and any of the big first party titles Nintendo might have for the Switch. Other than that I'm not really looking forward to anything. Maybe Sony can surprise us with another first party title or Valve can actually announce a game - Are Valve even going?
  14. It is basically Chivalry 2. It's made by fans of Chiv but the combat is way more refined than it was in chiv, it's had constant feedback duing development from the alpha and beta backers. It feels really solid. There's none of those weird animation exploits where people would wind up an overhead swing and then spin around to hit you with the sword over their head with their backs bent back. There's also new combo's, morphs and chambers - if you swing your weapon in the same direction the enemies weapon comes from you'll clash weapons and you'll get a chance to quickly attack to counter. There's also horses, siege weapons, building fortifications and tons of armour and weapon customisation (Pretty much all of it can be earned in-game). If you enjoyed Chivalry I really recommend it.
  15. I've not heard about any VR support. The devs are pretty active on their Discord though. Might be worth an ask. Streamed a few games last night and had a lot of fun. I think it had ~50k viewers on Twitch which was nice to see but I guess it's not too surprising as most people go to Twitch to check out new games these days.
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