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  1. Beck

    Fallout 76

    I've cancelled my pre-order for this. I'm a huge Fallout fan but after watching some FO76 gameplay it just feels like it will get boring quite fast. All of the quests seem really basic (find something, kill these waves, kill this big bad boss enemy) and I just don't think the story is going to be good at all. No human NPC's to give quests or have dialogue with - it was all holotapes and notes with the odd robot it seemed. VATs looks horrible and it might be fun to play with friends for a bit but there's only so much killing and looting I can take without interesting quests and story to keep me moving forward. I don't care for the building aspect either but I bet you miss out on a lot if you don't do it. Might pick it up when it's cheaper or if it turns out it's actually awesome.
  2. We're almost there boys!
  3. Beck

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Wish I had a pro but I can't justify the upgrade from the PS4 I have. Pains me to see those graphics options in the menu of some of the games though. I'm one of those who love to play with the best graphics when possible. I'll stick it out and I'm sure we'll get a PC version of this game. If not I'll be able to get the game cheaper in a year anyway!
  4. Beck


    Busan is finally in the competitive map pool it seems. Played it for the first time yesterday and it was a very pretty and fun map! Great stuff
  5. Beck

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Mine probably won't either but I'm never gonna stop trying to get her to play games. One day she might bite
  6. Beck

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Yeah I just meant watch me play
  7. Sony finally allows its Playstation users to play Fortnite with the rest of the world https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-09-26-playstation-4-gets-cross-play-with-nintendo-switch-and-xbox-one Good move, I don't care about Fortnite but it'd be nice if this potentially paves the way to us seeing all cross-platform games being played online across all platforms with each other.
  8. Beck

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    January will roll round quicker than you think. I wish it'd take longer 'cause I've got so much work to do Games looking great though, definitely picking this one up. Hoping to play through it my girlfriend so I don't have to be shit scared alone.
  9. Yeah, parents really shouldn't put their credit card details into their kids accounts. If they really want Xbox Live Gold or PS+ buy a voucher for their kid to put into their account and if they want the kid to buy skins and shit give them gift cards. At least you'll know how much is being spent that way. I guess it is hard for parents to understand. My parents wouldn't understand it and they've watched me grow up playing every game under the sun. Fortnite has come out of nowhere too and every kid plays it, it must be hard for parents to keep up with. I installed it myself a couple of weeks ago to see what the hype was about but I couldn't get into it. I really dislike the building aspect, like how you can instantly build protection around you. I was way too late to join and people were just building crazy shit whilst I was trying to shoot them. The skins and dances and shit are really cool though. I can see why kids want it all.
  10. Beck

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Super impressive. I'm glad they released a video, after showing the industry and press twice already it's nice to be a part of the club.
  11. Beck

    Rebellion - Multiple roles available!

    Still looking for a level designer or two here at Rebellion. Juniors, experienced or whatever, if you fancy it let me know! http://jobs.rebellion.co.uk/vacancies/309/level_designer/
  12. Beck

    Battlefield V

    They know how to make these trailers get you hyped don't they?
  13. Beck

    Shenmue 3

    Shenmue 1 and 2 releases later today and also there's a Shenmue 3 announcement at Gamescom, possible release date? https://store.steampowered.com/app/758330/Shenmue_I__II/ Kind of crazy to see Shenmue releases. I never thought I'd see it happen! Edit: It's coming 27th August 2019
  14. Beck

    Quake Champions

    I gave this a try over the weekend and it was alright. The main menu was confusing as hell and it wouldn't stop giving me tutorials on how to use it. If your main menu needs 5 tutorials to use then it's too bloated and complicated. Simplify that shit! Gameplay wise it was your standard Quake fare, though I'm not a fan of the special abilities that characters had. For a shooter which is about skill, pixel perfect aiming and reaction speeds the special abilities just felt like a cheap way to get the upper hand on someone. Had fun overall though and it felt great landing that perfect rail gun shot from a distance. I'd agree with @Radu about the game constantly loading between the menu and a map, back to the menu and back to a game again. But I guess they've got loot boxes now so they have to give you XP, level you up and shove the loot boxes you got in your face so you'll want to buy more.