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  1. Psy

    Mapcore Job Census

    Might want to remove me from the list as I no longer work at Jagex.
  2. Psy

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Messing around with HL2 assets.
  3. Psy

    What's going on with your life?

    Just received a pretty good job offer on a project that I'm not really all that interested in. Hmm...
  4. Psy

    What have you watched recently?

    Gave Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt a punt on Netflix and holy crap it's good!
  5. I don't play city builders. *plays Cities : Skylines* WHERE HAVE THESE GAMES BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!
  6. Psy

    Source 2!

    Free except the 30% that Valve take from selling your game on Steam?
  7. Psy

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Here's a CS map I blocked out a while back. Needs more cover and whatnot. Not sure if it's worth continuing with, tbh.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFrgdFb0WS0
  9. Psy

    Valve: Future Hardware Plans

    I'm hoping for Half-Life 4.
  10. Psy

    Marnamai - Level Designer

    I can't view the site as it says "bandwidth limit exceeded".
  11. Psy

    Aaron Garcha - Level Designer

    Did a very slight rejig of the design, but most importantly started adding some scripting examples here that I've put together in UE4. Might add a couple more if I can think of any ideas, though I really need to put a singleplayer level on there.
  12. Psy

    What's going on with your life?

    wat German is a beautiful language.
  13. Psy

    What's going on with your life?

    Got back from Seattle this morning. Had a nice little break and even got to visit Valve! But I now I shall pay with horrendous amounts of jet lag...
  14. Psy

    GTA V

    Well, as long as it doesn't run like the bag of shit that is GTA4 then I guess I'm okay with a delay...