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What have you watched recently?


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Just watched the latest ep of both Walking Dead and Dexter.

That last part of Walking Dead

(the wrestling/fight club/shit)

was a bit WTF. Still, it's progressing nicely.

Dexter... well, Psy, you may have convinced me. This season is shaping up. Was really hooked during the last ep!

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The Crying Game

For those that have seen it;

Knew instantly that was a man, that voice was completely wrong for a female, forgot though that the actor was also in Stargate as Ra!

Decent film which explores lots of different themes...

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very powerful to watch as I've had to overcome the same issues as the protagonist with stammering/stuttering (although I partially "solved" it with my own help). I'm pretty sure it's a powerful film for people who don't stammer as well. the scene where lionel and bertie first meet is one of the best scenes i've ever seen.

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Game Of Thrones end of Season One was pretty uneventful but I guess they'll build it all up for Season Two which isn't on DVD until March 2013, so it's torrent time :P

Game of Thrones is definitely best watched all at once, I watched season 2 as it came out and found it very slow so ended up reading all the books lol.

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