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  1. The border scene was indeed amazing. About this movie, this scene is staying in my head...the music, the view and and the feeling of the upcoming tension...wow !
  2. El Moroes


    You forgot "Game of Thrones" I really enjoyed the movie and I'll go watch it again.
  3. El Moroes

    Corona Virus

    Well...I think I'm 5G ready !
  4. I finally tested "Hell let loose" and, hell, I loved it ! I never liked these kind of games before and...yeah I think I changed my mind because it was so intense and cool !
  5. Yeah ^^ Impressed me too, one of the first dm level on Source
  6. Nice I always wanted to see a nice remake of this map (or doing it myself when I was still motivated by creating levels ^^). This was one of my favorite in old good time of cs1.6 (and remember this map had just ONE crate, a real challenge aha ^^ ). He made cool and original levels and was one of my best inspiration at this time (cs_bikini, cs_greenhouse, de_deadlock, de_747,...). Aaaah memories
  7. Ahaha, sounds like I know these names ^^ I think I'll buy your game one day, not for playing it (to be honest it's not my cup of tea in term of gameplay) but "just" to walk in the levels you guys made because on art side, I really really love what I see.
  8. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    You live in GTA V ! Thanks a lot Helder ! I still don't know if I'll make a new video this year, I didn't made it last year. I'm not sure it's the right format to present my pictures ; for the people who would like to follow my work, outside of my website, Instagram is better tool I think
  9. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    One of my vacation pictures in Brittany (Fr.) www.marcbidoul-nature.fr
  10. Still on this one...and this is crazy how I'm enjoying it ! (I expressly chose a neutral screenshot to avoid spoilers ^^)
  11. Aaaaah la Bretagne Belle maison et excellent choix de vie ! On croise les doigts pour ta copine, chaud PS : yup, french ! ^^
  12. Impressive ! https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/2229791404478061089
  13. El Moroes

    Random Photo Thread

    Two birds, in black & white As usual, you can see more on my website here : http://marcbidoul-nature.fr/
  14. The immersion I had in the universe they gave me. This was in a unusual location at this time (a location I always loved and where I would like to discover in real live), the story was good, the character too (not a badass guy, not a common hero we can find everywhere), funny pnj and partner, the gameplay wasn't bad at all ; I liked this idea to play with the lights, the shadows, how to use it to kill an enemy,... I lived a cool adventure with this game.
  15. One of the best game I ever played
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