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  1. dont even joke about this shit
  2. Great movie, really enjoyed it.
  3. I got it for my bday and we did enjoy it when we played it, however I think we were so impressed by Munchkin that we compared it to that and exploding kittens didn't really deliver to that standard. Completely different games I know...
  4. LIVE: Tyranid swarm rushes the DICE conference table!
  5. Can't argue about the time aspect tho! I've heard good things about Codenames, might check it out!
  6. Hey! This was originally supposed to be a topic about Warhammer 40 000 specifically but I can't imagine that we have a lot of players on here, so I figured that I'd broaden the topic to include various forms of analogue gaming nerdery goodness. So, my fellow mapcorians, do you whip out any non-digital games from time to time? And who else is interested in this book?
  7. Me and RZL teamed up for a few games, got stomped once but we mostly stood our ground! If there are any other mapcorians who want to team up more, let us know! We're platinum-level. I lucked out like hell with Dva. Girly reaction scream included.
  8. Yeah, sound and atmosphere is pretty on point! I thought the first game mode looked pretty cool, gave me some Wolfenstein flashbacks! I like when modes have a bit more structure and you avoid having a chaotic run'n'gun moshpit.
  9. Playing more and more recently. Been trying to expand my hero pool and I find that Reinhardt is awesome. I had a hard time with him before but now I feel that I "get him". I was a bit bummed out that this wasn't POTG though. Solo-defense.
  10. Nice!!! It felt like we would visit the moon eventually. Awesome style! Also, when you get that perfect pharah flank...
  11. Hi Sebastian, I just wanted to give you some feedback on this posting. You are seeking help to make these three props so that you can art the level, right? If that is correct, I'd implore you to consider two things. Is the level well-tested and does it feel balanced and fun to play? I ran around the level and it seems very, very big with some design choices that don't align with the Counter Strike "formula" (competitive maps etc). If you are trying to break the mold and make something different, that's fine though. Regardless, I would think about adding verticality, which I think is something you always want, even if it's subtle. My point is that the design of the level should be pretty much nailed so that the external artist doesn't have to go back and revisit their work after design changes. Consider art-passing the entire level to the point where the only things missing are these requested props. De_train/de_nuke assets could be used as placeholders for these things (they have some server/electric-stuff). This way, the artist can see that the map has potential and would probably be more eager to help. Also, the artist can more easily think about how their assets "fit in" with their surroundings. I think it is wise to take the project as far as you can on your own to gain experience and also make it easier for artists to see that, if they decide to help out, the props won't be scrapped if the level doesn't end up getting finished. Kind regards Puddy
  12. Don't get too caught up on stuff like this when you greybox. Any of the setups here are fine, it's just a greybox. Personally, I prefer the left solution of the three lower ones, it allows you to move the floor without need to adjust walls.
  13. Far Cry is one of my guilty pleasures. I hate to say this but if this game comes out and it's just "more of the same" of FC3/4 I'd still enjoy it I think. But I'm hoping there's a bit more to it of course!