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  1. but we must honor our ancestry
  2. Puddy

    Dishonored II

    I liked the DLC but never ended up finishing it. The powers didn't feel quite right for me and I had just slashed my way through Dishonored 2 so some fatigue was setting in.
  3. Great job! Read this while listening to the Max Payne theme, can recommend!
  4. Puddy

    Far Cry 5

    I made a little fan video this afternoon!
  5. Puddy

    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Yanzl made an awesome update to the level!
  6. Puddy

    Sea of Thieves

    Yeah, I'm also going to wait... but the xbox game pass trial is free and 2 weeks long and lets you play the game! Arr!
  7. Puddy

    Sea of Thieves

    It's out!!! Should we get a crew together soon? Who's playing?
  8. Puddy


  9. Puddy

    Sea of Thieves

    Could it be me? It's me at the very start of the video.
  10. Puddy

    Sea of Thieves

    For any swedes here:
  11. I want to watch that video, I like Raycevicks stuff... ... but I also want to play the game first, but that shit won't start on my pc.
  12. Puddy

    What movie is this?

    Surprisingly good and tense film
  13. Yeah, the part where I make levels is really time-consuming... Can anything be done about that?
  14. Puddy

    Altered Carbon

    Started watching this the other day, I've seen maybe 4 episodes. It has a few interesting moments but overall it's kind of bad. Damn shame...
  15. Puddy

    Jack Ryan (Amazon tv show)

    hey look it's jim