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  1. Also, I think the lower FOV influenced my harsh judgement.
  2. Same. I must admit that my patience ain't the best right now though. I played for an hour. I thought that the presentation, characters and dialogue were a bit, well, crude despite the premise being incredibly intriguing. Less would've been more in this case, they should've let the building tell its own story and gone easier on the exposition and early melodrama. Additionally, the game is way too quick in giving you a gun to blast generic enemies with and introducing very gamey systems ("control" points, weapon mods etc). Instead of fighting creepy otherworldly entities I felt like I was blasting Destiny "mobs".
  3. this is released tomorrow?! why was I not informed? hype! looks like a strong return to form!
  4. so hyped for this, more gameplay coming today too! battlemode looks cool but... can it make a mark in the ultra-competitive market place of mp games? also, im generally veeeeeery skeptical of games with an asymmetrical player count - I think a 2vs2 mode (with potential respawns on the demon side) could be interesting, as it allows the teams to switch sides and so on
  5. To be fair, this mode is inspired by a mode from Modern Warfare 3 (can't remember what it was called, haven't actually played it). I am pretty hyped for this game. The gunplay looks tight and fun and the game seems like a return to its roots. Hooray.
  6. Squad Conquest is the best mode
  7. Yeah, that’s a big thing... i’m hoping i’ve forgotten a bunch of stuff
  8. ah yes the sweet nectar of nostalgia and youth give it to me!!!
  9. This was a great season.
  10. Hey folks! There's been some experimental updates to the level, which we'll test tonight at 20.00 CET in 5vs5 comp! Feel free to join (limited slots tho ofc)! Some pics below B connector now leads more directly to B, leading to less crossfire/angles in the heart of mid. Easier flow to B. T's timings have been slowed however so CT has slightly more time to setup defenses. A-long has been simplified and entrance to A has a smoother flow. Still WIP ofc. Movement in T-spawn has been simplified and path signage/readability should be improved. + minor tweaks here and there!
  11. well, art and design is a collaboration but i think there's a time and place for focusing on the design, because otherwise the main priority will be to make it pretty in time (which is very time-consuming and requires the design to be more or less locked) the csgo workshop map pool is becoming bigger and bigger and i think it's interesting to encourage the exploration of new ideas and give them time to grow
  12. hypothetically, i would theoretically like a contest which had a shorter deadline and was focused on creating a "neat whitebox" map which perhaps had a stated goal of trying to innovate the map structure (the latter not being necessary ofc) by "neat whitebox", i mean a whitebox level that is fully playable and tested but also fairly fleshed out in terms of geo and architecture and where artistic considerations have been made to a large degree (architecture, shapes, vistas. placeholder art etc) but a full artpass hasn't been made so the goal wouldn't be to have a 100% finished level, just a very promising base that has solid gameplay and the potential to look great when completed
  13. hey folks! now that the map has been out for a while and has been playable on faceit, we are looking for any and all feedback and concerns you might have quality of life improvements are coming but there is also some looking into more meaningful changes wild ideas and suggestions are welcome all da best, pudds
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