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  1. Sea of Thieves

    Could it be me? It's me at the very start of the video.
  2. Sea of Thieves

    For any swedes here:
  3. I want to watch that video, I like Raycevicks stuff... ... but I also want to play the game first, but that shit won't start on my pc.
  4. What movie is this?

    Surprisingly good and tense film
  5. Yeah, the part where I make levels is really time-consuming... Can anything be done about that?
  6. Altered Carbon

    Started watching this the other day, I've seen maybe 4 episodes. It has a few interesting moments but overall it's kind of bad. Damn shame...
  7. Jack Ryan (Amazon tv show)

    hey look it's jim
  8. Mute

    Aw yiss, always game for some duncan jones except warcraft let's forget warcraft
  9. Dishonored II

    i also switched to medium, didn't have the energy to be a badass ninja im a few missions in, going to continue with death of the outsider afterwards!
  10. Manhunt - Unabomber

  11. [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    THE MAP IS NOW RELEASED http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1258599704 We will be running it on the Mapcore Server tonight, feel free to join and celebrate! CS:GO Server IP: Central EuropeSlots: 20 players
  12. [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    Hey, this was discussed on the previous page.
  13. [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    So... Today it is! Goddamn finally amirite?!
  14. [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    With so many entries in the workshop, it has become a littered minefield of taken names - with multiple ones called Breach. We have tried to be respectful and have avoided names that were taken by recent and/or fully polished maps. I would like to hear if people disagree with our decision, as we don’t want to cause a stir.
  15. [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    The end (of development) is nigh! A little gif showcasing the various (25) iterations, where you can see the level evolve further and further away from the initial DE_AGENCY.