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  1. Puddy

    Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting

    well, art and design is a collaboration but i think there's a time and place for focusing on the design, because otherwise the main priority will be to make it pretty in time (which is very time-consuming and requires the design to be more or less locked) the csgo workshop map pool is becoming bigger and bigger and i think it's interesting to encourage the exploration of new ideas and give them time to grow
  2. Puddy

    Hypothetical-Contest Rules Voting

    hypothetically, i would theoretically like a contest which had a shorter deadline and was focused on creating a "neat whitebox" map which perhaps had a stated goal of trying to innovate the map structure (the latter not being necessary ofc) by "neat whitebox", i mean a whitebox level that is fully playable and tested but also fairly fleshed out in terms of geo and architecture and where artistic considerations have been made to a large degree (architecture, shapes, vistas. placeholder art etc) but a full artpass hasn't been made so the goal wouldn't be to have a 100% finished level, just a very promising base that has solid gameplay and the potential to look great when completed
  3. Puddy

    [CS:GO] DE_Breach - Released!

    hey folks! now that the map has been out for a while and has been playable on faceit, we are looking for any and all feedback and concerns you might have quality of life improvements are coming but there is also some looking into more meaningful changes wild ideas and suggestions are welcome all da best, pudds
  4. Puddy

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    yeah, i feel ya... a lot of tactics can be denied by pure twitchiness. i am pretty good but i just get wrecked by some crazy people on the interwebs sometimes. part of the reason i like blackout is that getting the drop on someone isn't everything, but the flip side of that is ofc that people can whip around and insta-hs you
  5. Puddy

    Battlefield V

    I designed Fjell 652 and I helped out on Rotterdam (airborne mode).
  6. Puddy

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    man... i love blackout... but i feel like i am in a minority or so? i dont know many people who are into it
  7. Puddy

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    some mapcore squad gameplay from the beta
  8. Puddy

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    playing on PC im here to play blackout, control and heist... oh, and chew bubble gum but im all outta gum
  9. Puddy

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    add puddy#2275 if you wanna team up right now europe!
  10. Puddy

    Alan Wake

    hyped for da tv show! i always liked alan wakes vibe and lore
  11. this looks really fucking rough? i remember serious sam 2 looking better even
  12. Puddy

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

    not a huge cod fan anymore (after cod4:mw more or less) but damn the BR looks pretty interesting! the mode seems to give cod what it's been lacking: some combat pacing
  13. Puddy

    Battlefield V

    I agree that the trailer cuts have been a little fast...