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  1. Ok, let's all calm down and get back on topic. @Michael_: You have some unorthodox ideas and perspectives about level design and originality. You need to realize this and shouldn't be surprised that others have different ideas. You speak with very little humility, a harsh tone and an accusatory attitude. Please try to adress this or Mapcore may not be the place for you.
  2. Having a great time so far with this but - the story... wat? very confusing presentation - all the upgrade systems and currencies jeebus - fortress of doom layout is a goddamn maze lmao - teleporting to/from locations willy-nilly (storywise) makes the adventure feel a bit less adventerous, if that makes sense overall these are nitpicks doe, except maybe the story which could've been told waaaaaay more elegantly also i love da main menu theme, it's fucking stuck now
  3. I got the 7-9 week estimate, but it’s probably for the best, gotta paint and fix our new apartment before the virtual world swallows me whole.
  4. Ordered! I hope. I pressed the button and got a confirmation mail but haven't paid yet or stuff. Let's hope it's all good.
  5. Time to go on media blackout.
  6. It would not be a company policy or anything (like a checklist) - but look at it this way, if a recruiter sees that and gets the sense that your portfolio is very junior, which it is since it doesn't contain any professional experience, they might quickly skim past your portfolio if other candidates are more senior. Don't give them a reason to overlook you unnecessarily. Let them at least soak in your portfolio a bit first before they make a decision.
  7. Heyo! Some quick thoughts: Before you apply for jobs, be sure to pay for Wix - don't get filtered arbitrarily Your portfolio should be your home page, you can have an about page with text/CV Your email should be immediately visible on your portfolio Your portfolio has a background image with contrasting brightness, make it a plain background and let your images pop The separation between your portfolio entries is a bit vague, does the text belong to the image below or above it? Bunch up your image and text more clearly and let the page have some space between each entry This is a bit subjective but I think your portfolio entries are a bit too "big" and zoomed in, lots of scrolling involved Hope it helps Puddy
  8. Okay, I think it's time for everyone to take a breather. From here on, post quality must take an upward swing or we'll have to break up the mud wrestling. Feel free to discuss but please avoid making things personal, don't drag specific entries through the dirt and please motivate your opinions, expain your reasoning etc. Thanks in advance!
  9. I believe IW said there would be no payment required for gameplay things such as guns, abilities and what have you. Of course they are gonna let you pay for a KD watch. It's not a necessary item or game-breaking and I don't think they broke their promise, even though it can't be hailed as admirable.
  10. Hello! I checked the map out to verify its state and due to the aforementioned rule, the map is unfortunately not eligible.
  11. THIS And once you've done something, get it infront of people and LISTEN to their feedback. Don't deflect or shrug it off. Then improve the thing or, if you're sick of it, take the feedback with you to the next thing. Repeat.
  12. Don't worry, you're still a frontrunner for the "Most Modest Mapper"-award.
  13. Dude, you went on a bit of a bad faith rant yourself. Please take a minute to re-read your post and think about how you can formulate yourself in a more constructive, less vitriolic way and what would be a more appropriate thread for this kind of discussion (feel free to start a topic if none are suitable). Let's get this thread back on topic. Valid topics of discussion are the blockout itself or the approach of making the blockout in another engine.
  14. CT rushes have been nerfed in general so that should alleviate this issue, I'll keep an eye on this but right now I would classify this as a very minor thing.
  15. The update is now LIVE! ---> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1258599704 Some info about the update is available in a twitter thread here, for those who are curious!
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