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  1. Game looks nuts, can't wait!
  2. A Way Out definitely looks interesting, brave move to make a co-op only game and one that emphasizes couch co-op. Hope it pays off, would be nice with more games that are designed solely as co-op experiences.
  3. Love the setting, love the look of it, great job!
  4. Indeed, only thing that would've been surprising is if they actually hit their first announced release date
  5. It's really nice with the update, but from my experience then the frame rate hasn't been that bad, granted I've played 90% of the time in handheld mode which generally performs better. The only place that's consistently has shitty performance is the area around the Deku tree (1:40 in the video), but I think the performance of BoTW is something that looks worse on videos than it is when you're actually playing the game. Either way then I'm also less inclined to whine about it when I'm sitting outside and playing something like Zelda
  6. Aye, looks really promising. Great they're going all in on the nostalgia in a proper way (unlike Sonic 4)
  7. So, is this a straight up strategy game now with isolated combat missions at the fortresses that is played from an overview map, and not an open world sandboxy action game anymore? That's the vibe I got from that video. I kinda liked that the original was framed as an open world game, even if it wasn't the best in class at that particular part. Anyway, looks fine, the expanded nemesis stuff ends up sounding a bit convoluted in the video IMO, but it's absolutely the right call to double down on expanding that. I really want this to be good
  8. Been playing Zelda pretty much nonstop this entire weekend, absolutely in love with it. The size of the world is just crazy, but what's even more crazy is how much depth and details there are to be found in the world. It's still also surreal to be playing an open world game like this on a handheld (I probably spent 80% of the 15 hours I've played it so far in handheld mode). Also really digging the Switch so far, my only complaint is how the wrist strap parts are pretty hard to get off the JoyCons, they need a lot of force to slide off to the point where you're genuinely afraid that you've about to tear it apart. 1-2 Switch is pretty terrible, but Snipperclips is superb, played it a bit with my girlfriend and it was pretty much an instant hit, unlike 1-2 Switch. Anyway, so far, really happy with the Switch (and Zelda in handheld mode), probably the least amount of buyers remorse I've had with a console to date (put that on the back of the box )
  9. Hmm yeah Sprony. I was at a store before it opened to pick up Zelda and 1-2 Switch (didn't order games with the console). I got there 30 minutes early and expected a small line, but I was the first one there. By the time the store opened there were perhaps 7-8 people waiting, but much to my surprise it was only me and another guy that were there for the Switch. They also had plenty of Switch consoles on stock, so it isn't even a problem getting one without preordering. Definitely a far cry from the Wii days or my experience of getting a PS4 at launch. Anyway, can't wait to get back home and get into Zelda, haven't been this hyped about a game in ages.
  10. Played and completed it back in 2014. Absolutely gorgeous game, but in terms of gameplay and narrative I found it to be rather underwhelming. I'm all for games that emphasizes and rely more heavily on their story, but The Vanishing of Ethan Carter got progressively more uninteresting for me the closer it got to the end, with the conclusion being somewhat disappointing. The "figure out what the hell happened here" gameplay setups work quite well in the first few instances, but it feels like it's something that only got properly polished in the early parts of the game. Still think it's worth trying for the visuals alone, which I bet still hold up quite well even today.
  11. As long as they just make it a lot harder in the later parts of the game then I'd almost be content with more of the same, but it does sound like they're mixing it up in some good ways (dem Nemesis Fortresses sound interesting, if they do indeed adapt based on your playstyle)
  12. Got one preordered, Friday can't come soon enough!~
  13. This one always got me, lulz
  14. Been playing Solitairica on iPhone....A LOT (pretty much only play phone games these crunch filled days, except for Overwatch once in a while). Absolutely love this game, and I've never really cared about regular Solitaire at all. It's basically using Solitaire rules but with some RPG hooks and special powers, crazy addictive stuff once you get the hang of it
  15. Wish I was going Have fun guys~~