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  1. God of War

    http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/god-of-war Oh My God of War? Can't wait to get my claws on this. Really in the mood for a good a action adventure brawler~~
  2. Anyone At GDC?

    Yeah man Hopefully I'll be back at GDC next year And thanks! Now I can cross off being nominated for an IGF award from my game dev bucket list (not too sure about the winning part tho :D)
  3. Anyone At GDC?

    I'll be there! Come by the IGF Pavilion and say hi (we're nominated for an IGF Visuals award with ECHO so we've got a booth there)
  4. Yup, totally crazy finale, my money was on FaZe. Sadly I fell asleep midway through de_train, but holy crap it's gotta take some intense endurance to play through all maps + the general overtime.
  5. Shadow of the Colossus

    Looks ridiculously good, I'm so ripe for playing it again.
  6. Subnautica

    Grats on the release! Looks great~
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Love the Switch! Over the last year I've probably spent 90% of all my gaming time on the Switch, and primarily in handheld mode. Apart from the usual world class first party games then I've been catching up with a lot of indie games that I never got around to playing on other platforms. Only problem is that it's made me so lazy that I can't be bothered to sit up and play PC/Console games anymore
  8. Another new Death Stranding trailer! /me hides
  9. MORE BLOOD - for Ludum Dare 40

    Really awesome stuff vivi, haven't tried it yet but I'll give it a spin a bit later~~
  10. It's been a while since I finished it, but man this game just leaves me with mixed feelings. As much as I loved the story, characters and moments (one of my favorite games from a narrative perspective in a loooong time), I almost equally disliked the actual gameplay. Really sad since I really liked the gameplay of the first Machinehead Wolfenstein. It's generally way too hard to play as a shooter, borderline broken (at least on anything above the very easiest difficulty), providing basically no feedback that you're getting hit, unless you keep your eyes fixed on your health bar at all times. I'm as tired of the generic red bloodvein borders illustrating that the player is hurt, but man I missed something as stupid like that when playing this game. On the other hand then it's also just not tight enough as an actual stealth game, and honestly most encounters feel like they're designed for stealth up until a certain point, where they want you to start playing more aggressively. The first game found a much better balance in my opinion, functioning primarily like an excellent shooter where stealth was a fun way to mix things up, but not actually required. Here stealth seems strongly encouraged, but without making it a better stealth game in the process. It's a damn shame. Anyway, with all that said I still recommend the game, the story and the places this thing goes to is simply that good. And yeah, the first couple of hours are the worst gameplay wise, but it does get somewhat better (and so does the story).
  11. ECHO

    Aww thanks guys, really happy you like it!~~
  12. ECHO

    Cool! Hope you like it :D~ Also, some reviews are starting to come in. We got an 8 out of 10 on Gamespot plus Kotaku really seem to dig it!
  13. ECHO

    After two and half years the game is finally out on Steam! Super proud of what we've managed to create. It's 10% off for the first week, and there's a new launch trailer as well. Hope you guys give it a shot http://store.steampowered.com/app/551770/ECHO/
  14. Shenmue 3

    Hah yeah. I still have my Dreamcast from back then, I think I tried hooking it up around probably 10 years ago and played probably 2-3 hours of it (just enough to get down the village) The entire daily cycle for the NPCs and forcing the player to be at spots at the correct time was still really impressive, kinda wish more games had those kind of elements today, but yeah I doubt I would've reacted as positively to Shenmue 1 today as I did back then (because man it moves slooow :D)