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  1. Yeah I was talking to one of the level designers at work about this today. I'm finding it harder and harder to find a game I can really stick with and put a lot of hours into. Whereas 10+ years ago there were quite a few games that I would really enjoy and put many hours into. Now some of this is probably down to me getting older, having less time to play, my friends not playing as much and my tastes changing. But then I think about Battlefield 2042 and how bad that's been received. Before it came out and all we had were trailers I was pretty hyped for it. I wanted a modern day Battlefield like BF2, BC2 or BF3 but with modern graphics and that's exactly what the trailers looked like. Obviously, that never came to pass and I cancelled my pre-order after playing the beta. But if DICE/EA did release a modern day BF2 I reckon I could really dedicate some time to it. Now, I guess we're in the minority since the games industry is pulling in some serious cash. The masses must be loving it but I guess most of the money is going into a small number of franchises (COD, LOL, Pokemon, Mobile games etc). I dunno, maybe when we can't progress with graphics any more without a significant jump in graphics power the games will get better and we'll focus on the gameplay instead? Old man shouts at cloud!
  2. Does look great. Basically caught up with all those movies where I used to say "Imagine if games looked like this!"
  3. Got promoted to Assistant Lead Level Designer a couple of months ago at Rebellion!
  4. I gave it a go on stream and quite enjoyed it, finished the first two chapters. Will probably continue it, kinda gave me Alan Wake vibes in terms of gameplay but god damn are the black bars annoying! No real idea what's going on in terms of story but I'm sure all will make sense soon enough!
  5. Mostly Dead by Daylight when I get some downtime (Currently free on Epic by the way!) but I am doing some charity streams this month so might dig out Skyrim and if I hit a goal I'll do a scary game. Someone sent me Evil Within (is it scary?) so will potentially play that!
  6. I know these games aren't everyone's cup of tea but the music (again) takes me right back to my childhood.
  7. Happy to hear you enjoyed it. It kinda makes me sad but listening to some of this music takes me back instantly. Jeremy Soule's music is great.
  8. I was only talking about the Hazard Zone game mode. I still think have the same specialists on both teams in any other mode is rediculous. Apparently, there is going to be a lot of customisation, and some people are saying this will help players differentiate people, but unless EA/DICE force different teams to have different colours/skins it's not going to help at all. You could still have the same characters looking the same on both teams. A colour change in itself isn't ideal either as the silhouettes of those characters will be the same on both teams too. I just meant this same situation never bothered me on other games where you have small teams sharing the same characters. BR games PUBG, Apex, COD and other shooters like Tarkov.
  9. For sure. We lived through the golden age of gaming I feel and it could just me being old and shouting at clouds but I don't feel like modern games suit me well. There aren't many new games I enjoy like I did back in the late 90's to about the early 2010's. See, this is where the specialists work. You and 3 mates. You know who your friends are and where they are since you're most likely on Discord with them. Everyone else is an enemy. It doesn't really matter that everyone else is playing the same characters like in other BR and Tarkov-like games. Other modes in BF2042 really could do with having classes back and everyone plays a nameless soldier unique to their faction. But I guess that won't bring in the dollars from skin sales. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Man, I really am an old man shouting at clouds
  10. I think BF3 was the last time I truly enjoyed Battlefield. BF4 was ok but never really enjoyed the levelution, usually it would make the map worse for me. Haha, life in a pandemic got us going crazy.
  11. Did anyone try the beta at all? What were your thoughts? Personally, I was really looking forward to this game. I've been craving a new shooter for so long as I'm bored of everything else and Battlefield used to be my jam. I was hoping for a return to the BF BC2/BF3 days but after playing the beta I feel like I'm not going to enjoy the game. The biggest thing for me was the same characters used for both teams. It baffles me how this got through the design process. It's impossible to tell at a glance what team anyone is on. Did this game start as a Battle Royale then get turned into a Battlefield game because that would kind of make sense. You would know who's in your squad and anyone else is fair game, just shoot them. I lost count the amount of times I shot at friendlies or didn't shoot at enemies because of this. Also, everyone being able to use any gun/gadget just removed any sense of team play. Nobody was reviving, it was impossible to find ammo and I couldn't easily tell who was anti-vehicle so I could support them with ammo/cover fire. The whole class system made Battlefield what it was. You'd have to have a mix of all classes to succeed. Now it just feels like a big deathmatch and everyone is just chasing that kill they wanted. There were a load of other things which put me off, the vehicles felt horrible to control, the map felt way too big (and it's not even the biggest map), AI was pointless filler and the tornado felt like it'd get old fast. Graphically it was alright and I think Portal might be where I spend most of my time if I do end up picking it up. Just based on the beta I wasn't impressed at all sadly.
  12. We have another Level Designer role open working on the next Sniper Elite game. https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/11D5372A0B As above, we're ideally looking for a Junior who is ready to move up to an experienced level or an experienced level designer. If anyone wants to chat or apply for this give me a shout and I can give you a hand with the process
  13. Two months ago I became a dad for the first time. Mom was amazing and I can't be more proud of her and baby is doing really well. Sleep was hard at first but we're finally getting some kind of routine going and I'm getting maybe 4-6 hours of sleep at night which isn't bad and since I'm working from home it's not really an issue, no danger of me falling asleep at the wheel driving into the office! We've also been in our house for a year now, decorated thoughout and had the garden completely redeveloped so we can spend time in it and our little one with have somewhere to play outside when he's older. To top it all off I just got promoted to Assistant Lead Level Designer at Rebellion. I would never had imagined I'd get to a leadership role when I joined the industry just under 10 years ago and young me would never have thought I'd even get into the industry! Fair to say I'm pretty happy with life at the moment... just wish I had a bit more time for some games
  14. Beck

    Corona Virus

    Our cases are growing 40%+ per week at the moment. We don't have many deaths, less than 20 per day I believe, so right now, the vaccines are definitely helping. Hospitals aren't being overrun. But obviously, the more cases there are the more chance there is of it mutating and it finding a way to make the vaccines less effective. It is really frustrating watching out government plough forward as if nothing is going on. Sure the vaccine is working, but there are a lot of people not getting the vaccine too. I guess with the exponetial growth we're seeing right now some form of herd immunity could be achieved but it'd be so much safer if everyone got their bloody vaccines. Also, with so many people getting infected again there's going to be more cases of people getting long covid, which again, is probably going to put a strain on our health service. I'm seeing people from my school who I thought had their heads screwed on spouting a lot of anti-vaccine and conspiracy bullshit on social media.
  15. Please be good. The trailer was great and really reminded me of the older Battlefield games. I'm looking forward to seeing the gameplay this weekend!
  16. We're currently looking for a Level Designer to work on the next Sniper Elite game. https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/2A031EDE2B We're looking for someone with some industry experience. Maybe someone looking to move from a junior role at the end of their current project or someone just looking for a new opportunity with similar experience. Give me a shout if you want more info or help applying
  17. Great video. I'm now back to craving another numbered entry into the Half-Life universe. I get so fucking nostalgic over HL1 and the goldsrc days. They were some of my best years of gaming and they'll always hold a special place in my heart. I do wonder if Valve would really wait until VR is widely adopted before releasing a numbered sequel. Would they really want HL3 to be a VR exclusive title? Alyx was great, I loved it, but I still think I'd prefer a traditional Half-Life. But then, Valve has always pushed the envelope with Half-Life, just plug it into my brain already! Anyway, I could listen to that guy talk about Half-Life all day.
  18. I've never really had to do any really hard, long term crunch in my time in the industry so I guess I've been lucky. The worst I've had was where I went to work from 7am-11pm for a week. It was at the end of my very first project in the industry so I was super keen to prove myself I guess. I had to get a complete whitebox done in that week otherwise the DLC level would have been cut (and I assumed my job?). But mostly, others will crunch and you'll feel bad that they are and you aren't. Or there may be bugs in your department and others will be blocked from progressing until it's fixed so you feel pressured into getting it sorted. A lot of people do genuinely just care about the project and want to push that bit harder to get it through the door, or there may be bonus incentives to help motivate people, but I've never been anywhere that really offered that. At CDPR they can earn tokens for extras on top of their bonuses... https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-12-14-cyberpunk-2077-developers-promised-full-bonuses-despite-declining-review-scores
  19. I feel sorry for the devs. They've been crunching for god knows how long. Probably screaming at management saying the game isn't ready for release and then they go ahead and release it anyway causing a bit of a shit storm with tons of bad press and angry fans. No doubt they'll be asked to crunch/work over the Christmas period to get hotfixes and patches out when upper management knew what state the game was in. I know it's a big game with tons of stuff going on and bugs are inevitable in a game of this scale. But they must have known how bad it was on the current generation of consoles and still decided to release it anyway. I'm sure they'll fix most of the issues eventually and I am still looking forward to playing it myself but I just feel bad for the devs.
  20. Ghost of Tsushima - Amazing world to explore, combat was exquisite and the story was actually pretty great in the end. Half-Life: Alyx - Great VR experience, definitely set the bar high. The ending! Titanfall 2 - Didn't play until this year... why did I wait so long?! FFVII: Remake - Was great to explore Midgar again. I enjoyed the combat overall and we'll see about the story in future games. Dead by Daylight - I've gotten bored of all my competitive shooters and this has taken their place. It's a brilliant game and can really get your heart racing when being discovered by the killer or closing in on a good kill as the killer. I'm obsessed with this game at the moment.
  21. Awesome! Glad you found something man!
  22. Finished this last night. Overall I enjoyed it quite a lot and it really got me craving further Half-Life games. But non-VR ones. Don't get me wrong I loved the VR and seeing the Half-Life universe from my perspective was amazing. I loved exploring and searching for items in VR and shooting is always cooler in VR.
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