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  1. I've never really had to do any really hard, long term crunch in my time in the industry so I guess I've been lucky. The worst I've had was where I went to work from 7am-11pm for a week. It was at the end of my very first project in the industry so I was super keen to prove myself I guess. I had to get a complete whitebox done in that week otherwise the DLC level would have been cut (and I assumed my job?). But mostly, others will crunch and you'll feel bad that they are and you aren't. Or there may be bugs in your department and others will be blocked from progressing until it's fixed so you feel pressured into getting it sorted. A lot of people do genuinely just care about the project and want to push that bit harder to get it through the door, or there may be bonus incentives to help motivate people, but I've never been anywhere that really offered that. At CDPR they can earn tokens for extras on top of their bonuses... https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-12-14-cyberpunk-2077-developers-promised-full-bonuses-despite-declining-review-scores
  2. I feel sorry for the devs. They've been crunching for god knows how long. Probably screaming at management saying the game isn't ready for release and then they go ahead and release it anyway causing a bit of a shit storm with tons of bad press and angry fans. No doubt they'll be asked to crunch/work over the Christmas period to get hotfixes and patches out when upper management knew what state the game was in. I know it's a big game with tons of stuff going on and bugs are inevitable in a game of this scale. But they must have known how bad it was on the current generation of consoles and still decided to release it anyway. I'm sure they'll fix most of the issues eventually and I am still looking forward to playing it myself but I just feel bad for the devs.
  3. Ghost of Tsushima - Amazing world to explore, combat was exquisite and the story was actually pretty great in the end. Half-Life: Alyx - Great VR experience, definitely set the bar high. The ending! Titanfall 2 - Didn't play until this year... why did I wait so long?! FFVII: Remake - Was great to explore Midgar again. I enjoyed the combat overall and we'll see about the story in future games. Dead by Daylight - I've gotten bored of all my competitive shooters and this has taken their place. It's a brilliant game and can really get your heart racing when being discovered by the killer or closing in on a good kill as the killer. I'm obsessed with this game at the moment.
  4. Awesome! Glad you found something man!
  5. Finished this last night. Overall I enjoyed it quite a lot and it really got me craving further Half-Life games. But non-VR ones. Don't get me wrong I loved the VR and seeing the Half-Life universe from my perspective was amazing. I loved exploring and searching for items in VR and shooting is always cooler in VR.
  6. Welp, looks like I'm playing New Vegas again.
  7. I finished the Jeff area a couple of nights ago. I really enjoyed it! Moved into the next area and it's a really interesting setting, I have a ton of fun just exploring and checking out the environment in this game. I think my viewers are going to get sick of hearing me say "Damn this game is beautiful"
  8. I use my Steam Link quite often over LAN too. I notice a tiny bit of latency when playing Fall Guys and some other games can get a bit pixelated when a lots going on on screen but for the most part every game is playable.
  9. It's the black headcrabs man. I hate them. https://www.twitch.tv/beckmech/clip/LachrymoseArborealSalmonTTours I really need to finish this game.
  10. We had a long stint of lunchtime vs games at work last year, like Radu said, it's still as fun as it was back then. Maybe this will give Valve a little kick up the arse to get developing a sequel.
  11. Been playing it with a group of streamers and it is a lot of fun, even my fiancee has been getting involved and asking when we can play more! Don't trust anyone.
  12. Pretty hyped for this now. That review above made me really excited for the combat and exploration. I say this about every PS4 game but damn I wish I had a Pro to get some extra bells n whilstles.
  13. Finished this last night. I loved it. It was short, but that just meant they could really focus on perfecting each level, it was great! I loved how sometimes you'd be fighting alongside BT, then you'd be alone switching between timelines, then back in BT for some kick ass mech combat, then you'd be flung across the map to wall run and do some nice environment puzzles. Nothing felt padded or stretched out to get the play time up. They were just like "Here, look how cool this is, now check this awesome set piece out, oh shit let's go fight in that mech over there" The art was stunning in places I found it hard to believe it was a Source engine game. BT was wonderfully written, I really enjoyed his replies to your comments. Story was fine, but I didn't really care I was having too much fun with the gameplay. Now I can join everyone else who's upset there doesn't seem to be any Titanfall 3 on the way.
  14. Beck

    GTA V

    Man, I wish I could go back to when VC came out, was such a great time in my life. Not a care in the world and spending tons of time playing amazing games like VC. I'd love for R* to go back and create GTA games with the same themes/styles as 3, VC and SA. Heck, even a new GTA set in the GTA2 universe would be sick. I'd love to choose which gangs to work for and have a respect system back. But alas, we get GTA V on another generation of consoles
  15. One of the VFX artists I work with is in a sludge metal band and I'm really enjoying their new album. Although it's a bit weird hearing someone you knows voice in some music https://open.spotify.com/album/5kv7ojTC5lQ8FQcStFxCtQ?si=yL40Lk43QHmJUlqQJe0qcQ
  16. Thanks for the heads up. Got it now!
  17. Isn't this like the 4th time they've released this game? Doomed to fail just let it die. What a ridiculous payment model.
  18. I've not followed this at all but saw this blow up on Twitter after it aired. Gave it a watch this morning and I want this game. Looks beautiful and the gameplay looks like it'll be a fun mix between Assassin's Creed and Zelda: BOTR. It got me hyped!
  19. I loaded up Sea of Thieves over the weekend since I was too tired to play something intense. Actually found myself really enjoying just cruising around and finding treasure - Helps that the game is beautiful to look at at time too. That ocean tech tho Couldn't help but take a few screens:
  20. Got another junior position open up. Could potentially hire someone more experienced though of course. Anyone interested hit me up! https://careers.rebellion.com/#/job/EE968DEE26
  21. Beck

    Corona Virus

    Medical staff are having to try and stop the protests in America. They shouldn't have to be doing this they're already risking their lives for everyone.
  22. Beck

    Corona Virus

    Some people in the US are so concerned about their haircuts and their lawns that they're protesting their lockdown in the streets...
  23. It was a TV aerial so you could watch TV on your Game Gear. I had one and it worked really well, just didn't have the amount of batteries required to run the thing so was always tied to a plug in the wall I'm holding off on this generation, probably going to wait a couple years, see what games come out and maybe wait for a good bundle deal/the inevitable mid-generation console upgrades (PS5 Pro/Xbox Series XXX). I game mostly on my PC anyway and play co-op games with my fiance on the Switch. So far the PS5 has my vote since they'll probably have the better games. We'll see what MS can do.
  24. Yeah I'm about 6 hours in and having a blast with this, I just want to play more! It's way more "anime" than the original now they've got the budget and modern day effects to pull it off, there's lot of people doing crazy moves, but it's a Japanese RPG so I can overlook that. Midgar is absolutely gorgeous and I love exploring it. Running around the slums and looking up at the plates above really helps sell the scale of the place. Get it!
  25. Switching over to WFH hasn't been too bad for me. The only issue is we currently live with my fiance's parents whilst we save for a house. So my PC is in our bedroom and since my fiance works nights (she's an essential worker) and I start work in the morning she's forced to sleep elsewhere. Could be worse though. In good news we had our offer on a house accepted and got our mortgage application submitted just in time. Most banks are now retracting all of their mortgages since nobody knows wtf will happen with the economy or anything. So we've almost got our foot on the ladder, just wish we could move now!
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