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de_wanda by warby ... final release !


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Okay, I took a closer look at this map:

(Dunno if you are going to fix it or if you just released a finalfinal...)

Increase the weight of these chairs and tables (same with cash boxes)!

They flip around like a tennisball even if I approach...


Really dont like your solution for this one:


I think you see by yourself, that will never be good. Take a look at my FPS.


This basement section really bogged my perfomance down, I also dislike the bald floor and ceiling:


Same here. Too bald for a public floor:


Up here: 10 FPS. Not good if you play sniper:


If you dont take care you easily fall off this edge to death although you dont jump. Would like to "see" a player_clip above here:


At the end my personal opinion:

I like the map but I really dislike the collossus-thing. Not only because of

the enormous fps-decrease I also think this really doesnt fit in a map-theme

like this. Okay, I'm sure you wanted to make this look freaked out somehow

but that didnt reach me. You can show us all your skills in building a map

with complete costum stuff, what is brilliant of course, and make it look like

this one or de_corse... but if it's unplayable it's nothing for the game cs:s

Next one are the sounds: Why did you scrimp on these? Some chipper here

and the waterfalls there but that's all...? There is missing a hole lot of more

ambient-sounds, wood creaking, drips in the cellar, machinery sound,

gulls, maybe local music somewhere. This is the biggest demerit in the


Optics five stars but that's nowhere near all, so the sum: 3 of 5 stars from


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I ran through the map and I must say: I love maps that take that much effort. It's awesome.

It may seem odd (and maybe it is a model..I don't know) but one thing that made me simply fly around in spec mode was the brush based chimney on one of the buildings. It wasn't just a rectangle: It was a built to suit piece of the map. Small dtails like that make me appreciate maps alot more.

One thing that was wierd in the screenshots to me was the giant monsters...but it all makes sense when you see the posters around the map pointing that it was some sort of exibit in a museum.

Downside: The skybox took alot of time as I can definately tell...but the buildings still seem to boxy / repetitive. The Map seems a tad bright to me...but that's just opinion anyway.

One thing that irked me was my fps was averaging 23-45 throughout the whole map. In comparison I get around 80 average on de_aztec. I guess with that much detail comes fallbacks.

Definately spotlight stuff!

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a lot of it looks amazing but i see in some shots textures that are almost a flat color which looks odd surrounding by your uber detailed building facades and windows an such.

along with the fps problems stated, I think you should make a last compile fixing these issues before ya stop on this map... unless you were goin to already.. then I'm just talkin outta my arse :P

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