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  1. Why won't they make it on the BUILD engine like real men
  2. We are all too old to live through the Nexus years again. It took years off our lives. Also I'm convinced it was rick or peris taking trolling to a new level
  3. Highlight for me was getting to sit down after falling over a cable for hours.
  4. I havent touched my index since I finished Alyx. There's nothing that really appeals to me, or anything that I'm willing to stand up 2+ hours for, getting shoulder and back ache.
  5. Re: Brigador is AMAZING. Mandalore weren't lyin. It's like command and conquer tiberian sun, except you're a single super unit and there's this amazing synth music and mechs with rotary cannons spitting out a million rounds while you're being shot at by a horde of enemies and the explosions and the light and oh my god i can't feel the right side of my face
  6. Look guys, we are all pro game devs now we should remake deus ex we are super smart talented and handsome
  7. I bought Brigador after watching Mandalores review on it. I had no idea this even existed! I love shit like this
  8. Reading through this thread, jaysus. I'm goin back to my simple no think bang bang shooty shoot games.
  9. I saw a streamer cutting up his physical copy
  10. Whats more powerful guys, a mini fridge or a dumb router. Who designs these stupid ass things? and who goes YEAH THAT LOOKS REAL GOOD
  11. It's what EA Dice like to do with their BF trailers. "This is all rendered in engine!" Yeah, great. It may as well be pre rendered for the amount that has to do with actual gameplay.
  12. Really enjoying the master chief collection - replaying Halo 1 atm, the tab switching between version is really cool. Halo 2 up next, I've never played it. Waited 16 years to get to play it on PC what a load of fuck.
  13. Do you think in another 10/15 years they will be remaking remakes of remakes?
  14. Well I hope it's better than mafia 2 definitive edition.
  15. They both look like a 14 year old's idea of cool. But then it doesn't really come as any surprise that these are both huge. If they're gonna compete with powerful PC's then they're gonna grow to the same size too. So what's the point? Just get a PC.
  16. Yeah I wasnt imagining it.
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