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  1. I need episode 3. I need an SDK. I need an index. I need a girlfriend. Come on valve, pull your finger out and fix my life.
  2. Still waiting on them getting more headsets in so I can buy one.
  3. Hate to think how much money has been pumped into that by now.
  4. I'm playing God of War and Bloodborne
  5. But to keep the balance, I didn't buy it. It was a gift
  6. Long time core users will know. I thought they might enjoy this.
  7. You can't use that anymore if you're bald.
  8. Spoiler: you shoot stuff and stuff talks to you asking you not to shoot stuff so much but you ignore them and shoot lots of stuff
  9. I don't know why but I get motion sick watching the trailers
  10. I like how they dodged all the questions about alyx's voice actor.
  11. The mood the game created through light looks lost in the "enhanced mode". Still excited to see how this turns out, Kingpin was a wow moment for me as a young teenager. Wobbly Quake 2 Poly's was the real deal then.
  12. Wow awesome trailer!
  13. Not of a fan of amid evil, dusk was good.
  14. I haven't bought a game from a steam sale in about 2 years. Nothing on sale there interests me anymore
  15. A rough but solid foundation to build season 2 off of. I think I'd prefer it more if it was structured like the mandolorian. Just Geralt and pals out and about killing beasts and having fun. Trying to cram all of the witchers detailed backstory and history into these epidodes is a bit too much for anyone to chew on. I know a lot about the back story but even I got confused at times.
  16. Makes 0 sense to me. I'm just under the impression someone high up doesn't like her for X reason. A shame really, it's brought down my anticipation for this a bit.
  17. I'm just thinking out loud that if they weren't happy with the demo why let the shaky 3rd party footage be the first real glimpse we get at someone playing? I'm not trying to sound like a knob or anything just seemed a strange choice to me. But what do I know EDIT : I also thought this was the Alyx thread my bad
  18. So valve cancels the game awards demo, the first time we get to see the game in action. And instead allows some shaky, blurry ass, cam footage to be released instead of dudes teleporting up a ladder...
  19. What a terrible trailer. Why did they do it all in first person at the start? Almost vomed allover my screen from motion sickness.
  20. I probably could of done that but I couldn't remember how to do it nor could I really be bothered I just found it strange that there are all these options for everything including how big the kitchen sink is but nothing to disable the god awful footsteps. It's almost as if it were done in purpose
  21. Never played Reach, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo 76 or any of that. Only Halo Combat Evolved when it came on PC all those years ago before Microsoft decided to be cocks. Bought the Collection, played Reach a bit - it's ok. Not really getting the hype that surrounded it but I'm only two missions in. Feel like I've watched more cutscenes than actually played the game so far.
  22. I'm currently replaying HL2 and this mod looked really cool so downloaded and gave it a go. Within 30 minutes I uninstalled it as the footstep sounds drove me crazy. A great mod ruined by one thing. Playing with this instead: https://store.steampowered.com/app/290930/HalfLife_2_Update/
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