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  1. Everything is a bleedin series these days. Grumble grumble. Looks cool, I like Giancarlo Esposito. Might even buy it if I didn't have to go through ubisofts platform.
  2. No one cares anymore. It's too much. I tapped out after end game.
  3. Wow another over produced cringe fest of a modern hype train trailer. My favourite.
  4. Wow that was awful
  5. Can't believe I forgot this classic
  6. dux

    wow thanks mapcore

    Ironically this has revived the the forums a bit
  7. dux

    wow thanks mapcore

    I am not getting a sense of pride and accomplishment
  8. dux

    wow thanks mapcore

    Don't mess with me I been here almost forever and just hit Rookie If this is an attempt to get us to use discord more it won't work!!!!!!!!! Forums forever!!!!!!
  9. Stop cock teasing and install and play the F'ing game. Come back and thank us later.
  10. "Pre-Purchase for Early Beta Access August 13-16" How about you fuck off.
  11. dux

    Corona Virus

    Insulting me already for saying get vaccinated? Thanks buddy. Say's a lot.
  12. dux

    Corona Virus

    Cool, get vaccinated.
  13. Santa looking good these days
  14. Oh shit big boy bobby has stepped in to put out the fire https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-07-28-activision-blizzard-boss-bobby-kotick-tells-staff-companys-initial-response-to-discrimination-lawsuit-was-tone-deaf https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-07-28-activision-blizzard-ceo-bobby-kotick-details-action-to-address-issues-raised-by-lawsuit
  15. I wouldn't be shocked if he takes a small amount - you don't need to look like you're exploding out of your own shoulders. Probably just 200mg of test and a small dose of GH to keep the body in a state of repair and maintain.
  16. All of it, it is a very good game. Maybe try both Prey's? As they are very different for being the same game but not the same game. I personally prefer the newer Prey as it gives me warm System Shock 2 feels.
  17. Legit can't tell if this guy is trolling or just allergic to good games.
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