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  1. Ugly as fuck. Deffo not gonna get one Like seriously, anyone on here who thinks that LOOKS GOOD needs their eyes examined and their IQ tested.
  2. Looks super impressive and that's about it...
  3. So guys, what do we do if cyberpunk ends up being kinda average or broken or crash central, etc? Do we all just curl up in a ball and call it a day?
  4. I did feel guilty that I wasn't working non stop for my first few years. Worked myself to the point of exhaustion. My mental health and sanity are important to me, so I learned not to work myself into a hole. I'm more beneficial to the company, and myself, functional over non functional. Try being creative and focused when you're exhausted and burnt out from working non stop. Your work ends up being more trash than it was before.
  5. Not really, 5 days a week I'm in work mode. Sat and Sun I do my own thing. I'm so used to it I just get stuff done. Some days I just can't be arsed, sure, especially this year, but that happens with everyone.
  6. Same as buddy, I've been doing it for 11 years, business as usual. I couldn't work in an office, I'd kill leads/producers. Saying that though, the view and setup of the valve offices was super dope. I could work there maybe. But I don't have the required 200 IQ valve requires of its employees I do what Mino mentioned about 2-3 bursts and going for a walk, I supplement it with the gym as well. And I normally work more at night as I just prefer it.
  7. Real sign of the times when the half life 3 thread turns into current day issues
  8. It'd be cool if the world could just build a wall around you guys until you get your affairs in order.
  9. New Zealand actually has leadership and some form of stability in the country. America has neither. Go go gabe.
  10. I remember when mods would post some low res renders and some ugly map shots. Nowdays they spend 6 months building a demo presentation in vegas.
  11. Just finished it, good game, had fun! I felt the ending came up a little rough and bumpy compared to how smooth the rest of the story went. But now I need to go finish Mafia 2 again.
  12. I've got like 20 games in my steam list that I got during sales and never played. Just don't have the time anymore
  13. Recommend "The World at War" narrated by Laurence Olivier.
  14. Simple, don't buy an oculus.
  15. The rainy farm bit was good fun. The tommy gun makes this game absolute EZ MODE. Which is fine though, I enjoy spraying bullets.
  16. Wow as if no one saw that coming I am so shocked oh my goodness
  17. If they want it to be noticed then my 20 inch death cock idea is the way forward. Everyone be like why does that monster have a a ps5 logo on it? Makes perfect sense.
  18. I'm winding you up I couldn't care less about it. It is ugly though.
  19. Why dont they just design it to look like a 20 inch death cock then if looks don't matter?
  20. Good so you agree then? Why would I buy something expensive then hide it behind the tv because of how ugly it is.
  21. Think I'm slowly becoming more inclined towards the terribly named xbox one x series 9 for windows. Ps5 just looks ghastly with the more I see of it.
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