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  1. Outsourcing Silent Hill. Dear fucking me. I adore the series but I yield no hope for 5.
  2. A lighting preview, for real? This could catapult me back into mapping.
  3. PGR4 pisses on PGR3 so much it's not funny. It's a return to the golden days of PGR2, especially online. Earth Defense Force is not only cheap but far too much fun. Co-op lads taking on giant ants, UFOs and robot dinosaurs in a fully-destructable city? Yes please. If you liked Tony Hawk games then get Skate and be amazed at how much better it is than any THPS effort. You won't be able to go back, the trick mechanic is so damn satisfying. Halo 3, Bioshock, Rainbow Six Vegas and Dead Rising all need to at least be given a go too. And you have Xbox Live, right? Pointless having a 360 without it.
  4. The demo's great, but 16-player dogfights over Live will take the biscuit.
  5. Good stuff, I'll clock it tonight.
  6. Tequila


    Always loved your lighting work, dude. I'm fairly sure you were the first person I saw really messing with lightmap scale and getting such stunning results. Great work.
  7. Stop me, oh oh oh stop me, stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.
  8. Of course, you'd have to be a complete cretin to read through the whole visual walkthrough without playing the game. Something wonderful would be forever ruined.
  9. I loved the massive suspended vent entrance in the original, hope it's going to make a reappearence.
  10. I'm absolutely drunk, but Hessi's comments seem the stuff of gods.
  11. Mino's is lovely, especially with 'oh hello internets~', but Erratic's just pips victory for me. Very clean geometry, texturing and lighting, but without being boring. Seriously guys, all the entries were good and reminded me of why HL was so fantastic back in the day (and still can tug the gaming heart-strings).
  12. Heh, that's the board design I prefer to use in Project 8.
  13. SNES was 16-bit, man! And that game was atrocious.
  14. Haha, what exactly is it cracked up to be? England's been dreary from the word go sadly.
  15. WWF No Mercy is an absolutely amazing wrestling game, and a riot in 4-player.
  16. It could be utterly superb, with the best characteristic being the immense freedom. Or it could be a broken mess. I really, really, really hope it's the former.
  17. Moonstone, obviously. Cutting off knights' heads with my broadsword? Cleaving a swamp beast in two? Cutting open trolls' heels? Slaying a fucking dragon? The game had it all. 4-player too.
  18. PC: Company of Heroes 360: Gears of War PS2: Shadow of the Colossus DS: Pheonix Wright Blood Money gets an honourable mention on all the major platforms for being superb. Mazzle dazzles.
  19. The American Institute of Architecture Students? I think he put the I there by mistake. ZING! Nah, honestly, it's in safe hands at Gearbox, scriptwriting included. Given that Aliens is my favourite film ever, I've got a lot of potential enjoyment staked in this, and I'm hoping it channels AvP 1's moody shit-your-pants terrorvision than AvP 2's fun-but-cartoony romping.
  20. It's bloody amazing. The 3D skybox alone blows my mind.
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