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  1. Hessi told me that one
  2. 3 years ago i made my own version of the old mapcore logo using vector graphics. www.thomashess.net/exchange/junk/mapcore_tshirt.ai i even printed it on a tshirt maybe some folks around here can use it.
  3. i made a few videos on modeling and texturing a tree. this might be a good addition to this thread as well: http://www.thomashess.net/?tag=tutorials
  4. marshall ms2 mini amp sony KDL-24EX320 (my old monitor died )
  5. "rent-a-turtle"... i can smellz business!
  6. i have purchased this thing as well for my mother (16GB wifi). i am sick of fixing her computer when all she does is writing emails, surfing the web and taking photos with her camera. perfect device for non-tech people
  7. i meant the first screenshot. there is so much transparency overlaying that it makes it hard to figure out the perspective. but please don't take me too serious. maybe that is just me and the fact, that i am looking at a still image. btw: you don't need textures on those objects. simplicity is much more appropriate in your use case!
  8. nice going, but judging from the screenshots it seems hard to recognize the perspective of the object. maybe you should work on the material. but probably the animation/movement will fix it.
  9. since you are talking of unixoid target systems i would go for some open source software instead of proprietary stuff. i once worked with openscenegraph which has a good set of features. check it out: http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg the rendering is based on opengl and it supports many different unix systems. probably much more fitting your case than the unreal engine (which is clearly targeted for game development and not pure visualisation).
  10. hessi

    Learning Hammer

    func_detail the hell out of your map! serious! use them a lot. if you want to cut out a window in a building: make the wall a func_detail. just beause it bares the name detail, doesnt mean you should only use it for small pieces. but remember: func_detail does not block visibility and hence it can reduce can reduce compile time drastically.
  11. that radio tower was destructable so it would build a ramp up the dunes! actually the map had seen more progress than on the picture, but it is somewhere on my old windows machine which is unplugged for about 6 months now.
  12. actually that was the movie i had in mind (good one i might add when it comes to style)
  13. skycaptain i think coming up with a good name is really hard. it's not like getting a baby where you can open up a name dictionary and just browse through. edit: probably you can look up some latin or greece words for things you associate with this sky / pirate setting and make up something truly original.
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