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  1. That's by no means something, compared to what some skilled people (sebcesior) over at zbrushcentral can do regarding tech stuff. Have a look: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=046755 Still proud I got at least something out of it. As usual I just suck when it comes to texturing those things, either I'm undecided about what color to use or I dare to use any real color. So I decided to just start painting and see if some ideas pop up but I don't like it much. Here's what I got so far (it's really just a sketch): Would love some advise here. This is what I thought might work: d3: I'll make it short. The team fell apart slowly without anyone really noticing, so to say. People got more busy with studies, some just didn't have much motivation anymore, some people had side projects just for a change and we got hacked(twice!). That first hack really put is down, since it occurred after we (2 of the other leads and me) met to write down a final design document, revise content, cut unnecessary things, divide the mod into episodes, change the way we work and finish the story. Everyone was waiting for the design document to be posted on the forums but we got hacked before we had a chance to do so. The dd was a important thing for us, it would have gave us a clear milestone and thus motivation. Then our central communication platform was gone for over a month. It wasn't even too much work left to do (still worth a few months). Communication got sparse over time but there was some progress here and there, until it got quiet. So basically the whole thing fell apart because we just had too huge plans, that we couldn't plan nor execute properly by the time we started out with the mod (We've all been totally new to modding) and we all know that this is not a very fortunate position be in.
  2. It's a portal generator hp. Lot's of evil stuff will travel through it, so there's something to shoot at. Peris: I guess you're referring to this http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/5517/uv1lkopiexa3.jpg one with "wave normalmaps"? I painted most of it out in PS and the remaining waves can't be seen. The ambient occlusion was quite weird. I tried xnormal, max's mental ray and light tracer, neither gave me a good result. The mental ray ones became too gray even with a high spread value, xnormal often just captured the small details and light tracer's results came out too bright. I combined the ones from xnormal and mental ray in PS then. Any hints/tips? Glad you guys like it.
  3. Why don't you get the trial? I tested it for a few days just briefly. The thing is, it seems to be a bit unstable. When I loaded a large highpoly into it, it crashed quite often and unexpected under the workload (on top of a very slow perspective window), while max 2008 doesn't. Rendering is noticeable faster though (only used lighttracer).
  4. Unfortunately rth is dead. On top of that, the forum got hacked again some months ago. The model is for my Prey sp map, which is in the works for quite a while now. I posted some stuff from time to time. (that spider thingie etc.) I think I'll have to make one of those cool wip threads, that get updated while the level progresses further.
  5. There we go: 30k tris 3x 2048 Gotta fix some things on the normalmaps and reexport that middle part, since the normals are flipped around the seam. Final version soon. ------------- Lowpoly ------------- Editor shot: Editor unlit ambient occlusion: Lowpoly (White stuff is imported brushwork): ------------- Maps ------------- ------------- Highpoly ------------- Had no idea for a sidecap, so I doodled this one in Zbrush:
  6. So they like Linux and open source stuff? Day was rather calm. Gonna be alone at home for 2 weeks. Spent most of the time watching ao maps rendering and trying out different settings and renderers.
  7. Those? http://xs129.xs.to/xs129/08302/render2953.jpg http://xs229.xs.to/xs229/08302/render5513.jpg http://xs129.xs.to/xs129/08302/render4669.jpg http://xs229.xs.to/xs229/08302/render3839.jpg I'm gonna post that model tonight.
  8. Day was great, victory is mine. Solved some really annoying vodoo thing on my lowpoly, that fucked up my normals -and nearly my mind. Finished ripping/baking/assembling a quite big model, except for a stupid AO map thats taking forever to render. In the late afternoon, a friend came by, while I was searching for a Lan cable in a total mess of cables, behind my mothers desk. We ended up fixing some older cables and have some coffee. Now I'm going to read the rest of the new posts on this nerdy internet forum. Hungover Helder?
  9. I didn't even know about smoothing groups back then.
  10. I've seen something like this on jackass, there was a guy in a bar that had such a hole too. Quite gross indeed.
  11. Sounds indeed quite intresting. All games with some proper scripting ability should be able to pull that of well.
  12. Could have many factors. Not knowing the game well enough to make percise decisions, too high expectations (you don't always have to reinvent the wheel), lack of confidence to make a decision. Are you lacking a general overall idea for your level, that usually would provide you with inspiration? You should make a list of things, you want to have in your map, Visually/Gameplay/Feature wise. Think of what your map is supposed to be. Example: A multiplayer map for TF2, gametype payload, suited for 20 players, focusing on a fast paced gameplay and excelling visuals. This should provide enough information to start something to build on. Of course you got to know how to provoke a fast paced gameplay etc. to accomplish you goal.
  13. *Makes my idtech4 map with a similiar setting look so meh* Can't wait to fiddle with this engine though and I'm sure ID will pull off a great game.
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