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de_wanda by warby ... final release !


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so one thing i leared for sure is to do more public beta stuff and name your releases _alpha_05 _beta_02 _rc_1 etc ... so even you always have the option to change it wothout causing to much map differs form server hassel ^^

That's kinda crap sometimes though. I did a beta and people didn't realize the final was out.

Kinda sucks seeing more beta versions being played than the final.

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The other fix is to use 2 new vrad parameters that you'd add to hammers compile window in export mode. -staticproppolys and -staticproplighting. This will tell vrad to create lightmaps for all static props and essentially create self lighting assets.

uhm well i tried what you said but it is pretty useless right now.

first at all for al of you who want to try. this copy paste from vrad paramter list:

-StaticPropLighting : generate backed static prop vertex lighting

-StaticPropPolys : Perform shadow tests of static props at polygon precision

-OnlyStaticProps : Only perform direct static prop lighting (vrad debug option)

-StaticPropNormals : when lighting static props, just show their normal vector

and here are some screenshots, which are pretty crap as i must mention.


didn't you test that before? i mean it is obious that this feature is not really well implemented yet.

and even if it would work: default T&L Lighting does its job pretty well anyhow in the official maps, doesnt it?!


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