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de_wanda by warby ... final release !


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http://riviera.heaven.nexusirc.at/warby ... _wanda.zip



http://www.filefront.com/?filepath=/lan ... _wanda.zip

http://daniel.server1.dgb-gaming.com/do ... _wanda.zip





by soenke c. "warby" seidel ( warbeast@planetunreal.com )

layout, bsp, scripts, models and textures by soenke c. "warby" seidel ( http://www.warby.de )

photo resources, hdr-sky and entities support - thomas "hessi" hess ( http://www.thomashess.net )

inspirational paint overs - scott duquette sama ( http://www.scottduquette.com )

awesome maya exporter and debugging help - prallhans ( http://mitglied.lycos.de/prallvamp )

special thanks:

riviera for maintaining my website while i was making this map.

kokosovar for the french poster text translation.

dodger, ornatebaboon, barrakid, defrag, r_yell and acumen

for the help with the audio and bomb targets.

the bfc berliner fight club clan for providing the dedicated beta test server.

the [00] clan for web hosting of the map file.

the [env] clan for help testing the map even if it means to sacrifice social life ^^

greetings to:

x-tender carny sa74n xenon bedlam krueps alec moody linga lord scottish shimmer sixshooter lumpn zacker

everyone from mapcore cs.maps and all polycounters

known issues:

-when using the coin operated binoculars be careful to not get killed or the player camera will get stuck in there forever

how to fix: we have to wait for valve to address this engine bug for now don't use em or reconnect if it happens to you.

*if somebody feels like adding a mirror please do so ! thanks in advance


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thanks ^^^^

i forgot to mention its a counter strike source map for those who havent figured it out form the de_ or the hud ^^

and its 100% pure custom content !!!

i really need that mapcore pimping acount pw


someone PLEASE ..... i must have it :D

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i always thought my name was kinda "unique" now i have to find out theres another acumen on se internet forums :(

:D anyways, even though these colossussesus are weird to me, the map looks soooo nice :)

i especially like some of the alley-scenes, which i havent seen before, they look really good, imo.

same as the awesome wine cellar \o/

overall its just awesome to see that piece finished, I'd love to test it in the future (hopefully, santa brings me some hl2+css package!) to see everything in motion - should be even better :)

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took about 5 month to make

mesh compiling man there so many problems and bugs D: mysteriouse pink and black checkers out of place physics boxes lods in wrong order that lod stages getting hijacked from other models O_o

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