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  1. I wonder if I can patent tdm or even actual deathmatch. Or "walk right". Or "move up on button press".
  2. Ill buy this and plug in my steam controller. Nice to not have to rely on a the breath of the wild or Mario odyssey. Always wanted a game gear 2. edit: forgot about my steam machine, sorry, I use it all the time
  3. Some mentions of collision and the likes here under proxy mesh category. That is the complex collision mesh, for a multiplayer game you probably want to author the collision by hand as usual. https://docs.unrealengine.com/5.0/en-US/RenderingFeatures/Nanite/ Tested it out for 3 minutes. The UI is a big upgrade. Still no magnetic pin connections in node editors, guess marketplace will still be the way to go if you don´t want to practice hitscan when making materials or scripting
  4. I know where this is gonna go so I´m out after this public statement: People who release their creations to the public, great go for it. But to ask that to be the norm, meh.
  5. That looks a lot better than the trailer.
  6. I cant read anything from that image tbh
  7. Lmao. Would be fun if a game would tackle this kind of shallow corporate wannabe law thing. Tho I am actually enjoying this game a lot.
  8. After covenant I didnt think it could get worse, forgot that disney now owns it so I guess I was wrong lmao
  9. Finally videogames are accepted by the porn industry.
  10. Bbbbbbbut its gonna be great so its worth it for us gamers right
  11. Looks great. I suggest linking the video and images here instead of forcing people to go to moddb.
  12. Evert


    The new Blade runner should not have been made, totally unnecessary. That said, its very well made, looks and sounds great and I really like it.
  13. The audio is incredible in that advert and I guess its done to showcase what to expect from first party games.
  14. Isnt talking about stuff; like moaning also part of dealing with it? Otherwise, whats the point of your post lmao
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