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  1. Stumbled upon: Minimum System Requirements OS: Windows 10 Processor: Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600 Memory: 12 GB RAM Graphics: GTX 1060 / RX 580 - 6GB VRAM
  2. Didnt watch the reviews but I played the game. Its a good game.
  3. Hope to see some insight here, I have nothing to add but its a very interesting topic!
  4. Ok that is actually pretty cool. Link is to a time stamp in video dont think you intended that =)
  5. So its out, is anyone playing? I played for a few hours and Im having a blast. Feels like a version of unreal but with more quake like movement, mixed with overwatch, really digging it so far. edit; with quake "like" movement I mean that it doesnt rely as much on double tap strafe dodges like in the later UT games. Its probably more in line with titanfall than actual quake tbh.
  6. Love this guy. Funny thing, I grew up in the same area as Simon in the countryside, and a bunch of the content in the first book has a load of details from my childhood. Like even the numbers on bus signs are the same as the on the bus I took to school =). Makes me super nostalgic.
  7. Enjoying the game, besides the incredibly annoying random lag spikes. After the recent patch I get stuck in the loading screen foreeeeever, and the only solution Ive found seems to be to reinstall the game. GG
  8. Just fyi, its not only US, I got in. Id just hate you guys. Nice to see the beta continued
  9. Ah its not that bad overall, some areas have/had more drops than others. Never really bothered me tbh, a bit annoying if it happens when using bows and stuff but usually it dropped when exploring and it didnt ruin much.
  10. Evert

    [WIP] de_canaveral

    Are u pimping your map in another map thread?
  11. Amazing game. Loved the campaign and having a blast in MP atm. I really hope people will stick around for longer this time around.
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