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de_wanda by warby ... final release !


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Love the Colossi statue, map looks beautiful. Very well done man, impressive stuff. Although since Steam is down and I dont have CSS installed Im not sure when I will take a tour around the map myself.

I'm guessing there might be several GMOD comics using this map as a location for their stories because of its quality. It's a guess but they usually come true :D

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This is a really beutiful map, the best i have ever seen (seriously). The props, the textures, the layout, the lighting, EVRYHTING is simply amazing. Granted there are some issues with the physics, but who gives a damn! Also, who gives a damn about FPS, I got 30-40 with my 6600GT, and that isn't a new graphic card, so surly anyone with a newer card is going to get better frames, then again, I never had bots on.

Also, I hope you don't mind, but I used GMod to take some stunning (well, not bad) pictures of the map (1024x1280, full AA, with additional bloom effects etc.) which, with your permission of course, I'd like to make available as backgrounds for CS:S when it loads up.





I'm not happy with my picture of the Colossi, but if you say yes, I'll go back and suffer the lag to take a better picture.

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see i was originally goign for that EXACT look and everyone hated it !!! i think it looks great like really "happyfuntimefairytalecartoony"-positiv =)

so even though i am not sure what exactly your doing that i have to give my ok to ... but the ok you have ^^

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KK, I think I'll do a mix, just so everyone is happy.

I'm making a background pack, using screenshots from your level, so when you play CS:S or any other Source game/mod, you see the screenshot of the level as the background image. For example, you get this:


I've just completed the pack. Gonna post it up on the Internet when you give the go ahead as you said yes, but not sure what to, so instead of taking the risk and pissing you off, I though I'd better double check (Made sure to give you credit and links to donwload the map, as well as your site).

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first when i saw that i was like:

omg where do i turn this ..... off .... wait .... thats kinda ... kinda funny :D

yeah you have my go for that splash screen pack go go go

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Very impressive stuff Warby, it definitely shows that you've put a lot of time into this.

However I gotta admit that visually it comes out as very mixed to me, with loads of different styles all over the place. In the end it looks good and very unique, but I just feel that if you had carried a more coherent style throughout the entire map it would've been even more impressive. I know its meant to be a sort of wacky style ala Beyond Good & Evil, but with the amount of detail you put in it sorta works against it.

Anyway, some good shit overall, SPOTLIGHT 4 SJUAR!

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