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  1. We have a beta sign up going atm. If you sign up and get in, you'll have an early start on the Level Editor tools. https://store.steampowered.com/app/964800/Prodeus/
  2. Ganna bring back Interlopers.net and Iwannamap.com LETS GO
  3. Still work in progress.
  4. Get making / get playtesting / get reworking / fail fast, learn fast. Screwing over the player isn't funny. Make sure you break down your ideas into smaller digestible chunks. Give each moment it's own breathing space.
  5. General Vivi

    Cobblestone Changes

    I like the changes to A, feels like the angles have purpose now. Might be a bit noisy still, but I think it's nice.
  6. My first attempt at jumping back into 3d simple art stuff. I used to do this back in the day and really enjoyed it. I might pick it back up again, it's pretty calming and fun to mess around with. https://twitter.com/generalvivi/status/1175083119877218304?s=20
  7. Still one of my favorites from a few years ago. Sad to hear about the studio shutting down. Great mix of stealth and action and narrative. HIGHLY recommend.
  8. In order to push myself, I organized Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to be the only days I could work on this new layout, one or two gameplay tweak days, and then next week will be environment art. So far so good. DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3
  9. Some more before and after hotness! It's so much fun to just relax everyday and make levels!
  10. Based on some feedback I got, I reworked the lights a bit, got rid of some overly bright glass, focused the view on the path. Feedback is always welcome! Thanks again.
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