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  1. Speaking of @Mazy everyone needs to play Echo if they haven't yet. plz. it's soooo goooood.
  2. WTF OMG BLUSH. spit my fukin coffee all over my keyboard XD omg. :3 thx for making my day ^^
  3. General Vivi


    Late congrats, but well done! Glad to see your hard work pay off.
  4. After making the jump to indie life from AAA, there is no way I could ever go back to working in an office. I do miss people and the organic conversations that would occur, but the ability to make my own hours and live where I want has been amazing so far. I REALLY don't miss office politics... I have a feeling those people will be weeded out quicker now, since they have to actually produce work. I was in a discussion a couple of months ago where I asked a few company leads if they were worried about retention. Since people might be less likely to stick around if there are high levels of BS at a studio. Why stress when you can just switch jobs without moving. We'll have to see how that pans out I guess. Have any of you gents felt that? Or are you more laser focused now than you were before? Maybe less distractions? More? I know my dog is happy to have me at home all day XD.
  5. This map is hella gorgeous. VERY NICE WORK.
  6. We have a beta sign up going atm. If you sign up and get in, you'll have an early start on the Level Editor tools. https://store.steampowered.com/app/964800/Prodeus/
  7. Ganna bring back Interlopers.net and Iwannamap.com LETS GO
  8. Get making / get playtesting / get reworking / fail fast, learn fast. Screwing over the player isn't funny. Make sure you break down your ideas into smaller digestible chunks. Give each moment it's own breathing space.
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