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  1. @Gale Looking pretty cool! Digging the strange but huge windows.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Awesome! I really enjoyed this series quite a bit!
  4. I was thinking to myself, wow... feels like old mapcore stuff from back in the day.
  5. XD It's been such a long time since I've seen Dark on these forums omg. Welcome back Nick!
  6. Love it
  7. I've been remaking one of my favorite VR stealth games called Budget Cuts. Here is one of my tests.
  8. For those who might be concerned. I am safe atm. Sitting at work. There was a small attack in stockholm today. A large stolen truck ran through the mall 3 blocks from my work. Still not sure if they caught the person yet. I've heard reports of gunfire. Staying inside for now.
  9. That's Dope Corvus!
  10. How many employees do you guys have now?
  11. We are seeking 2 more designers / scripters on Payday 2. If you are interested you may PM me directly with a link to your portfolio. Some info about the Job: - Must be able to relocate to Stockholm, Sweden. - Must have prior level design work, either modding or professional (scripting or combat design is a plus) - Hoxton Breakout article will give you more of an idea about how we work at Overkill. As a Level Designer you will create concepts, paper designs and white-boxes of levels within established sets of rules for Payday 2. You will work with the Lead Level Designer and the Senior Level Designers to ensure the overall vision of the project is represented on the game levels. You will be involved in all the steps of the level production from the initial layout, prototyping, gameplay validation phase and into final gameplay implementation and optimization phase. Job Tasks: Create concepts, paper designs and white-boxes of levels within established sets of rules, in order to produce interesting locations, objectives, puzzles, narrative elements and challenging AI encounters that utilize the core mechanics of the game Hands-on development of level layouts through all stages of development. You will own and implement levels from concept to final Collaborate with other disciplines to ensure levels maintain a high quality in design, art, animation, visual effects, lighting and sounds Participate in design and level design sessions to understand the outline of the game experience Communicate your designs to the team and ensure consistency with the Lead Designer/ Lead Level Designer‘s vision Help to maintain and prioritize backlogs and polish lists for your levels Participate in feedback of other designers’ work Solid game industry or modding experience designing solo, multiplayer and co-op levels. You have an excellent sense of 3D game space, gameflow and difficulty tuning. You have experience in designing, building, populating and scripting complex interactivity for next generation products. You are open-minded, adapt to feedback and understand iterative processes. You might have a degree or experience in art, interior or industrial design and you are fluent in English both verbally and in writing. To be successful in this position you have: Knowledge of Payday 2 and other first person shooter co-op games Excellent written and verbal communication and documentation skills Creativity, critical and analytical sense, structure, and an eye for detail Ability to work well as part of a team A passion for gaming Still reading? Great, because here comes the good part: We offer you a position at a dynamic and rapidly growing company where we live and die by gameplay. While we grow, we want you to grow with us and to evolve in your professional development and make our games kick-ass within the gaming industry. Sounds good? Then we can’t wait to see your resumé and meet you! We recommend that you apply as soon as possible, as interviews are held continuously. Send your application with a resumé, portfolio and a personal letter in English. All applications must include a resumé and personal letter to be considered. Looking forward to hearing from you! - Jason / Lead level designer on Payday 2
  12. This post does not meet the standards of the rules thread. Please read it, reformat your post, then let me know and I can review it again.
  13. Hey guys, we just release another pack of Heists. This time we did a collaboration with John Wick 2 in celebration of the new movie. The map I worked on takes place on a yacht and revolves around stealth gameplay. Cool Fact : @Pericolos0 made the original assets and rough layout for the map a long time ago! Even though we reworked most of the level, you can still see his original design. Worktime : 2+ months from start to finish. Steam Page : Also, if you want a key, I have a few. send me a PM.
  14. This is fantastic! Great work.