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  1. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    Looks awesome
  2. Cuphead

    After finishing Coop with my wife and then again on expert with my friend at work... I loved it. Get Gud has never been more accurate. Coop actually makes the game harder, and not just from a stats tweak perspective. Can't say anything really negative about it, a treat from start to finish.
  3. [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    WUTTTTT, YESSSSSSSSSSSS *runs to dl* I have never been so compelled to protect a bombsite as I feel for Bombsite A in your level. T_T
  4. Artemy Maltsev - Level Designer

    I agree with Double F, I started inside of a project and was confused a bit. I would suggest streamlining your site down to 1 page with all of your maps , just a few screenshots, 5 per level (include your videos) Your text is also not easy on the eyes, very thin and it doesn't read well against your current colored background.
  5. [CS:GO] [WIP] Woods

    Digging how clean your brushwork is.
  6. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @Flower_Shop_Guy These are awesome! Looking sick!
  7. #BLOCKTOBER 2017 (during October)

    Please tell your friends and co-workers! From what I've seen so far, we are just getting started!
  8. #BLOCKTOBER 2017 (during October)

    #BLOCKTOBER My friends and fellow designers, It has begun! The month where we post blockouts from games we have worked on or are working on! Lets start this tradition and keep it going every October! https://twitter.com/MotleyGrue/status/914571356888371201 Thanks to Michael Barclay on getting the ball rolling this year. Be sure to post your layouts to Twitter and use the hashtags #Blocktober @MapCore
  9. ECHO

    Just finished it a few hours ago. Really slick and tight experience. You guys really know how to make a damn game. Story was great, Voice actors were great, mechanics were great, UI was amazing. Please continue to make more games, I will always purchase them on day 1. - love vivi
  10. Gearbox Software- Level Designer

    Nice! Thanks for posting
  11. Uncharted 4

    Some cool Dev related stuff from their new dlc. Related to layouts!
  12. Life is Strange: Before The Storm

    Definitely pumped for this! I did find the first episode hard to get through since I knew the fate of the characters involved. Made me feeel.
  13. [CS:GO] De_Grind

    looking awesome guys!
  14. Portfolio Building

    Most modern engines like UE4 or Unity, come with a marketplace. These generally have a lot of assets ready for download (most of the time for free). If you are used to ue4, check out their marketplace. Also, TurboSquid is a really old website with a lot of free content on it. I used it the other day to download a helicopter. Lots of great resources all around.
  15. What I'm Working On, 2014-Forever

    Looks nice! Can I borrow all assets for my Half-life 3 remake? ;P