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  1. Mapcore is now holding a second Prodeus Mapping Contest for original levels, with official developer support! Original Contest key art by @Yanzl Mapcore X2 Prodeus Official Mapping Contest ~ How to Enter the Mapcore X2 Prodeus Mapping Contest Purchase Prodeus Early Access on Steam Create your level, and then TAG it with "Mapcore Contest" and "Mapping Challenge 4" Set your level to PUBLISHED once you've had some testing Your thread on Mapcore + playable map published to the workshop constitutes your entry to this contest! ~ Tutorials from
  2. Judges for Mapcore X Prodeus - General Vivi - Dragonfly - FMPONE - ICARUSLIV3S The Prodeus community would like to thank FMPONE and ICARUSLIV3S for helping us judge this competition. It was very difficult judging the entries this time around and we were glad they could join us on this noble quest! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The WINNERS of Mapcore X Prodeus 1st place: Bunnymauler [ Internal Disruption ] P-link: m-DlOgFtF8dy - $1,500.00 USD - One year of Humble Choice - Excalibur Gauntlets and Biker Glove
  3. I played this for 90 mins on stream, only to die in the final encounter and not have a checkpoint on the inside of the room. This caused a soft lock and I was no longer able to finish the level. I must say, to say the least... I was quite offended. You don't have to do this, but I might suggest you remove your entry from the contest, fix that issue, and re-upload. It's a pretty bad bug, and it almost formed a tear in my eye. Feel free to watch my entire 90 min playthrough and fix the other issues and map geo errors I found along the way. I'm still not sure how I feel a
  4. Speaking of @Mazy everyone needs to play Echo if they haven't yet. plz. it's soooo goooood.
  5. WTF OMG BLUSH. spit my fukin coffee all over my keyboard XD omg. :3 thx for making my day ^^
  6. General Vivi


    Late congrats, but well done! Glad to see your hard work pay off.
  7. After making the jump to indie life from AAA, there is no way I could ever go back to working in an office. I do miss people and the organic conversations that would occur, but the ability to make my own hours and live where I want has been amazing so far. I REALLY don't miss office politics... I have a feeling those people will be weeded out quicker now, since they have to actually produce work. I was in a discussion a couple of months ago where I asked a few company leads if they were worried about retention. Since people might be less likely to stick around if there are high levels of
  8. This map is hella gorgeous. VERY NICE WORK.
  9. We have a beta sign up going atm. If you sign up and get in, you'll have an early start on the Level Editor tools. https://store.steampowered.com/app/964800/Prodeus/
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