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  1. I guess I never updated mine, I quit Starbreeze Dec, 31 2017. Started my own studio with my buddy Mike called "Bounding Box Software" , we're making a game called Prodeus.
  2. Congrats Canada on winning the NBA finals :D!
  3. I'm super hyped about this game, the movement alone looks amazing! *hard drool
  4. Sorry for the late response, working out some details with mike about the editor first, then we will most definitely do a contest in the next month or so.
  5. Ha awesome, made a mental note to put one of these in Prodeus :D!
  6. Thanks guys! @Castle all positions are always open! shoot us an email
  7. Oh, our kickstarter went live.
  8. We finally got around to creating a logo for the studio. Hizza!
  9. Prodeus is the game Mike Voeller and I are working on together in Unity. Just wanted to start a thread I can keep posting random dev stuff in. Level Editor Pics and Gifs Pylon prefab creation : A nice gameplay element that fills a few different functions - mid height cover / converts to full height cover - Can be used as a quick elevator or boost to gain advantage in combat - Can house items - looks nice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Right to Left) Basic footprint / Creating different parts / quick texture test and basic scripting / refine art style / adjust colors and finer details / Final script and polish pass. https://i.imgur.com/jNMo8Zn.gif
  10. Not sure how I missed this thread, thanks for the comments / feedback yall. Screen effect, there will be options to remove that. Lots of customization for the look / hud.
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