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  1. Meotwister

    CS:GO Stickers

    d00msdayxxI really like the scrape trick you did for your Halloween sticker! Been a while for me but I've thrown a couple more stickers up on the workshop! Airmail http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=546623855 Bomb Has Been Planted http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=547248982 Take a look and tell me what you guys think, if people are still doing this!
  2. Meotwister

    CS:GO Stickers

    Hey guys! Been a long time but I'm back with a CS:GO sticker. What d'ya guys think? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=371435286
  3. Meotwister

    Best iPhone/iPod Touch games?

    I made a game called Plummet, you can check that out. Here it is!
  4. OH man nice to see this finally on it's way. Congratulations are in order!
  5. Meotwister

    Level Design Help Files

    ohhh nice link.
  6. Meotwister

    Street Fighter IV

    damn, I really need to get the internet working on my xbox.
  7. Meotwister

    totally random texture thread

    PhilipK knows his textures.. awesomely.
  8. Meotwister

    contest rebirth: rise of the mapwars

    lemme roll in on the 28th. No time on the 15th.
  9. Meotwister

    More epic Sony PR...

    It's one thing to spin information to make it seem like your company is doing well, it's another to spin them so fast that you're not only doing well you're the king of games! lawl.
  10. Meotwister

    totally random texture thread

    From what I got by skimming it for a few seconds, it's normal mapping with self shadowing information on it. Cool that it costs no more texture memory or anything. Definitely gets an interesting effect.
  11. Man I landed on the Doublefine website when reading up on this and I spent like 3 hours on it looking at random random things.
  12. Unless you're talking about like the Halloween movie series. There are a few titles that go way beyond 3 for no really good reason. I honestly don't know how many sequels I'd want for Bioshock considering I haven't been able to play the original one!
  13. Meotwister

    activate x-ray engine with stalker:cs???

    lol I had a similar experience with Red Alert 3, where the activation code I had was missing the last digit/number, and 3 incorrect tries closed the program.
  14. Meotwister

    Let's hate on Boll some more!

    I was just playing Red Alert 3 and the cutscenes were better than a Boll movie... but not better than that Contra trailer, awesome.
  15. Meotwister

    Meo's digital paintings

    little quick one. Merry Christmas and other holidays to everyone, btw.