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    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    Prodeus is the game Mike Voeller and I are working on together in Unity. Just wanted to start a thread I can keep posting random dev stuff in. Level Editor Pics and Gifs Pylon prefab creation : A nice gameplay element that fills a few different functions - mid height cover / converts to full height cover - Can be used as a quick elevator or boost to gain advantage in combat - Can house items - looks nice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Right to Left) Basic footprint / Creating different parts / quick texture test and basic scripting / refine art style / adjust colors and finer details / Final script and polish pass. https://i.imgur.com/jNMo8Zn.gif
  2. General Vivi

    Prodeus (random dev stuff)

    We finally got around to creating a logo for the studio. Hizza!
  3. General Vivi

    Prodeus (Doom-like)

    Not sure how I missed this thread, thanks for the comments / feedback yall. Screen effect, there will be options to remove that. Lots of customization for the look / hud.
  4. General Vivi

    Mapcore Introductions Thread

    Great to see you back here @Zaford20 ! Looking forward to any side projects you might create!
  5. General Vivi

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @TheOnlyDoubleF - Thanks! I do to @leplubodeslapin - Yeah, it definitely will! The overlap for the sphere was a bit too large, the idea is that he would be a lot closer to the player when he "explodes".
  6. General Vivi

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Doing some quick prototypes for @prodeusgame enemy attacks. I'll keep posting them as they come down the pipeline. This attack is for an alternate version of the skull fish thing we've got.
  7. Congrats to all who participated! The winner of the 2018 Door challenge goes to!!!! KLEMS! Second Place Tomm! Third Place Tie RZL , Grapen, Generalvivi Thanks to everyone who participated! We had an awesome turn out with some really sick entries! Hope to see you again next year!
  8. General Vivi

    The Door Challenge - 2018 - Winners!!!!!

    Winners are up! Congrats everyone who participated
  9. General Vivi

    The Door Challenge - 2018

    THE DOOR CHALLENGE! I want to start out by welcoming you to the 2ND Door Challenge! It’s been a little over 7 Years since we held the first one! A lot has changed in our industry and new engines have made level design more accessible than ever before. With all the fresh talent coming into our industry, I think it’s important that we challenge ourselves and each other to push our creative thinking. This challenge is meant to be for everyone to join in, from your first time level designer to your Senior and Lead Designers! Everyone is in a different place throughout their careers and it’s always fun to hone your skills on one of the most old school puzzles of our time “Get the Door Open!”. The last time we did this we had a fantastic turn out of completed and submitted puzzles! Especially since we are focusing on JUST design and scripting and NOT on art! As this is a scripting challenge, you are encouraged to use Dev textures or simple greyscale materials and only what art assets are absolutely necessary to communicate key ideas. The point is to focus on your Scripting / Presentation / Storytelling / Puzzle Making skills. Most entries generally took a few days to build from start to finish, so don't sweat worrying about the deadline. If you would like to get a better idea, check out some of the entries from the first door challenge. Remembering our Past SOLEVAL - First Place Magnar Jenssen - Participation Robert Yang - Participation Jason Mojica - Participation Rules and QA Build a puzzle and craft a story to creatively open “The Door”! It doesn't matter whether you're entering, exiting, or just moving from one room to another - just get that DOOR OPEN! Acceptable Engines : UE4 / Unity / Source SDK For UE4 or Unity, you will be REQUIRED to provide an EXE of your game For Source SDK, a simple bsp will do with info on the game you built it in. (Eg. Half-life 2, Portal 2, CS:GO, TF2) We encourage you DON’T use Art unless needed to sell your idea. Simple meshes / Dev textures / grey textures should do fine. You are ALLOWED to use Templates to start yourself off. Example: UE4 has a FPS , Third Person , and VR template. You are ALLOWED to use existing scripting/ blueprints or Code to help you make your puzzle. You CAN choose - First person, Third Person , Virtual Reality (VR) DON’T submit anything larger than 250 mbs , we want simple entries that everyone can download. The challenge will begin Friday, August 10th, and end Sunday, September 16th at 11:59PM US CENTRAL time (GMT -6) Must Haves : A zip file including your EXE or map file 2 screenshots of your scene (ATTACHED! This will help us archive our entries for posterity) A video showing the puzzle's intended solution (hosted on youtube would be fine) Optional : Full Name (optional) Website or Portfolio (optional) The original level source (and any other relevant files) for inquiring minds to examine your scripting Judging : We will start judging the day after closing, Everyone will get 3 votes and then we will vote on the top 3 one week later. Things to think about when judging or making an entry. Innovation - More than just a simple Door! Theme - How close did you stay to the idea of the challenge Readability - Was your idea clear and easy to understand? Humor - Did you make someone laugh or enjoy your entry? Overall - Wrap everything together! Was it awesome? Door - Q: How much Door you got? A: Hell yes Prizes As with the previous challenge, there will be no prize other than the pride of knowing people thought you were awesome. Woo!
  10. General Vivi

    The Door Challenge - 2018

    I set the voting for 1 week I think.
  11. General Vivi

    The Door Challenge - 2018 - Winners!!!!!

    Everyone should vote!
  12. I had to be super edgy and use new technology. SORRY T_T You can always watch the video on that one. I don't suppose most people have a Vive on the forums.
  13. If anyone still wanted to join in, but didn't make it to the deadline. Please post your amazing entries here! This thread will remain open till the end of the year.
  14. Submission Thread is now CLOSED! Please play the submitted entries and get ready for voting after Friday!
  15. General Vivi

    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    Um, not sure! Everything I use is custom built.
  16. General Vivi

    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    Basically, I'm currently spoiled since mike creates new features for our engine. This is still the best! https://twitter.com/ProdeusGame/status/979523800583823361
  17. General Vivi

    UE4 and Blender - BSP style is a must

    I think @Castle might have some suggestions or insight.
  18. How's everyone doing? Make sure you focus on the gameplay first @FMPONE ! Adding fancy graphics won't get you any points , I would discourage it unless it's meaningful to the experience or gameplay. Seeing all of these other entries... almost makes me want to do a second one
  19. A video would suffice in the case of it being on the Go. Just make sure you show everything off properly in the video, and make it easy to understand your ideas. There SHOULD be a door of some sort. Don't want to go too abstract. You might get docked points by voters if there isn't a door. Check the main thread for how people should be voting.
  20. General Vivi

    Cyberpunk 2077

    What a nutty video, if they can keep the quality bar that high for the duration of the game, that would be something!
  21. I'm kinda open for whatever, just make sure it's small and has a running exe
  22. General Vivi

    One Piece World Seeker

    The original Naruto game by ubisoft that was open world is REALLY fun. Would suggest giving it a try. Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
  23. General Vivi

    The Door Challenge - 2018 - Submission Thread

    Name: Jason "General Vivi" Mojica Website: www.generalvivi.com Story: You are a captured robot that has the special ability to stretch your arms infinitely. Escape your prison! Engine: UE4 Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vGhB1WckfTkRyO90f1Ak-cLa8fY1PmtT/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: Video: