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  1. Just played it, its very good Almost all of my criticism would stem from stuff that is inherent to the source engine and not his design: -Jumping off of sloped colliders of staticmeshes/props feels really clumsy / awkward -Train wagons having ladders in the model but no trigger/entity to climb them. although he could have compensated by putting his own entity triggers on top. -physics objects might fall in such a way that they block passage ways -car getting SEMI stuck on a flat bsp wall etc ... -this one is not valves fault though: there is one place were there are wooden boards that block a door that cant be destroyed even though almost every other door in the level has the same setup except destructible... inconsistency like this is a huge pet-peeve of mine. Pacing and "show dont tell"-ness is top notch I especial liked the moment were you: 1) knock away the combine energy ball 2) hear a bunch of chaotic sounds 3) the next window you run by shows you soldiers being droped of by a combine drop ship 4) and than the next window after that a bunch of ant lions come running out of the tunnel Perfect scene-geography / combat-scenario exposition / introduction. Good job also felt good to get back into the half life universe for a little while ... I am however not as enthusiastic about the "episode 2-post-apocalyptic-canada-esque-outdoor" tileset graphics ... as the author clearly is ... all I am saying is <3 city 17 !
  2. Turbo Kid is pretty good 7/10 it leans a little heavy on the gore which is not necessarily 80s to me.
  3. my "small" game of the year so far ! uncharted 4 and Dark souls 3 are battleing it out out over the "big" game of the year title.
  4. super hyped for this but I agree about the animations they are dragging all the other cool shit down D:
  5. yeah the trailer and the website ... best presentation / announcement for a game that i can remember lets hope the game will be as good. day one purchase
  6. i am on media black out for this one... but i did peak at the average review scores and am glad that they are high
  7. Yes Alienbrain ... Alienware makes pcs good catch and exactly dropbox isnt a subversion system. @steppenwolf its not the complexity that bothers me but the usability. The photoshop plugin for example doesnt load automatically so if you forget to load it manually (which i do practically always) it will not tell me that i have to check out a file until i am done doing my edits and what to save it and than I might find out that it has been checked out/locked (btw why isnt that one button/prompt that does both !?!?!?) by someone else the whole time. The Maya plugin on the other hand does load automatically but it doesnt care what repository/stream/workspace/branch a file is in it will try to check it out from what ever repo the P4V tool last used and more often than not that file doesnt exist in that repo giving you a cryptic error msg and NO OPTION TO SWITCH REPOSITORIES. The windows explorer shell extension has the same problem + its missing a fuckton of functionality D: Perforce on a whole is also oblivious to new files having been created inside your repo folde until you run that "reconcile offline work button" which btw takes AGES to analyse our project ( tortoise svn does practically the same thing as its default behavior and its near instant ) and not a day goes by without me having to track down some person that hasnt committed all of their source files because perforce ignored their creation ... so yeah I hate the manual "mark for add". There is a million other small shortcomings ... I could rant for hours or days about how much I hate perforce.
  8. Alienbrain: have briefly used it at IO-Interactive not enough to really have an opinion though. ?/00 Tortoise SVN: its got a kind of ghetto reputation but it always gets the job done so yeah ... I like it 8/10 Perforce: I can not share your guys enthusiasm I think all of their front ends (p4V, that windows explorer shell extension, maya & photoshop plugins ... you know the parts that me as an artist actually gets in contact with) are pure and utter vile gutter trash 2/10 Dropbox: not exactly a "subversion" system but I use it right now to sync files back and forth with a coder friend and we have our entire unity project just sitting in there in the dropbox folder and i am SHOCKED how well and fast that works ... or that it works at all really ... 9/10
  9. Omega: 8/10 Everything & Everything & Everything: It features shane carruth from "primer" and "up stream color" 7/10 Proximity: I love "premise" movies that setup rules and than explore what consequences those have. 7/10
  10. Circle: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3118452/?ref_=nm_flmg_wr_2 Dont let the low imdb score fool you this movie is great imagine cube meets battle royal by way of twilight zone. The very essence of why this thread exists! 8/10 World of Tomorrow: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4171032/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 Don hertzfeld hits another one out of the park ... id say this is his best. 9/10
  11. good job everyone Random Thought: I notice a trend away from fully playable maps / mods towards small environment art showcase scenes. That is not a critic just an observation! Considering how swamped everyones pile of shame is with endless amounts of amazing trippleA and indie games ... people are not exactly "starved" for content to play. Making something small in scope that shows of massive amounts of skill as fast as possible is definitely the more efficient/worthwhile thing to do at the moment.
  12. I am throwing my 2 cents down for dod_avalanche aswell. best map in human history
  13. Right on! excellent choice sir!