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  1. Based off a BTR-4: 14,116 polys
  2. Looks cool, but maybe add some more space to the shelves on top if they're for drinks? (some way of telling the scale would be nice for future renders btw)
  3. SnipaMasta

    Hey photographers.

    I'd reccomend a Canon too, I have a 350D and I think it's awesome.
  4. SnipaMasta

    UT3 - DM-Cove

    Is it possibly because the pieces of wood are on the same smoothing group? If they weren't I'd imagine the light would be far more defined on each side, that's what's doing it I think.
  5. SnipaMasta

    UT3 - DM-Cove

    Looks really awesome. Only thing I would say is that the wood beams on the buildings don't have much definition on the edges - not sure if that's intentional or not. Just looks a bit strange to me. For Clarification, UE1 (Unreal) is UED1, UE1.5 (Unreal Tournament) is UED2, UE2 (UT2003/4) is UED3, UE3 (UT3) is UED4.
  6. I was watching Prison Break, but now that's ended just Lost.
  7. This is exactly the supposition that I think is very shortsighted. There is no line in the sand where everyone is off playing peggle and zuma on one side, and on the other side is everyone fragging each other in halo and tweaking their SLI setup to play crysis. Just because you do not play many "hardcore" games does not mean you only play popcap and flash games. There are so many games that cover a broad spectrum between the two. And there is a lot there that Indie games can target. People who own a console typically go for the 'AAA' titles. Mostly because that's about 70% of the games available for them. My Brother got a 360 on Monday - and so far he's bought Bioshock, Halo 3, Assasins Creed and Call Of Duty 3. Obviously there are slightly more niche titles - I mean, White Gold's getting released on the 360 as well as Postal 3 - but most games sold are probably on the larger titles. Halo is definitely the Xbox's 'main' game. Also, the way I took the 50% thing (although I only skimmed your post, sorry if I confused things here): "The hardcore gamers that eat up the huge budget AAA console titles that pervade the game industry are actually a fraction" "I would say that gamers are around 50% women if not a little less, so right off the bat most AAA big budget games are marketing towards only half of the total game playing populace. "
  8. He obviously means gamers in the sense of non-casual. Not "Hardcore", just people who own consoles. Or that play those types of game on the PC. Also, saying that 50% is a fraction of the market is slightly misleading.
  9. I don't work in the industry. But if I did, yes I would - and I wouldn't work for a development studio that pushes out title after title of effectively the same game.
  10. You must get Firefox. All the cool kids use it. (In all seriousness I have no idea what could be causing this. I use IE myself and I've never experienced this)
  11. Sounds brilliant As soon as I saw the screenshots I guessed it was British, so you're doing something right.
  12. Note that there is no proof or confirmation about threats, just one anonymous person claiming that it was.
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