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    CS:GO Stickers

    d00msdayxxI really like the scrape trick you did for your Halloween sticker! Been a while for me but I've thrown a couple more stickers up on the workshop! Airmail http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=546623855 Bomb Has Been Planted http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=547248982 Take a look and tell me what you guys think, if people are still doing this!
  2. Meotwister

    CS:GO Stickers

    Hey guys! Been a long time but I'm back with a CS:GO sticker. What d'ya guys think? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=371435286
  3. I made a game called Plummet, you can check that out. Here it is!
  4. OH man nice to see this finally on it's way. Congratulations are in order!
  5. damn, I really need to get the internet working on my xbox.
  6. PhilipK knows his textures.. awesomely.
  7. It's one thing to spin information to make it seem like your company is doing well, it's another to spin them so fast that you're not only doing well you're the king of games! lawl.
  8. From what I got by skimming it for a few seconds, it's normal mapping with self shadowing information on it. Cool that it costs no more texture memory or anything. Definitely gets an interesting effect.
  9. Man I landed on the Doublefine website when reading up on this and I spent like 3 hours on it looking at random random things.
  10. Unless you're talking about like the Halloween movie series. There are a few titles that go way beyond 3 for no really good reason. I honestly don't know how many sequels I'd want for Bioshock considering I haven't been able to play the original one!
  11. lol I had a similar experience with Red Alert 3, where the activation code I had was missing the last digit/number, and 3 incorrect tries closed the program.
  12. I was just playing Red Alert 3 and the cutscenes were better than a Boll movie... but not better than that Contra trailer, awesome.
  13. little quick one. Merry Christmas and other holidays to everyone, btw.
  14. Yeah, I can see it your way, but I think even still the boat looks a little above where the water would be.. so it's flying still! lol soon, I wanna make an up close image of that ship.
  15. So I've been workin on making my stuff better.. Steampunk Airship btw
  16. Trailer looks fantastic. Its not a CS clone I can tell you that.
  17. Looks better, but I don't think the grey is working. Try either different values of grey or another color from your palette.
  18. Meotwister


    Well it's done! You guys can download it from here. Lemme know what you guys think. This is a map I started way back when I was helpin generalvivi out on his mod Hard Rain before that went under. I didnt get very far with it at the time and about 3 weeks ago or so I found it and decided I needed to finish it. It all takes place in Thrash! skatepark which just happens to be the incidental battleground of a counter-terrorist/ terrorist firefight! Basically its a team deathmatch map for CSS. Placed weapons (not fy) around the map def make it a different experience from a normal css map. Special Thanks to: GeneralVivi, who was a constant help through making this. A couple of the props you see in there belong to him as well. thanks man!
  19. well my purpose for it is to be a static landmark in the middle, all rusted up and old looking. But now that you mention it I could make an animated one and then release it out for people to use. The poly counts kinda high in the low 3000s but im workin on it.
  20. pump jack I'm workin on as a centerpiece model for a map. Now I get to UV it!
  21. thanks for the help m8nkey. I had an issue with the white texture I was using in the windows. Updated shots again with more detail put in. Thinkin I may be near done and ready to move onto a new project. Sure would like to test this bad boy out though!
  22. Update! Compiled in hdr as well as adding various asundry details. HDR is giving me a problem though when I compile the larger windows on the warehouse are solid white on the outside, anyone know how to fix that? Besides that this map is ready for some gameplay testing if anyone would be interested.
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