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Star Wars

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After JJ polish.  

So, I've heard you like lightsabers ?  

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I'm not sure how to rate this film, I mean I don't think it was super great, but my mind has been going back to it in the background. Also not being so heavy handed on that The Force shit that pervades the saga, it made it for a much more grounded and basically war-sci-fi movie.

On 18/12/2016 at 4:37 PM, Dark said:

Just go see it, and watch the others afterwards to see all the awesome little Easter eggs. 

I must say with personal surprise that I managed to spot several easter eggs myself, despite I don't see a Star Wars film in like 15 years! (how do i know? I checked some easter egg clips on YT)

Stuff like the blue milk was somehow familiar straight away and rang a bell the moment it came on screen. I recognised some verbal references as well.

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Ok, I can finally read and participate in this thread as I just saw it. I thought the story was good; well grounded in the Star Wars universe while not being overt about space wizards. Nit picking follows:


Really, my biggest issues were with some of the CG. I couldnt shake the feeling that had they been given 6 more months it could have reached perfection. Grand Moff Tarkin was a little too thin in the cheeks and the cheek bones too pronounced I thought whereas Leia had too much weight in the cheeks. Also... her teeth. I noticed consistent lighting errors on GMT's face too. I enjoyed all of the little easter eggs, poor poor Red 5, and FINALLY some example of tactics in battleship to battleship warfare in the Star Wars universe!

Vader at the end? OMG that was some badass space wizard shit. Like, THAT is why he was so feared and should have been. I'm playing Doom right now and I want to rip through demons like he ripped through those rebels! Daaaaaammmn!!


All in all a great Star Wars experience and fit in very well with the context.

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I'm really starting to get annoyed by the amount of criticism it's getting. I even turned off the Red Letter Media review because those guys are really bitter cunts that are just hating for the fun of it.

I agree that there's no characterization and that the story is superficial at best. But I like this much more than TFA because it isn't a remake and it's giving me everything I want out of a Star Wars movie. Even though they have no real depth, I like the characters. I like the familiar look of everything. I like all the easter eggs and references. I like the gorgeous CGI. I like that there's a funny robot. I like how it looks and feels like the original trilogy. I like the epic last act. I like all the Stormtroopers, AT-AT's, X-Wings and what not. I like a total bad ass Darth Vader instead of that whiny Kylo Ren. I like all of it.

This is the Star Wars I wanted last year!

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Watched it in IMAX 3D. Really enjoyed the movie, not much else to say really, it's a really entertaining movie that actually adds to overarching story of the franchise.

I'd actually go ahead and say that out of all 8 star wars movies, it's one of the best.

Tiny-minor-insignificant spoiler but


I find it funny that as one of the arguably best star wars movies it hasn't got a single light saber fight! hah


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