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Star Wars

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Agree with @Spronyabout having some good ideas… (but what movie don't have any?). I think main problem is they jump too much around and they should show more instead of doing exposition.

I was thinking the same as @Vaya, would be cool to remake everything with today's standards and tech, would be awesome. And in particular the first three episodes would "just" need re-adjusting, you're witnessing the birth of Darth Vader but they show you a winy teenager with the power of the force of the boner.


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After JJ polish.  

So, I've heard you like lightsabers ?  

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3 hours ago, El_Exodus said:

The movie awakened ( :v ) my annual Star Wars fan weeks though, and i began to watch some fan theories on Youtube. There are two theories which really convinced me somehow and i rewatched EP VII yesterday with these in mind. Was pretty amusing. :D

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I'm fairly sure the Rey Kenobi one is true.

And the following is just interesting. Not 100% sure if it could be true.



Dangit @El_Exodus!! Now you got me excited for episode XIII. Great. Thanks. Now I will suffer for almost a year waiting! :D

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