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  1. I was at Swiss embassy in Paris this noon and I could possibly lick their tears! xD
  2. Would be glad for France to kick out Argentina this Saturday.
  3. Ok, Alexander, stay alive until the release plz you want to play that game!
  4. I had more tingles with this trailer than any ASMR videos so far boy!
  5. Liking S2 as well! This is he first TV show I'm watching and get interested in.
  6. VALVe corporation updated their website earlier. Just check it out: https://www.valvesoftware.com
  7. Back from theater. Even if you might notice some incoherence in the movie it's created emotion on me I've never felt before! Worth it!
  8. Seldoon182

    Altered Carbon

    Ok. But your argument can't work as you see Google and digital totalitarianism as a progress. I don't. This is your point of view. I can't speak for the people from the last centuries and which kind of lifestyle they would prefer but I'm pretty sure that we'd find people accepting that trade-off of liberty (get all your data harvested from capitalists without any fair counter party just to get free services) and others who wouldn't. I don't understand the comparaison between Lifestyle and Google with the main subject which is "transfert consciousness" and prosaic science. You can't argue mankind walked on the moon so we'll, one day, travel to the edge of Universe. It doesn't make sense to me to be able to transfer your consciousness and be finally the same person. This would just create a bad copy of you imho. I had a quick conversation with Maria Konovalenko. She's driving her research on this subject. As nobody know if one day will be able to fully transfer a individual consciousness to a computer or another body, I was factually reacting for the common sense. There is a huge gap between "transferring consciousness" and centralized distributed databases connected together. That's mostly a buzzword. This field of research exist for 30 years. This is just our powerful machine of today better running algorithms. And algorithms are even older that what we may think. See Ada Lovelace's bio. Another buzzword. And trust me I'm an expert in that field. Media and fake expert are making an inclusion to name from a chained data-structure a whole IT protocol. What's even freak me out is that disrupted third parties are making apology of a thing supposed to decentralize third parties... oh oh! xD There's a lot of bullshit around. My point isn't we won't be able to transfert our mind to other body/computer but what is the definition of "transferring a consciousness" to another body/computer? Would you be happy to get "transferred", seeing your "transferred you" adopted by your family and figuring out that it's just a plain copy of you while you're actually dying? That'd be scary.
  9. Seldoon182

    Altered Carbon

    You will never be able to move the conscience. The only thing science will be able to do is to create a bad clone of your conscience. Would be freak. I'ld clone my conscience as I know I'll be able to kill my old aged me...
  10. The pictures and the colors are so beautiful so I wanted to pause the movie every second at the theatre. Can wait to rewatch at home and stare at the magnificent details of the landscapes. Also did someone noticed that the JOI hologram is an acronyme meaning Jerk Off Instruction Proud to learn that the K's LAPD car is a Peugeot. ^^
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