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  1. I don't know why buy i want to give them money. Finnish Redneck Rampage vibes.
  2. I must admit, being gold border 4-star (level 1700?), i have only noticed the Kings Row before haha. Man i love the maps and world of Overwatch, i love almost every map in that game, and that is not common
  3. @Minos @[HP] I want answers
  4. Actually met the band during a meet and greet 2007, got all the autographs. Tho it aint a band i listen to today its pretty cool to have experienced it! When will we hear more about Overwatch 2? Need more fap material.
  5. Multiplayer co-op please!
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/PoliteBreakablePhonePeteZaroll The future of gaming bois!
  7. Tisky

    Corona Virus

    I urge you to share this very informative video, since many retarded people really need to see this:
  8. Tisky

    Corona Virus

    In Sweden we make so much toilet paper its nice to atleast not have to worry about that ass
  9. Made a song today, considering i am an amateur i keep listening to it because i feel proud. Its fun to listen to older songs and new to see that you actually keep improving. Sort of like comparing your first map vs today.
  10. Hopefully its in the same style as the new Joker. I quite enjoyed it.
  11. When i finally started getting into Hammer again, having fun, i met a woman. Funny how everytime i start mapping i meet someone that keeps me occupied so i dont map. But, i think she is great so, i am very happy
  12. But that beautiful hair :(. Thanks for the tip bro :)
  13. We need a mapcore version of this. Who wanna be one of them ladies? D3ads?
  14. Man i loved the first game back in the days, i remember paying for internet in a café so i could download the demo, took a whole day. Worth it!
  15. Taken for the first hour, Home Stallone for the rest half hour. I wish it was more Home Stallone.
  16. It was supposed to say relatable, sorry Working on it as we speak
  17. No real scale, using my towns center as an inspiration and i've nailed alot of the sizes except for some bits that feel small in-game haha.
  18. Tisky

    Star Wars

    Whoever is making The Mandalorian should make all Star Wars stuff. Man that show is amazing.
  19. Boys, i've installed hammer, done a mockup sketch of the map in Illustrator ( I have Illustrator and use it everyday so it felt like a better plan than paint) , started blocking out the map. Man i forgot how much fun it is! Also found a great youtube channel with tips, learned alot of new things!
  20. I've only tried one of the first Occulus, would be fun to see how much difference it is with Valve Index.
  21. Same here! Kinda want it more because of the SDK now, imagine all the stuff one can do with it.
  22. Im so excited for Source 2! https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/11/21/half-life-alyx-4k-screenshots/
  23. Selling my kidney, anus or soul for 1000$.
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