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  1. Tisky

    What movie is this?

    Easy peasy, this is from one of my fav. movies. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Gotta go to work right now tho, so anyone feel free to post a new one!
  2. Tisky

    Venom (Tom Hardy)

    Not sold, will prolly watch it, but not at the cinemas.. I wish they let Marvel captain this movie.
  3. Tisky


    Congrats to London Spitfire for being amazing and claiming the first Overwatch League title. Also, must say i love endorsments. Competative is so much less toxic now! I played all placement matches without a single griefer och troll. So happy!
  4. Tisky

    What have you purchased recently?

    Finally ordered my favourite album on vinyl.
  5. Tisky

    DC's Cinematic Universe

    I thought Shazam looked so boring and crappy when i first saw the images, then i saw the trailer and now i kinda wanna see it.
  6. Tisky


    Actually went, from Copenhagen to Hamburg, then Hamburg to Basel. Basel to Geneva and then Geneva to Lyon. Apparantly when we got to Lyon there were no night-trains, so we took a cab to the AirPort and jumped on a bus to Barcelona. After a looong bus-ride we arrived only to hear that all trains to Malaga were full for two days! Train to El Prat, and rented a car instead. 9 hours later we arrived, tired and exhausted. But man it was worth it. After all the trouble we had with trains in Spaina and France we sniped plane-tickets to Amsterdam for 40 euro a pop, so tuesday we fly there !
  7. Tisky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Swedeeeeen!!! Bye Switzerland!
  8. Tisky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    M'Bappe owning the game.
  9. Tisky


    At first i was like, a hamster in a mech, no way.. this is a joke.. Then you guys were like, "yeah, this is whatsup." Did not see this one coming!
  10. Tisky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  11. Tisky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Sad day to be a Swede. Jimmy Durmaz, who caused the freekick situation in the end that led to Germanys victory goal, received thousands of death-threats and racist comments on his Instagram. What tha hell is wrong with people.
  12. Tisky

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Fucking gutted over that goal!
  13. Tisky


    That would be amazing
  14. Tisky


    My sisters bf is vlogging, and they visited this. Looked amazing so i want to see it for myself
  15. Tisky


    So, my friend and i was drunk the other weekend and ordered Interrail tickets, 7 days / 1 month. Plan is now to go to south of spain from sweden in 2-3 days, to visit my sister who lives outside of Malaga (Nerja), and spend a week there. After that we plan on going up, stay a day in madrid, after that paris, and lastly, amsterdam. Then home. My question to you fellas is, what are good shit to see and do whilst in theese cities?! Hit me with your great info mapcore!