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  1. FIFA 2018 WC

    Wohoo, in half Danish and half Swedish, and BOTH made it to WC!!! Fuck yes this will be an amazing summer! I will also cheer on for Iceland, such a small nation being in the WC is simply awesome.
  2. What's going on with your life?

    I went back to social media some days ago. Noticed that the woman from my thread, has gotten married now (officially). Weird, 6 months ago she told me she was single. You guys were right all along, i know. I felt gutted finding out but at the same time, good. Knowing she lied all along kind of helped to finally let it go. I guess it was something i needed to know to stop hoping. I am a dreamer and i feel stupid having hoped for change so long, but as my history with women shows, im either one unlucky bastard or humans are assholes by nature So, this will be the last of this, and im sorry for bothering you on this gaming-forum. Thank you for all the support, i will try to learn how to listen to it better. End of saga.
  3. FIFA 2018 WC

    Sweden vs Italy in playoff. So, guess we are out too.
  4. What's going on with your life?

    Sometimes you find comfort in the strangest things. After leaving all social-media to avoid this woman, and getting into trouble with my so called friends, i felt pretty bummed and down. I have no problems being alone but last weeks were awful. Since the end of August i have only spoken to one friend, the last one i got now. Making new friends as a grown-up is hard. Anyhow, my brother bought me Destiny 2 for Xbox One. Maybe he felt bad being invited to a thing with all our friends when i was not invited. I was really fucking down and sad. Destiny 2, looks stupid. Fuck it, i installed it and bingo. Hooked. It was something i needed to keep my head up. Thank you Bungie and thank you my bro. Now i can grind for gear and finish Nightfalls in a fireteam instead of sitting alone feeling sorry for myself. Much much needed, i recommend Destiny 2 and if you want to join a clan of two idiots, one drunk gamer and an indian coder that yells most of the time. Gimme a shout!
  5. CS GO HAMMER - LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    We actually used Quark (Quake army knife) for mapping , haha. I started using it for Quake 1 so i only learned Hammer in 2004 or so i think.
  6. CS GO HAMMER - LEAK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back in the days when my friend and i made maps for old-school CS and could not find the leak, we built a whole box around the map, lul.
  7. I got a Wii-U somewhere. Maybe i should pick this up
  8. Destiny 2

    Got this for Xbox One as a gift from my brother. I guess he did not want to play alone So far i am enjoying it, loving the design and feel of the game but i keep feeling like i am a player following a scripted game with a simple path to follow. I thought it would be more sandbox! Maybe it will come
  9. What's going on with your life?

    Half of it
  10. Overwatch

    So i've been playing on lowest gfx settings so i could have 60 fps all the time. Changed to high and ultra, and man, the game is gorgeus. I had around 50-57 fps, almost playable, i did not not want to turn the settings down.
  11. What's going on with your life?

    My brother imported one around 2003, looked like yours but red. Started pimping it and it was awesome, then he met his wife. Car was never finished. :/. Now it rusts in a garage somewhere since the guy in Belgium who bought it never came and picked it up.
  12. What's going on with your life?

    Is that a sexy Nissan Skyline?
  13. Overwatch

    No friends =/
  14. Overwatch

    Yeah, or as many games yesterday, two ppl start bitching , neither wants to repick, so ends up with one of them leaving the match or griefing. Feels like many ppl spend more time on writing/whining in-game than trying to win. I always try to repick or adapt, heal or tank. Shit, it is like im stuck with 12-year olds at rank 2900, and there is no real way on moving up except for hope. Hope wich fades away every game.
  15. Overwatch

    What tha fuck happened to this game. Ranked is full of complete retards and griefers. Teamplay is no more