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Star Wars

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After JJ polish.  

So, I've heard you like lightsabers ?  

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Watched it yesterday. It was awesome, but death of Yoda brought me to tears. :sad:

Plz use spoiler warning. :o:o:o

No but seriously, have not seen any real big spoilers on the webs, amazing. But yesterday my 7 y/o daughter comes home from school telling me huge spoilers some fucking kid had told her. Damn you kid.

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I went out to see some old friends from Codemasters. They had just been to see Star Wars before meeting us for some drinks. I asked how it was expecting the "Omg awesome!" comments and then one of my mates went on a rant about one pretty major part spoiling it for me!

Something to do with Han Solo getting cut in half by a lightsabre? Not sure if that's right but I'll find out Monday xD

Good job I'm not overly bothered about Star Wars xD

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Pretty much agreed here.

It wasn't a bad film but it did feel more like a tribute or an echo rather than a new beginning. I also have some issue with a lot of small things that together drag the experience down a bit. I felt the superweapon (360 noscope autoaim star system destroyer) was a bit cheap, and wasn't well presented like the Death Star was (with that, they approached a planet, charged the weapon etc). Kylo Ren felt a bit prequel-Anakin-whiney, especially when not wearing the mask, and the fact that he couldn't easily overpower Finn in a 1on1 really removed the menacing feel of the character. Oh and that Finn even could wield a lightsaber removed some of the mystery and allure of lightsabers imho. I could go on but I don't wanna bore everyone. :D  

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The movie can be described as a fan-service to re-ignite the flame. There was nothing in that movie that made me go "fuck yeah that's awesome" or "wow I didn't see that coming" but there was also nothing that made me cringe.

Kylo Ren was a tad disappointing though (that's what Darth Vader said).

It's an entertaining movie and I'll have to see it at least one more time to catch all the details. I'm hoping that they will add more fresh elements to the next movies though.

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The Force Awakens boils down to a couple of genuine lump-in-the-throat moments, and those are due to nostalgia. The rest? Seen it, done it, been there, and remember it — even though it was “a long time ago."

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Didn't follow this thread since the movie has been released. I won't tell anything compared to the storyline which basically follow what has been written on books for years. As a French and a proud Parisian I would like to complain : some of the VFX looks sloppy as hell especially... Oops. Hope u'll notice.

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Just a quick reminder, if you want to discuss specifics of the plot, please dont forget and use the spoiler tags. 

Anyway, we ended up watching it tonight, imax 3D was definitely a great choice, 3D is flawless and so is the sound. Personally, I fucking loved the movie, i think i mentioned before but I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but this one might just convert me, it made me want to rewatch the other ones, I might pick up the bluray compilation. 

I definitely was not expecting to enjoy the movie nearly as much as I did, it hits all the right marks in terms of pacing, storytelling and i appreciated the fan service bits a lot. I remember the last 3 star wars movies that came out in the 90s to be very slow paced and all over the place in terms of how they developed the characters and the lore, none of that nonesense on this one, it's more akin to the formula of the originals and I think that's the main reason it's getting so well reviewed too. 

I walked out of the movies with a grin on my face, a solid 5/7. 

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