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  1. I was so excited to play this mod back then! Very beautiful at the time.
  2. https://www.sec.gov/ix?doc=/Archives/edgar/data/1318605/000156459021004599/tsla-10k_20201231.htm
  3. To be more serious with plebs. Here's a good article on why you shouldn't buy shitcoins but only bitcoins. This one goes out to the precoiners and newcoiners who think “it’s too expensive to buy a whole bitcoin so I’ll buy this shitcoin instead”. This is a very ill-thought-out strategy. In your mind you think it's easy to make money coming off a low base, right? It takes less as a percentage to move up, and I might get lucky! Wrong. Once you really peer deep into this, you see bitcoin as the future monetary unit of the world. If you accept that vision, holding even a tiny piece of a bitcoin will be worth so much more than holding shitcoins. Zoom out and think about the longer term here. Shitcoins may well go up in the immediate future in terms of fiat, but they will lose value compared to bitcoin in the long run. Longtime bitcoiners value their net worth in bitcoin. They’re not as interested in fiat-denominated gains as they are in bitcoin gains. Fiat dollar values are just what we use to communicate purchasing power to normies. Read more...
  4. Centralized $DOGE shitcoin + centralized financial plateforme = ?
  5. The next step is plebs understanding the concept of centralized, unverifiable supply shitcoins such as $DOGE. Warming up my popcorns!
  6. HFSP Learning the hard way about corrupted, centralized, stoppable plateforme against the plebs trying to fuck the elites! Warned you guys for years about the centralized stock market. SFYL
  7. Don't use clownbase; use Bisq (P2P network, decentralized, private). ur welcom
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandolini's_law
  9. Woah guyzzz!! Didn't cash out at $41K?? I just get richer and richer gooddamn1111111
  10. This is as bullish as 2013 as we broke the $ 30k resistance and this is insane!! Tbh I'm a little disoriented compared to my plan because one big shift happen since the last Bitcoin halving. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, big funds and big insurances companies has joined the game. This mean that Bitcoin is getting more and more pro and serious. And this isn't even its final form. Think about Bezos or Musk joining the game? In the end even governments will use Bitcoin as their reserve currency which is, in my opinion, good for the Bitcoin price but a failure for social justice. Bitcoin was supposed to protect small holders against the powerful private companies, the alienating capitalists and corrupted politicians from govs. I don't have any strategies anymore as the price surged sooner than I expected. I own enough bitcoins to protect my family against inflation for the rest of my life. My strategy since I started to invest mid-2012 has always been to hodl and buy more whatever the price range. I've made a simple calculation at that time: - Bitcoin is not only a potential future store of value, but also a very efficient payment system. Various studies projected for 2020 a non-cash transaction market of $ 780 trillion. Assuming that 0.1% of these transactions will take place in bitcoins (where Bitcoin is more efficient than any other existing payment systems), this implies that a value of $ 780 billion will need to be transferred via Bitcoin each year starting in 2020. Assuming a monetary velocity of 2, which was a bit higher than the dollar in 2012, and 20 million bitcoins in existence (to make it simple), that gave me a price per bitcoin of: (780,000,000,000 / 20,000,000) / 2 = $ 19,500 As we know Bitcoin break ATH $ 28k end of 2020 which is, by far, better than my projection. Depend on when you've invested. I would advice to wait one, two or even three halving if possible prior to cash out. In my case I've witnessed 2012, 2016 and 2020 Bitcoin halving. I think that Bitcoin price will reach $1 million by 2024 ~2025 so it's still a good deal to buy fractions of a bitcoin even now ahah! As I said most of other "Altcoins" like stablecoins are shitcoins. Don't put you wealth into something that is centralized. But I have to admit that USDT is a great tool for Chinese miners to escape capital gain control from their government. Unless you need to transfert huge amount out of China to Singapour, stablecoins are fucking useless for small holders. It's not a store of value. Think simple, think Bitcoin! I've always used Bitcoin as an insurance against corrupted governments by private companies. The tip is to move to a country where the government is corrupted by crypto holders! ... and you don't have to move to small island to do that. There is plenty of rich country doing so.
  11. Bitcoin is even beyond Visa. Olol. Which is a good news! Bitcoin is like a common good whereas Visa is a fucking shitty private company de merde. I was warning you for years jajaja!
  12. Olol guys I don't give a shit about shitcoins but when I do I'm having such fun!!
  13. I already explained that Bitcoin is unique. Other shitcoins aka "cryptocurrencies" doesn't matter. Are you guys gonna listen or HFSP?
  14. Too busy spending money to read u guys! Wazup?
  15. Best Interstellar remix you will ever hear!
  16. Love Nolan, but not hype... I'm sure it's gonna be a good movie!
  17. Hey Minos, Was super busy these past few days! - Bitcoin mining will migrate to the transaction fees market. The next two decade will be important for Bitcoin to prove that it's not just a Store of Value but also a medium of exchange. But it's even becoming more complicated with Lightning Network who might steal the role of Bitcoin on the tx market. It's a matter of balance but I think that the tx fees in LN will be higher than what it is right now. It's too soon to tell because there's only ~900 BTC locked in LN today. - Miners don't give a shit about Bitcoin unless they get paid. The difficulty feature help the network to get rid of the competitors who run old hardware to welcome the new one. There's a cycle every 3 to 6 months were new hardware is released. Also it's not really a matter of how many miners there is but much more about how the hashing power is distributed and what is the rate of this hashing power. The Bitcoin hashrate have to be way more powerful than the most super-computers' powers all combined tho. - Bitcoin value is backed by: 1. The fixed supply: a simple mathematical formula Satoshi came with those random numbers and aim to create a 4 years deflationary economic cycle: 6 blocks per hour * 24 hours per day * 365 days per year * 4 years per cycle = 210,240 ~= 210,000 Then sum all the blocks rewards 50 + 25 + 12.5 + 6.25 + 3.125 + ... = 100 Then multiply the two 210,000 * 100 = 21 million 2. The distributed brute force created and ruled by the Nakamoto consensus (which is unique) that lock and secure that simple mathematical formula. Don't forget to check the new Bitcoin Zap on Paul Tudor Jones also investing in Bitcoin now!
  18. There isn't such a thing as real gold. The only gold you can have is a piece of paper gold xD. Gold's main vulnerability is that it's physical so too easy to centralized. E.g The Fed.
  19. The channel now reward one suggestion per episode in sats. Receiving satoshi (the smallest unit) from LN payment is one of the best way to understand Bitcoin! To participate write in the comment the sequence you wish to be broadcast for the next zapping! Cheers guys! Have a good one!
  20. Satoshi's Vision is a Bitcoin Zap which select and broadcast the smartest, funniest, heartbreaking, touching or strangest moments from the Bitcoin community. Comment, Subscribe and turn on the Notifications. Thank you so much guys! The last video broke records for a little channel like this one! More than 50 subscribers and more than 800 views on the special Halving episode! Cheers! I had the luck to meet Louis Pouzin three years ago! I thought it would be a great idea to make a comparison between the Internet Network (the network of networks) and the Bitcoin Network. Have a good watch! Previous episodes : You can suggest some content for future episodes and stack sats! So here are what would be necessary for a content to be eligible in my opinion: - Videos published online (Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Vimeo, Imgur, Tumblr, Gify, ...) and its URLs. - Content in video format (with or without audio); also gif accepted. - The written agreement (email) from the author which agree on content re-use. Personally, I ask by email or DM and it's working pretty well. I'm also interested in feedbacks. Have a good one!
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