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  1. To celebrate the new Inferno Squad novel coming out today, here are some new beauty shots from the campaign!
  2. HAHAHA Didn't think it would be worse than EA's Conference but hey, Wolf looks fantastic! Edit: But really, at least this was short, and didn't bog down by endless speaking.
  3. I was very impressed by A Way Out. Looked really interesting, and a theme that hasn't really been done before. Now I just need to get my daughter to an age whatever is older than 2 months to play it with me.
  4. Some gameplay footage and depth into the multiplayer.
  5. Been playing this mod this week, it was a great way to come back to the game after all this time!
  6. Defiantly interested since it's on Blizzards app() only.
  7. I'm In Montreal now. Montreal is a really nice place to visit, but you should defiantly go to Vancouver/BC if you can. It's my favorite place I've lived in Canada.
  8. Loved it, creepy and funny all in one.
  9. No one got axed, lots of people have joined over at the new main studio.
  10. I don't have any details regardless if I could share them or not. There will for sure be something in place of it no doubt. I am just happy we can get away with one of the largest flaws that has been separating every game player base.
  11. Thanks Jason, just been hiding in shadow of the Empire. 😜
  12. Oh shit awesome! PM me your real name and I will hit you up next week when I'm back to work!
  13. Yes sir. Are you?
  14. Our first reveal trailer; enjoy! Short Recap from the panel details: Full Singleplayer Campaign (us) Multiplayer Classes are back in all eras. Soldiers and Hero Progression, Epic Space Battles, no season pass* and a bunch more stuff.