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  1. CS_Apollo

    Artstation link with more images
  2. The random model thread!

    ArtStation link with much more images.
  3. CS_Apollo

    Learning Substance Painter, sadly Quixel Suite is not compatible with Mac OSX. But I'm really liking Painter so that's good.
  4. CS_Apollo

    It won't be too many polys for source once you make a low poly and bake into it. I've been working on this for about a month I would say on and off, usually really few hours a day, then I got sick and worked everyday over a week on it and finished it up. ZBrush is great for sculpting any sort of high poly, I'm 100% sure Valve themselves use it, for their new character models and specially in their newer maps like Canals, New Inferno, New Dust 2 for general assets If you get really good at ZBrush you won't regret it, that's for sure
  5. The random model thread!

    Work in progress for cs_apollo
  6. A Game of Thrones

    jesus christ
  7. Going to the gym is like a korean MMORPG

    Cut away 33 pounds and look like a beast
  8. Going to the gym is like a korean MMORPG

    Just like every cs:go clutch won, you keep making everything into 1v1 duels until you win and pretty much the same applies to IRL if you are ever ganged up upon. Tip for the future Even a martial artist champion could easily lose when outnumbered so don't beat yourself up about it
  9. Going to the gym is like a korean MMORPG

    Did 100kg 3x5 Squats on Thursday. I weigh 68kg, just wanted to share.
  10. Going to the gym is like a korean MMORPG

    Fastest way to loose fat is diet. About your asthma, since you're currently struggling with calisthenics I wonder if any type of weightlifting would cause the same issue which makes me think maybe it's not your asthma that's giving you issues on calisthenics? After all, it is pretty hard to do for an untrained body. I suggest looking up some good calisthenics routines & change the reps & sets to something you would be more comfortable with, that weight bar could help you in various ways as well but you also gotta look up exercises for that cause i'm too lazy to list all here, easiest way for that is to pick an area of your body you want to train and look up weight lifting exercises for that, gradually building knowledge + a nice routine suited for you.
  11. WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    @Dillonbarba It's broken & they're working on it
  12. CoD WW2

    Zombies in CoD is my jam. Is CoD WW2 getting zombies? That would be siiick.
  13. POTUS 2016

    Honestly can't call myself a supporter for all the reasons you mentioned & more. The man's a total wreck. If you ever wonder why he won, look no further than his opponent. A man like Bernie would have probably taken it in a landslide. I'll stay neutral on Trump, hope his presidency is good for the sake of the people, and hope for much better candidates in 2020, like Rand Paul, whom I liked very much since the beginning, just like his father.
  14. POTUS 2016

    In hindsight, how did it ever come down to Trump v Hillary. Christ. He's also against a lot of what I heavily support, should have been enough of a red flag.