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  1. I like to post work in progress screenshots
  2. Really subtle with the advertising there buddy
  3. Probably the best looking map I've ever seen and it's not even out. Keep going man it looks fantastic!
  4. Everything is extremely dark
  5. I'm going to try and do everything in my power to get my hands on this game. Resident Evil is one of my favourite franchises, can't miss this one.
  6. Vorontsov

    POTUS 2016

    Holy mother of thread necromancy.. no one gives a shit. This isn't real news, why would anyone write an article about it.
  7. .obj and .fbx also works
  8. I have not posted here for a good while. I'm putting in the effort to learn UE4, so here's what I've been working on. Crits are welcome if you got any.
  9. @leplubodeslapinThank you! I'm not very experienced with logically designing mechanisms (probably obvious) but I tried to follow the concept as close as possible in regards to modelling it. Nope, no game yet, just working on my portfolio day by day.
  10. Just finished my Mars Rover that perhaps some of you seen in #creative https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4KaxY it has a sketchfab viewer if you are interested
  11. Did an original concept to work on my lack of creative skills Artstation
  12. As DJ Khaled would say, another one. No brakes on this train. More images on artstation
  13. They didn't cost you anything, bad mindset to have when gambling
  14. Hey guys, a week later and I just finished my latest piece, very happy with this one. Check it out! Some details: built and rendered in Modo, completed in a week, texturing is a mix of Substance Painter and native Modo work. Geometry is light weight, boolean'd a lot, making heavy use of the rounded edge shader. Artstation link w/ more images.
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