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Star Wars

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After JJ polish.  

So, I've heard you like lightsabers ?  

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I've seen it 3 times.

First was the 17th, first showing, was kinda disappointed because I had so many of my own Expectations, but the movie was fun overall.

Second showing was the next day with my team.  Seeing it a second time made a huge difference, movie was really good, missed a lot of small elements I didn't notice the first time. I recommend at least seeing it twice, but in IMAX.

Third showing was to see it in IMAX and damn, that was amazing, like a ride! I would highly recommend seeing it in IMAX over anything else.  

Captain Phasma is the biggest loser of the film. All that marketing, bah, sad waste.  Hopefully they will make up for it at the very least in the next one, but I found the music was the most disappointing thing, at least in the second half of the film. It had good moments though, dont get me wrong, but it It just didn't have anything that really stood out that was heavy hitting during the moments that mattered.  I guess the prequels actually did that one thing better.


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Not a huge SW nerd here (I do generally like Abrams work though) but I do appreciate the movies. This was my first IMax movie and I really liked it, both that is. I did notice a lot of an service, maybe not as much tension as I would have liked and yeah the plot was not very tight but it did not bother me that much. I was pretty hyped and got spoiled beforehand, but I guess I still did not have very high expectations. Actually I also liked the new leads quite a bit.

the introduction of Kylo Ren with him stopping a blaster shot mid air was the point at which I was in, so I was kinda surprised the route the plot took later on.

Will likely go see it a second time, which is pretty rare for me, though lets see if I take a more critical look at it after that. And I am definitely looking forward to ep VIII after that.

But maybe I am a hipster-hipster as it seems to be cool to hate mainstream things and I just want to be ahead of the curve. But I already know I do not have the perfect taste in movies, for liking Prometheus for example.

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For starters, I like this theory a lot. But that's not why I'm posting it. One of the things I like most about browsing sites like Imgur are the reactions that really make you crack up. Enjoy!

Also, don't read the text on the image because it has spoiler. I didn't hide it because I didn't want to lose the effect of the comment.


Man, so even in death, han shot first....

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